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Sex is binary. The XXY chromosome disorder appears in 1.72% of the MALE population –which makes it 0.86 of the total population. Your sex is binary.

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Let’s see if I’ve got this right. Males are accused of “Toxic Masculinity.” Of trying to control women via “the patriarchy.” And — whether white or not — enjoying their “White Privilege” to oppress others. But they should treat gold-digging, entitled little princesses like royalty and cater to their every whim.

Seriously, why would any self-respecting, sane woman want to “identify” as a man?

Oh, wait, that question answers itself.

Similarly, why would a self-respecting man want to “identify” as a woman? Is it because he’s a wimp who can’t succeed against other men?

It started when over-the-hill Bobby Riggs started challenging women tennis pros to best of 3 tennis matches. Billy Jean King, who was a bit over half his age at the time, shellacked the peacock 6-4, 6-3, 6-3.

Then we have “Renee” Richards (born Richard Raskind) who, after playing tennis for years, opted to mutilate hirself so “she” could play against women.

And let’s not forget “Lia” Thomas, who went from being ranked below the 400 mark as a MALE swimmer, suddenly vaulted to #1 as a WOMAN(!) swimmer. Sorry, at 6’4″ and packing a sausage between your legs, you are not female, and should not be competing against actual biological women.

If you want to diddle someone of your own sex, go ahead — in private. Dress how you want to, but don’t get upset if someone “mis-genders” you because you look like you’re cosplaying.

I do really wonder why all these crazy people are wandering around feeling entitled to insult and harass people who would happily mind their own business if these nut cases would just leave everyone else alone! Note that Karens/Kevins suffer from similar mental disorders of entitled-ness and delusions.

Seriously, who in their right mind would show signs saying “Queers for Hamas” when they would be killed on sight (if they were lucky) or tortured, killed, and paraded around like a hunting trophy while they spit the corpse (if not)—if actually living in Gaza.

Ah yes, the question again answers itself.

I have one rule in dealing with people: you respect me and my friends, and I’ll respect you. Disrespect me, and I’ll give you a chance to apologize; if you insist on continuing, there will be trouble.

Oh yes, that 1.72% with abnormal chromosomes? They are biologically male.

There are only two sexes/genders in reality. Get over it.


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Why are the young white folks joining folks of color in leaving the Democrat party? Racism, Bigotry, and Hate Speech.

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Why are the young white folks joining folks of color in leaving the Democrat party? Racism, Bigotry, and Hate Speech.

It’s obvious that they’re tired of being taken for granted and told what they can do or say. Ever notice that at these riots the older white folks are mostly missing? Reminds me of the Union strikes. Membership is on the line but the higher ups only show up for photo ops.

James Carville.  “I think this issue is deep, and I think it’s a lot deeper than just progressive advocates or young people or college campuses. I hope the president can get some kind of ceasefire and take this off the front burner because, frankly, its damage politically is pretty substantial. And if we get to Chicago at the convention and this thing is still going on, I don’t want to think about what‘s going to happen there.”




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Progressives gather in Michigan and show their support for Hamas.

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Progressives gather in Michigan and show their support for Hamas.

As you know by now, the left gathered in Michigan and showed their support for Hamas. They not only chanted death to Israel but also death to America. Free speech? You bet, but call a spade a spade. White Progressive Supremacists and Muslim Hamas supporters  are mostly one in the same.

We were supposed to be a melting pot. But that requires melting. And instead what we are seeing is a hardening. It is a hardening. And we are always accused of xenophobia if we exalt our country’s awesomeness or make fun of another country’s customs. Fair enough. I get it. But it’s a two-way street. If you come here and reject assimilation, free speech, cooperation with people different than you.



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Progressives (Hamas) refuses Israel’s latest hostage deal after US shows it’s suppoprt for Hamas at the UN.

