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Is it just me or do these NY judges and prosecutors look like the folks who are in prison?

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Is it just me or do these NY judges and prosecutors look like the folks who are in prison? I mean just take a look at them. What a bunch of scary looking folks.

And the one judge, the silver fox. Born in Columbia. His father served as a military officer in Colombia. His dad also worked in Colombia’s intelligence service. Need I say more?

And what they all have in common? Political lawfare. To see some of the charges and the restrictions. Trump is not allowed to comment, but all the other folks involved are. How crazy is that?


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California here we come. Not. New Yorkers fleeing the city. Recent poll.

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California here we come. Not. New Yorkers fleeing the city. Recent poll. And no I don’t think they’re crazy enough to go to California. A city full of crime, undocumented, and high costs for housing, food, utilities, etc. Below are the results of a recent poll.

Fifty percent of New Yorkers say they plan to leave New York City over the next five years, according to a poll released Tuesday by the Citizens Budget Commission.

The poll, the first taken by the nonprofit since the COVID pandemic, also found:

  • Only 30% rate the quality of life in NYC as excellent or good, down from 50% in 2017 and 2008; 33% rate the quality of life as poor.
  • 50% rate the neighborhood they live in as excellent or good.
  • Only 37% rate public safety in their neighborhood as excellent or good, down from 50% in 2017.
  • New Yorkers feel only marginally safer riding the subway during the day now as they felt on the subway at night in 2017.
  • Only 24% rate the quality of government services good or excellent, down from 44% in 2017.
  • Still, over 50% of New Yorkers rates particular services as excellent or good, including fire protection, household garbage pickup, 311, and bus services.
  • Nuff said.


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Throw out the NY Bail. Eighth Amendment Protects President Trump.

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Throw out the NY Bail. Eighth Amendment Protects President Trump. The Supreme Court in 2019 ruled 9-0 that the eight amendment protects Americans from exsessive fines. Ginsburg wrote the decesion in overturning the Indiana Supreme court.

The court held unanimously that the excessive fines clause of the Constitution’s Eighth Amendment applies to the states. The ruling is potentially a major win for property owners and individual citizens facing excessive fines, fees, and forfeitures—to say nothing of Tyson Timbs, the man who fought the seizure of his SUV all the way to the Supreme Court.


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Get ready to move. NY and CA looking to raise taxes again.

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Get ready to move. NY and CA looking to raise taxes again. Is anyone surprised?  Two states who spend so much of their revenue on frivolous crap. Now it’s time to pay up.

New York and California, two of the United States’ economic powerhouses, are currently engaged in serious discussions regarding new tax proposals in response to significant revenue shortfalls. These proposals come at a critical time when both states are facing financial challenges, partly due to the economic impacts of recent global events and shifts in domestic policy. The talks are centered around finding a balance between generating necessary revenue and maintaining an attractive environment for businesses and residents.

As these states navigate through these complex fiscal issues, the outcomes of these discussions could set important precedents for state-level taxation policies across the country.


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Cuomo Aide: How We Killed New York.

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Cuomo Aide: How We Killed New York.

Madame Lockdown Speaks!. By Ann Coulter.

I’ve just finished reading the hilariously terrible book “What’s Left Unsaid” by Melissa DeRosa, secretary to former Gov. Andrew Cuomo (New York) that is so unself-aware, so arrogant, so embarrassing that I have to review it.

I only read it in the first place because I wanted to interview Cuomo on my Substack, figuring that after his defenestration, he’d be a fun interview. But I’m willing to sacrifice that possibility just to wallow in the awfulness of this book. (Plus, recent press reports say he’s thinking of running for mayor of New York, so it’s topical.)

Most dumbfounding, DeRosa brags about Cuomo bullying everyone into implementing his tyrannical COVID policies — all of which, as we now know, accomplished absolutely nothing (other than causing half a million New Yorkers to flee the state, making 2020-2021 New York’s largest single-year population loss in history).

— First, Cuomo bulldozed the legislature into giving him emergency powers to “institute mass quarantines, order businesses to close, suspend laws and issue sweeping directives.”

His COVID diktats did squat to slow the spread of COVID, but they did destroy businesses, annihilate cultural institutions, kill budding careers, stunt children’s educational development and delay urgent medical care, among other things. (What’s the word for that, again? It begins with an “A” … describes a strongman …)

— Next, Cuomo closed all public colleges in the state and browbeat private universities into doing the same.

In the first year of the pandemic, there were a grand total 648 deaths among 15-to-24-year-olds in the entire country — and we don’t know what other health problems those kids had. Cuomo ruined hundreds of thousands of young lives for no reason.

— Then, he badgered Mayor Bill de Blasio into shutting down public schools in New York City — over the objections of the (wildly left-wing) mayor and the teachers union. As DeRosa puts it, both “were adamantly opposed to closing schools in the city, no ifs, ands or buts about it.”

One week after the governor had demanded that de Blasio close the schools, DeRosa writes, “the governor was done waiting.” He peremptorily called into a local TV station and simply announced that the city’s public schools were closed.

