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What the Durham Report is and isn’t.

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What the Durham Report is and isn’t. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the Durham Report is out and both some on the right are upset and most on the left continue with the misinformation. Let’s review.

The report isn’t a document that asked for or atgave indictments. Durham after all is a Democrat who’s been in the government service for years. It also isn’t a whitewash of the FBI, DOJ, and the Obama administration.

And it isn’t a tell all or vindication  of all the rumors from the left and right in reference of what it would contain. It is a document of facts. Let me explain. It’s a report of just the facts.

It’s a vindication of not just Trump, but of Conservative talk show hosts and Conservative media. They for three years were saying that there was no Russian interference on Trumps side.

It’s a report that fills in the blanks for all. It confirms that Clinton was the one who used Russian misinformation to smear Trump. It proves that Obama, Biden, and heads of the FBI and DOJ knew that Clinton was using Russian documents that were false.

What’s really daming is that it confirms that Obama had Trump wired. It proves that the FBI and DOJ went to the FISA courts without real intel.

Finally on what is. The Durham Report released on Monday highlighted that in 2016, McCabe, the FBI’s deputy director, and Strzok, the agency’s deputy assistant director for counterintelligence, beg the probe — dubbed “Crossfire Hurricane” — without “ever having spoken to the persons who provided the information.




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So where do Conservatives go now or do they?

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So where do Conservatives go now or do they? Say what you will, FOX still is king of the hill when it comes to Conservative media reporting. Have they moved closer to the middle? Are they now considered MSM? Yes to both.

Only one missing from the conservative photo I posted is OAN. So when you take the other top 10 Conservative websites, FOX has a bigger audience than all ten combined.

Only true Conservative website to really consider would be NewsMax. That doesn’t mean the others are less relevant, It’s just that they don’t have the money or viewership. In another article that I wrote, I wrote that Tucker should buy NewsMax and from there create a powerhouse of his own. Hopefully he reads this.

Now I left out Rumble, Gettr, Gab, Parler,Truth, etc. All great but TV media websites.

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Hmm: Biden Admin Removed ‘We The People’ Petition Platform on Inauguration Day

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Introduction: The right to petition is a fundamental aspect of a Constitutional Republic, ensuring that citizens can voice their concerns and demand action from their government. However, on Inauguration Day, the Biden administration took an unexpected and concerning step, quietly shutting down the “We The People” petition platform. This article explores the implications of this decision and its impact on accountability, freedom of speech, and the rights of the American people.

A Brief History of the ‘We The People’ Petition Platform

The Creation of the Platform under the Obama Administration

In 2011, the Obama administration launched the ‘We The People’ petition platform as part of its commitment to fostering an open and participatory government. Designed to facilitate direct communication between the public and the White House, the platform allowed anyone to create and sign petitions on various topics, from policy changes to social issues. If a petition garnered a specific number of signatures within a given time frame, it would receive an official response from the White House.

The Purpose and Significance in our American Constitutional Republic

The ‘We The People’ platform served as a vital tool in promoting civic engagement and empowering citizens to voice their concerns and demand government action. By providing a direct line of communication with the White House, the platform enabled Americans to hold their government accountable and advocate for changes they deemed necessary. It also helped foster transparency, as official responses shed light on the government’s stance on various issues.

Notable Successes and Milestones Achieved through the Platform

Over the years, the ‘We The People’ platform played a role in influencing government policy and sparking national conversations on various topics. Some notable successes include:

  1. The ‘Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act’ – A petition advocating for the legalization of cell phone unlocking received over 114,000 signatures, leading to the passing of a bill in 2014 that made it legal for consumers to unlock their devices.
  2. Net Neutrality – A 2014 petition with more than 105,000 signatures called for the FCC to maintain net neutrality rules, contributing to the eventual implementation of the Open Internet Order.
  3. Death Star Petition – Although not a policy change, a humorous 2012 petition to build a Death Star received over 34,000 signatures, showcasing the platform’s ability to engage the public and generate interest in the political process.

These successes, among others, highlight the importance of the ‘We The People’ platform in the American constitutional republic and its role in promoting civic engagement and government accountability.

The Disappearance of the Platform

The Removal of the Platform on Inauguration Day

On January 20, 2021, the day Joe Biden was inaugurated as the 46th President of the United States, the ‘We The People’ petition platform was taken down without prior notice or explanation. This sudden disappearance of a widely used communication tool between the public and the White House caught many off guard and raised questions about the Biden administration’s commitment to transparency and public engagement.

