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“Gig-Speed WiFi” ? HA! False advertising.

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For the past few months, Comcast — the major internet provider in my area — has been advertising “Gig-speed” WiFi connectivity.

They claim you can run multiple wireless devices at the same time without interfering or slowing things down.

Well, I have the necessary equipment, and I’m paying for it. But am I getting what I’m paying for?

When I test the ETHERNET speeds — using PC Magazine’s Speed tester — at all times of the day and night I can’t get above 650 MEG/s. And that is on Comcast’s own server located 100 miles away. Of the other three choices offered to test, the closest one to me (~15 miles) couldn’t even crack 500 Mb/sec!

So, if I can’t get “Gig-speed” over the cable, how can they claim I can get it over a wireless connection?

How they do it is with the old “your results may vary” trick. In this case it’s worded thusly: “Speed not guaranteed.”

Now, I can understand some throughput speed degradation during busy times, but ALL the time?

What’s interesting is that the UP load speeds for all tests remain remarkable similar, no matter which connection/provider I was testing.



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