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Yes Virginia, NY city mayor gets it right.

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Yes Virginia, NY city mayor gets it right. Adams doesn’t get most things correctly, but here he’s spot on. This article goes out to all the white progressive supremacists. Especially the loon in California who has embraced hate towards Jews and those who have morals and ethics.

During an interview with RUSA Radio on Friday, New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) stated that “we have normalized antisemitism” in a way that wouldn’t be tolerated if it was directed towards another group and there’s been “acceptance even in some of our major media” and an attempt to downplay campus antisemitism.

He continued, “What troubles me the most is that we have normalized antisemitism. We would not tolerate any other group being called for the destruction of that group or using very hateful terminologies [for] that group. We would not stand for that. And I’m seeing a normalization of antisemitism in New York, as well as across the globe, particularly through social media, and I think there’s a level of tolerance. [There] has been acceptance even in some of our major media to attempt not to point out that what happened on our college campuses is not antisemitism. I don’t know how you could define it as not. And I think that’s really a precursor for the anti-Americanism. There’s a radicalization of our children, where [they’re] being taught to hate America and hate those of Jewish faith as well, and we need to stop that.”

Article can be found here Breitbart.




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