Ballot Harvesting rears it’s ugly head again. This time in Florida.

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Ballot Harvesting rears it’s ugly head again. This time in Florida. The Republican National Committee (RNC), the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), and the Republican Party of Florida intervened in a Florida lawsuit lodged by progressive activists, who are calling for ballot harvesting and other vote-by-mail provisions in the Sunshine State.

The left just doesn’t give up. After successfully flipping eight districts in California, they are taking this nationwide. 34 states have laws against ballot harvesting, but the left doesn’t care. In California they used undocumented immigrants who went door to door. What a scary bunch. With Ballot harvesting, they showed up with 250,000 ballots. After election day was over.

Progressives are attempting to use the coronavirus pandemic to challenge voting rules in Florida. They, in Neilsen v. DeSantis, are suing the state and 67 County Supervisors of Elections over what they consider unfair restrictions on vote-by-mail. Their demands include forcing officials to count ballots that are received after Election Day and authorizing ballot harvesting — the process of allowing organizers to go door-to-door, collecting ballots and returning them in lieu of the voter.

We have this from RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel

“Their latest attempt to circumvent election law in Florida would allow paid operatives to go door-to-door to collect and deliver thousands of ballots, as well as allow votes to be counted after Election Day,” she continued, warning that the practice “unnecessarily exposes Florida to potential fraud.”

What say you?

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