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Will two time election denying loser Abrams run for another office? Democrats hope not.

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Will two time election denying loser run for another office? Shockwaves are being running wild about Abrahams running again for some political office in Georgia (Dog Catcher?). Over thirty Democrat party officials are not feeling the love for Miss Stacey.

This from Breitbart.

“Interviews with more than three dozen Democratic officials, party leaders and activists suggest she may not have the same unified support she enjoyed after her first defeat to Kemp in 2018,” Bluestein wrote.

Chair of Monroe County’s Democratic Party Yvonne Stuart, for instance, said that while she appreciated Abrams’ fundraising and get-out-the-vote efforts, she felt another Democrat should run for office.

“I do believe there might be another charismatic Democrat that can take us all the way in 2026,” said Stuart.


“I believe that there are opportunities for others to step up to the plate and run for governor,” said David Ellis-Mendoza, the chair of the Bartow County Democrats

“The party needs to move forward. And going 0-3 isn’t a way to go forward. Does she really want to be the next Guy Millner?” former head of the Democratic Party of Georgia Bobby Kahn said.

Abrams saw her star power take a hit in December of last year for her poor financial management in the wake of her failure to unseat Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp.

As Breitbart News previously reported, Stacey Abrams raised over $100 million for her failed campaign but still found herself over $1 million in debt, prompting her to fire staff immediately after the November election. Democrats did not withhold their criticism of her financial decisions.

“It’s incredibly bad planning, and it shows where their values are at,” a senior Democratic official told Greg Bluestein of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “You can’t look up one day and realize you can’t pay the bills.”

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Crowd Reacts with Confused Silence as Fetterman’s Speech Turns Into Word Salad

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Just what we need, another brain-damaged Senator

A video of Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman struggling through a campaign speech is making the rounds on social media.

Fetterman, currently serving as the state’s lieutenant governor, suffered a stroke on May 13.

Nevertheless, he has chosen to continue his U.S. Senate campaign in Pennsylvania against his Trump-endorsed opponent, Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Since then, a series of odd verbal blunders and gaffes has raised many questions as to whether Fetterman is fit for office.

The video, shared by RNC Research on multiple platforms Saturday, has garnered quite a view count. (The date the video was taken isn’t clear.)

On Sunday afternoon, the video had more than 18,000 views on YouTube and over 340,000 on Twitter.

“Send me to Washington D.C …,” Fetterman said in the video as he received much applause from the audience.

Is Fetterman fit to run for office?
Yes: 1% (9 Votes)
No: 99% (961 Votes)

Then the 53-year-old Senate candidate continued, clearly looking for more applause from the audience.

All he was met with after his next few lines, however, was silence, seemingly because of the jumbled, incomprehensible nature of his comments.

“To take on to make sure I push back against work to work,” Fetterman continued.

His recent health complications were highlighted by a recent Oct. 7 interview with Dasha Burns of NBC News. The interview aired on Wednesday.

As reported by American Wire, NBC News’ preview coverage of the interview on Tuesday revealed that Fetterman was far from a healthy state of mind.

“I talked with [Fetterman] back in May, back before the primary, before the stroke, at his home in Braddock. That interview was very different from what we discussed, very different from the backdrop that we have here today,” Burns said.

“He is still suffering from auditory processing issues, which means he has a hard time understanding what he’s hearing, so NBC News agreed to closed captioning during this interview.”

In the interview, Fetterman had a screen sitting in front of him transcribing Burns’ questions.

According to Burns, Fetterman wasn’t able to fully understand anything she had been saying until he read it on the screen.


No doubt the same people who voted for dementia Joe will vote for easily confused Fetterman.

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