Faked news MSM

MSM and social media are using old photos and videos claiming to show the war in the Ukraine (some from as far back as 2010!)

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Don’t believe every thing you see!

Recycled images from the UK news

Some of these photos/video footage is from as early as 2010!

Here’s  photo that has been circulating supposedly from the war in 2022, yet is actually from 2019 in a story about religious persecution:

Ukrainians kneel and pray in the snow in Kharkov’s city square (photo credit: IMB)

And here is [one of] the article[s] it originally came from(from 2019):

Examples of lying posters caught out [Videos from YouTube]:

Even French TV debunks images:

Note to last video: the report shows a tank running over a car but the video is actually of a UKRAINE tank that lost control — as shown in a previous YouTube video above. As that fact checker pointed out, Russian tanks bear a large V which is not in evidence.

Seriously, who in their right mind would drive a car TOWARDS a tank like it was nothing?