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Progressives (Hamas) refuses Israel’s latest hostage deal after US shows it’s suppoprt for Hamas at the UN. The US showed they were in solidarity with Hamas when they refused to support Israel at the UN.

The Biden administration refused to veto a United Nations Security Council resolution on Monday calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. The crazy thing about this resolution is that under the cease fire terms, the hostages would not be released.


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The Myth of Low Immigrant Crime.

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The Myth of Low Immigrant Crime. Ann Coulter gives us the rundown on the future members of the Democrat party.

With the Biden administration hauling in millions of “newcomers” (the latest euphemism for illegal aliens) from booming economies like Venezuela, Senegal and Haiti, we seem to be getting a Kate Steinle every day.

Among the recent atrocities committed by Our Greatest Strength is the savage murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley by Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan illegal alien released into our country by the Biden administration. The “newcomer” beat Riley so badly that he disfigured her skull.

MEDIA ALERT: Time to roll out the fake studies on low immigrant crime!

The one-man factory producing these studies is Alex Nowrasteh of the libertarian Cato Institute. (Take our country, just don’t raise taxes.) He fudges the data, slaps a false title on his report, and journalists copy his work like they’re Claudine Gay writing a thesis.

Thus, in its story on the murder of Riley, The New York Times cited “studies” showing “no causal connection” between immigrants and crime. Indeed, the Times said, studies “have concluded” that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens.

The article links to 1) Nowrasteh’s sham study and 2) a 2017 Times story that cites Nowrasteh’s sham study.

That same day, the Times’ Angelo Fichera ran a “fact check” on Donald Trump’s claim that “the United States is being overrun by the Biden migrant crime. It’s a new form of vicious violation to our country.” Fichera’s ruling: “This lacks evidence.”


His proof:

“One recently updated analysis by Alex Nowrasteh, the vice president for economic and social policy studies at the libertarian Cato Institute, found that the homicide conviction rate for illegal immigrants in Texas in 2015 was slightly lower than the rate among U.S. citizens.”

(If they’re so law-abiding, why are they fleeing the crime in countries full of people just like them?)

The Nowrasteh “study,” and others that perform the exact same error-ridden analysis, is the heart and soul of the immigrants-commit-less-crime scam. If it’s wrong, liberals have nothing, and you can go back to believing your lying eyes.

Needless to say, his study is not merely off by a homicidal illegal or two. He — and others like him — aren’t even comparing illegal aliens to citizens. They’re comparing illegal aliens to a group that includes both illegal aliens and citizens.

As I pointed out in “Adios, America!” (and apparently will have to keep pointing out for the rest of my life): Texas’ crime data only counts illegal aliens who have already been caught and fingerprinted by the Department of Homeland Security.

That leaves out a lot of illegals. Is the DHS even fingerprinting migrants at the border anymore? If not, then by Nowrasteh’s calculations, illegals’ crime rate in Texas is zero.

How about we only count the murder convictions of citizens who’ve previously been fingerprinted by the Denver police? Why would we do that?

Obviously, a lot of the inmates originally classified as “other/unknown” will later turn out to be illegals. But all these Nowrasteh counts as “citizens.” He had his headline, so why bother updating the data?

According to the more accurate count of illegals in Texas prisons, they commit 30% more murders than U.S. citizens — not to be confused with a “slightly lower” rate than citizens.

Not only that, but the longer inmates are in prison, the more of them will be found to be illegals, whereas the reverse is not true. Consequently, the number of illegal alien murderers continues to grow, while the “other/unknown” — all of whom Nowrasteh calls “citizens” — continues to shrink.

Apart from Nowrasteh’s “study,” the main argument for the peacefulness of illegal aliens relies on “post hoc, ergo propter hoc” reasoning:

The national crime rate declined since 1980, even as illegals poured in. Therefore, illegals cause crime rates to drop.

Cities with lots of illegals have low crime rates. Therefore, illegals are law-abiding.