The Lack of Public Announcement or Explanation

What made the removal of the platform particularly concerning was the lack of communication from the Biden administration. No public announcement was made, nor was any explanation provided as to why the platform was taken down or if there were plans to reinstate it. This silence left users and advocates of the platform in the dark and fueled speculation about the administration’s motives behind the decision.

Comparisons to Previous Administrations’ Actions Regarding the Platform

It is worth noting that the ‘We The People’ platform remained active throughout both the Obama and Trump administrations. While the Trump administration was initially slow to respond to petitions, the platform was never taken down or disabled. The Biden administration’s abrupt removal of the platform without explanation stands in stark contrast to the actions of previous administrations, further raising questions about its commitment to the principles of civic engagement and government accountability.

The unexplained disappearance of the ‘We The People’ platform under the Biden administration has left many Americans concerned about the future of this important tool for public engagement and government transparency. It remains to be seen whether the platform will be reinstated or if a similar initiative will be introduced to fill the void it left behind.

The Impact on Accountability and Freedom of Speech
The Consequences of Losing a Direct Line of Communication with the Government

The removal of the ‘We The People’ platform has serious implications for accountability and public engagement. The platform provided citizens with a direct line of communication to the government, allowing them to voice their concerns and demand action on various issues. Losing this valuable tool hinders the public’s ability to hold the government accountable for its actions and decisions, making it more difficult to foster a transparent and responsive political system.

The Chilling Effect on Freedom of Speech and Public Discourse

The disappearance of the platform also has the potential to create a chilling effect on freedom of speech and public discourse. Without a dedicated platform for voicing concerns and mobilizing support for change, citizens may feel less empowered to speak out on important issues. This could lead to a decline in public debate, which is essential for the health of a constitutional republic.

The loss of the ‘We The People’ platform has raised concerns about the Biden administration’s commitment to government accountability and transparency. It is essential for citizens to continue advocating for the reinstatement of the platform or the creation of a similar tool to ensure their voices are not silenced.

Alternative Channels for Citizen Participation

Even with the removal of the ‘We The People’ platform, citizens can still participate in the political process and make their voices heard through various channels. In this section, we will explore alternative petition platforms, the importance of remaining engaged, and examples of successful grassroots movements and campaigns.

The Rise of Third-Party Petition Platforms

In the absence of the ‘We The People’ platform, several third-party petition platforms have emerged to fill the void. Websites such as,, and allow users to create and sign petitions on various issues, facilitating public engagement and advocacy. While these platforms are not directly connected to the government, they can still influence policy changes and raise awareness about pressing issues.

The Importance of Remaining Engaged and Proactive in the Political Process

Even without a direct line of communication with the government, it is crucial for citizens to remain engaged and proactive in the political process. This can be achieved through various means such as contacting local representatives, participating in town hall meetings, joining advocacy groups, and voting in elections. By staying informed and active, citizens can continue to hold the government accountable and promote positive change in society.

Examples of Successful Grassroots Movements and Campaigns

Throughout history, numerous grassroots movements and campaigns have had a significant impact on policy changes and social reform. Some notable examples include:

  1. The Civil Rights Movement: Led by figures such as Martin Luther King Jr., this movement successfully fought for the end of racial segregation and the enforcement of equal rights for all citizens.
  2. The Women’s Suffrage Movement: This movement, which spanned several decades, eventually led to the ratification of the 19th Amendment, granting women the right to vote in the United States.
  3. The Environmental Movement: Grassroots activism in the 1960s and 1970s led to the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the implementation of key environmental laws such as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act.

These examples demonstrate the power of citizen participation and grassroots activism in shaping public policy and promoting social change.

The Role of Honest Journalism in Upholding a Constitutional Republic

In a constitutional republic, the media plays a vital role in informing the public and ensuring that citizens stay well-informed about the actions and decisions of their government. By providing comprehensive reporting, the media can hold the government accountable and help maintain a system of checks and balances.

Transparency and accountability are essential components of political reporting. By offering unbiased and accurate information, the media can foster trust between the public and the government, ultimately contributing to a healthier political environment. However, the potential consequences of biased or misleading information can be detrimental to public perception and decision-making, leading to a divided society.

