Where do Trump and Biden stand on tech policy issues? Interesting.

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Where do Trump and Biden stand on tech policy issues? Interesting. You can read the original article at the source below. After looking at each candidates stand, there is no doubt in my mind that Trump is the natural choice. FCC under Trump has committed to expanding Rural Broadband. Biden if elected says he will tax American workers and Corporations. Why? We have this from Reuters:

Biden, who was vice president during the Silicon Valley-friendly administration of President Barack Obama, has criticized Facebook and other tech giants during his campaign and proposed a minimum federal tax aimed at companies like Inc.

Trump, who has mixed relationships with tech companies, regularly bashing Amazon and its Chief Executive Jeff Bezos but meeting with Apple Inc’s Tim Cook, has said “there is something going on in terms of monopoly” when asked about big tech firms.

The Trump administration is conducting a wide-ranging antitrust probe into major tech companies, but both he and Biden have stopped short of calling for the firms to be broken up.

Biden has said dismantling companies like Facebook was “something we should take a really hard look at.”



Source: Reuters



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