This is how primitives think. Heard of Rudy Giuliani? Ed Meese? COMPSTAT, California’s three strikes law, the boom in prison construction or the sentencing commission? The cause-and-effect argument about immigration and crime employs the logic of a witch doctor, which may be where this country is headed.

One September day, New York City was 65 degrees, the skies crystal clear, and 3,000 people were murdered. Therefore, cool, clear days cause mass murder.

The media seem to think the criminality of immigrants is a critically important fact, judging by how often they wheel out these nonsense studies. But they don’t have the necessary information. There are no such “studies.”

Why doesn’t the government tell us? The fact that it won’t — and that the media aren’t asking for concrete numbers — tells us more than a million phony studies.



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One Law, One Page, Part 4. Pro Abortion Laws. No federal money for you.

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One Law, One Page, Part 4. Pro Abortion Laws. No federal money for you. If I was in Congress and could pass one law, this would be it. When you use federal money for Abortions or groups like Planned Parenthood, an equal amount would be deducted from you.

If a state or even a local community want to support abortions, use your own money. Federal funds should be used for supporting communities, not killing it’s members.

States like California who have Liberal Abortion laws now, aren’t happy with abortion up to 24 weeks. They now want to pass a ballot iniiative where abortion would be up to and including birth.



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Progressives interrupt Biden on the campaign trail.

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Progressives interrupt Biden on the campaign trail. Biden was on the campaign trail giving the debunked speech about how the economy is roaring and everything’s great. Well members of his base, Progressives for Hamas showed up.

Jill and Harriss were also in attendance. They interrupted Biden’s campaign event more than a dozen times. Biden looked around lost as protestors shouted, “Genocide Joe!” Below are some clips of the event.




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‘No Arrests Were Made’ When Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clashed with Police Near White House.

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‘No Arrests Were Made’ When Pro-Palestinian Protesters Clashed with Police Near White House.

By MC.

Last week there was an insurrection attempt by Progressive Pro Hamas Demonstrators. An attempt was made to gain access, but the terrorists were not able to get past the gates. How many arrests?

The New York Post story cited by Levine is correct: No arrests were made related to events in the evening near the White House. “The Secret Service made no arrests associated with the march on Jan. 13,” a spokesperson for the U.S. Secret Service told The Dispatch Fact Check in an email. The D.C. Metropolitan Police also confirmed in an email that the department had made no arrests.

Julio Rosas on X: “🚨: DC police and Secret Service had to rush to one part of the security fence to prevent a breach from the Palestinian crowd.” / X (





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Progressive Pro Hamas group shows support for another Progressive Terroist group. Houthis

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Progressive Pro Hamas group shows support for another Progressive Terroist group. Houthis. Yes my friends, it looks like our American Progressives have teamed up not only with Hamas, but now the Houthis. Man aren’t those three groups special.

A pro-Hamas rally held at Columbus Circle in New York City Sunday featured a chant in support of Yemen-based Houthi terrorists who are waging war on Red Sea shipping in support of Hamas. Video of the rally shows a woman dressed in terrorist garb leading a crowd of several hundred also dressed in terrorist garb and waving Palestinian flags in a chant of, “Yemen, Yemen, makes us proud! Turn another ship around!”


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Progressive writer attacks a child in the name of WOKE.

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Progressive writer attacks a child in the name of WOKE. Yes the left has no shame a no name writer tweeted part of a childs face showing what this writer called racism and somehow connected it as derrogatory towards Native Americans and Blacks. Because of that child the KC Chiefs must stop using an Indian name.

Deadspin writer Carron Phillips smeared an innocent child who attended Sunday’s Kansas City vs Las Vegas game by posting a deceptive photo of only one side of his face.

“It takes a lot to disrespect two groups of people at once. But on Sunday afternoon in Las Vegas, a Kansas City Chiefs fan found a way to hate Black people and the Native Americans at the same time.” Carron Phillips wrote.


deceptive photo used by Carron Phillips


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