The removal of the ‘We The People’ platform is a significant event that should be thoroughly covered by the media. Journalists have a responsibility to investigate and report on the reasons behind the platform’s removal to keep the public informed about potential changes in government priorities and their impact on citizen participation.

Encouraging public discourse on the implications of the platform’s removal for citizen participation and government accountability is essential. Open discussion about the removal of the ‘We The People’ platform can raise awareness of its consequences and inspire citizens to seek alternative channels for engagement and accountability. Honest journalism plays a pivotal role in upholding the values of a constitutional republic and ensuring that the government remains answerable to the people.

A Call to Action for a Stronger Constitutional Republic

In conclusion, the removal of the ‘We The People’ petition platform raises crucial questions about accountability, transparency, and the rights of American citizens. It is more important than ever for citizens to stay informed and engaged in the political process and for journalists to hold the government accountable for its actions.

As concerned citizens, we must act to ensure that our voices continue to be heard. To that end, we encourage you to sign and share the Accountability Act petition on This petition aims to promote transparency and accountability in the government, calling for the restoration of the ‘We The People’ platform, among other measures.

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Winning. Washington Post calls for more police. In cities like DC.

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Winning. Washington Post calls for more police. Especially in cities like DC. All the MSM was calling for the defunding of police. Most called for a citizen type social worker group replacing them.

Now the Washington Post has finally admitted that it doesn’t work. More police is the answer.

WaPo editorial board shifts view on ‘Defund the Police’ since George Floyd riots: DC ‘needs more officers’

Recent editorials from the Washington Post changed the publication’s “Defund the Police” perspective with calls for increased police presence in the D.C. area.

On Friday, the paper’s Editorial Board published a piece arguing “Why police officers need to be in D.C. schools.”

“Many cities yanked officers out of schools while reassessing policing after George Floyd’s 2020 murder. However well-intentioned, the experiment has left kids more vulnerable and classrooms less safe amid surging youth violence. That’s why a notable number have already reversed course — including, in this region, Alexandria and Montgomery County. Other jurisdictions, from Boston to Phoenix, are actively debating whether to follow,” The Post wrote. “D.C. should join them.”

However, the Washington Post was one of many media outlets that entertained the idea of defunding the police after the death of George Floyd in 2020.

“Weeks of sustained anger and grief after the police killing of George Floyd have reignited a public debate over police brutality in the United States. Alongside demands for police reform, another demand has surfaced: Defund the police. This provocative slogan at its most constructive represents a welcome call to reimagine public safety in the United States,” a June 2020 editorial stated…

“Rethinking which institutions truly serve public safety and imagining new ones should be part of that conversation. This work is arduous and demanding — as many community organizers who have been doing it for decades can testify. But no one ever said reimagining public safety would be easy,” The Post wrote.

Here they were back in 2020


What a big difference.

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Winning. Twitter goes after misinformation from the extreme left. NPR,WP, AND OTHERS.

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Winning. Twitter goes after misinformation from the extreme left. Can you hear the howling coming from the fanatics on the left? State affiliated, Misinformation, Fake News, just some of the labels being put on some of the old dinosaurs on the extreme left.

Fact checking the Pinocchio guy at the WP. Taking NY Times blue check away .Labeling NPR State Affiliated. Anthe future.d I’m sure we will see more in



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Left wing extremist MSM crew member attacks Journalist.

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We heard how the New York progressives were going to put a hurting on peaceful Conservatives and MFG would be assaulted and run out of town during the Trump court appearance this past Tuesday.

We had some pushing and shoving, but no beat down like the left promised. But there was some excitement from a MSM news crew member making death threats against a Journalist.

An independent photojournalist named Oren Levy was violently assaulted by a deranged CBS News crew member while covering the Trump arraignment in New York City on Tuesday.

The Post Millennial was the first outlet to cover the incident. In the video below, a large, deranged black man grabs Levy by the jacket and shoves him back. He screams “don’t ever f**k with me” at Levy for an unknown reason.


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NY Times attacked for agreeing with Hate Groups only 99% of the time. Finally NY Times stands up to progressive hate group. GLAAD

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NY Times attacked for agreeing with Hate Groups only 99% of the time. Finally NY Times stands up to progressive hate group. GLAAD. Recently the Times did an editorial defending the Harry Potter writer plus showing the other side of transgender issues.

Well GLAAD lost it. How dare they tell the rest of the story and present both sides of an issue? That’s not what progressives do. We have this from The Hill.

The top editor of The New York Times warned the newspaper’s journalists who have voiced displeasure with the outlet’s coverage of transgender people and issues that such public criticism will “not be tolerated.”

In a memo to staff on Thursday obtained by The Hill, executive editor Joe Kahn said the Times “received a letter delivered by GLAAD, an advocacy group, criticizing coverage in The Times of transgender issues.”

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News from MSM Medical page. This writer disagrees with some of the links.

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I thought I would put this out there. Some good and some does have me scratching my head. These are the views of those who at times try to stop the rest of the story. The article is from MedPage Today.

Note that some links may require subscriptions.

The Supreme Court let a ruling stand which allows the Transportation Security Administration to mandate mask-wearing on planes, trains and other forms of transportation. (The Hill)

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky, MD, MPH, developed COVID rebound after being treated with Paxlovid, the agency announced.

The FDA said that clinicians providing abortion pills to patients before they are pregnant — a prescribing method known as advance provision — are acting without the agency’s authorization, and that they could be putting patients at risk. (Politico)

A judge in North Dakota stopped the state’s abortion ban from going into effect, saying it’s likely the law will face constitutional challenges once it’s implemented. (AP)

Missouri’s health department is investigating whether a hospital violated federal law by denying a woman an abortion in a medical emergency. (ABC News)

Ob/gyn residency programs in states that restrict abortion face a difficult choice when it comes to educating their trainees on abortion: risk prosecution or losing their accreditation. (New York Times)

Pfizer said its respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) vaccine for pregnant women was 81.8% effective in preventing severe infection in infants, stating it will submit an application for approval to the FDA by the end of this year.

Scientists are exploring therapies that target human proteins for the treatment of COVID-19. (Washington Post)

Shanghai Disneyland closed indefinitely yesterday due to the COVID pandemic. (NPR)

A record number of cholera outbreaks has been reported across the globe, forcing health agencies to ration their limited supply of vaccines. (New York Times)

The FDA warned of a shortage of tracheostomy tubes, urging providers to reuse tubes or use appropriate alternatives.

Abiomed announced that the FDA granted pre-market approval to its Impella RP Flex with SmartAssist, an implanted device to treat acute heart failure for up to 2 weeks.

The CDC issued a Health Alert Network advisory emphasizing the importance of cleaning and monitoring dental waterlines, following multiple nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) infections in children who were exposed to water with high levels of bacteria at pediatric dental clinics.

Voters in Arkansas, Maryland, Missouri, North Dakota, and South Dakota — four of which are among the most conservative states in the nation — will decide whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana in the upcoming election. (NPR)

A man accused of intentionally setting fire to a Tennessee Planned Parenthood clinic died in August, officials said. (AP)

Experts explain why the latest wellness trend — parasite cleanses — is “modern snake oil.” (Washington Post)

An Iowa egg farm home to 1.1 million chickens has been infected with bird flu. (ABC News)

  • Amanda D’Ambrosio is a reporter on MedPage Today’s enterprise & investigative team. She covers obstetrics-gynecology and other clinical news, and writes features about the U.S. healthcare system.




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You think MSM is hostile now towards Republicans and Conservatives? Watch what happens when the House or Senate or both change from Democrat control to Republican.

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You think MSM is hostile now towards Republicans and Conservatives ? Watch what happens when the House or Senate or both change from Democrat control to Republican.You haven’t seen nothing.

If the polls are right and we see change, you will see all types of attacks from the left. Plus Joey boy will go off on wild tangents like we’ve never seen. MSM will do numerous articles daily. You’ll see weekly Progressive media become dailies. And I for one love it.


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All Senator Murray has to show for 30 years is supporting abortion. The Seattle Times, Starbucks and the Seattle Seahawks each, over the past few weeks, has objected to Smiley campaign ads that contain the companies’ corporate logos.

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The race in Washington state for US Senate has gotten real close. So now the MSM and other far left organizations have started to pile on the Republican candidate.

The Seattle Times, Starbucks and the Seattle Seahawks each, over the past few weeks, has objected to the Tiffany Smiley campaign ads that contain the companies’ corporate logos.

The Seattle Times is threatening Tiffany Smiley for using an image from their report on Starbucks closing its doors. This same leftist paper allowed Murray to use their logo and headlines for her 2016 campaign.


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