This was the single worst decision made during COVID, as even The New York Times has admitted. The little tykes were at essentially zero risk from COVID. But shutting down schools did irreparable harm to their cognitive and psychological development. 

— Next, Cuomo bullied President Trump into sending the military to convert the Javits Center and the USS Comfort into field hospitals for New York City.

“’This will get Trump’s attention,’” Cuomo predicted of his op-ed. “The piece ran [in the Times] the next day under the headline: ‘ANDREW CUOMO TO PRESIDENT TRUMP: MOBILIZE THE MILITARY TO HELP FIGHT CORONAVIRUS.’”

A kazillion dollars later, it turned out these temporary hospitals were completely unnecessary. They were shuttered after about a month, at which time the Javits Center had a grand total of 72 patients for its 2,500 beds.

— Finally, Cuomo demanded that upstate hospitals send all their ventilators to New York City, leaving upstate residents high and dry. He even forced recalcitrant private hospitals to relinquish their ventilators by calling the CEOs and threatening: “I will personally pull your operating license.”

Everyone now knows that ventilators were wildly overused and killed a lot of patients because COVID confused the oxygen readings, meaning the mechanical breathing tubes were unnecessary.

It could be argued that some of these policies were not known to be utterly catastrophic when Cuomo imposed them. But 1) That’s why it’s not a good idea to give one man the authority to “institute mass quarantines, order businesses to close, suspend laws and issue sweeping directives”; and 2) Now that we do know, why would you write a book reminding everyone that it was your boss who forced these policies on the public? It’s like bragging that he was the guy who made doctors give Thalidomide to pregnant women.

DeRosa seems quite pleased with herself for her own contribution to New York’s ludicrous COVID rules. She was the one, for example, who pushed for a quarantine on travelers from states like Texas, Florida and Arizona.

To his credit, Cuomo initially rejected the idea, saying, “Isn’t that exactly what we opposed back in March when Rhode Island threatened to quarantine New Yorkers?” To his discredit, he then acceded to Madam Ceausescu.

DeRosa was also the one whose bright idea it was to wreck New Yorkers’ 2020 Christmas holidays by insisting on a 10 p.m. curfew on bars and restaurants. She says she’d have preferred to “unilaterally close all bars, restaurants and other State Liquor Authority–licensed establishments” but was worried that “there would be no public buy-in.” (You think?)

To really nail down the nuking of everyone’s holidays, she also “advocated that we limit indoor and outdoor gatherings at private residences to no more than 10 people.”

Again, at first, Cuomo objected, on the grounds that the idea was insane, but quickly deferred to his drunk-with-power assistant.

Amazingly, DeRosa still doesn’t understand the virus she dedicated a year of her life to suppressing. In humble-brag fashion, she recounts her conversation with a senior health official early in the pandemic:

Health official: “'[A]ccording to top medical professionals at the CDC and WHO, by all accounts, this virus acts like, well, the flu,’ he said.

“’The flu?’ I asked, honestly confused.

“’Yes, the flu; that’s what the federal government is saying.’

“’Okay, accepting that premise, can I ask you a stupid question?’ I went on. [This is always the tip-off that sheer brilliance is coming.]

“’Of course.’

“’Isn’t the major difference between this and the flu that the flu has a vaccine?’”

Although the “health official” agreed (naturally), that was a stupid question. A vaccine is not the main difference at all. The difference is: Our immune systems were familiar with the flu but had never encountered anything like COVID before.

The 1918 flu virus is still in circulation, and yet 50 million people don’t die of it every year because our immune systems recognize it. Now that we’ve all been exposed to COVID, it is just like the flu. (Also, FYI, only about half of adults in America get the flu shot anyway, and its effectiveness, year to year, is a crapshoot.)

Finally, it’s nice that DeRosa’s COVID lockdown was a blast, but kind of annoying to have her tell us about it. While poor families were jammed like sardines into tiny living quarters for a year, DeRosa spent her lockdown living like a queen.

She moved into the “Princess Beatrix suite” at the governor’s mansion, which, she says, had “a large bedroom and a separate sitting room with its own fireplace. There was an en suite bathroom, multiple closets to hang my perpetually wrinkled clothing in and an antique vanity.”

While gyms were closed throughout the state, she worked out in the mansion’s gym every day. While pools were closed and gatherings of more than 10 people banned, she regularly worked, dined and hung out by the mansion’s pool.

Once a week, DeRosa helicoptered with the governor to New York City. Whizzing through the city in the governor’s car one day, she describes the deserted streets of the once-bustling metropolis as “haunting and yet somehow beautiful.”

I’m sure little Pedro, who spent his lockdown in a one-bedroom apartment with his abusive father, drunk mother and seven siblings, appreciates these poetic reflections on the empty city created by you, Melissa. It makes you sound like a really swell person.


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What does NJ, PA, and MI. have in common with NY? Nursing Home Deaths. So what happened?

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What does NJ, PA, and MI. have in common with NY? Nursing Home Deaths. So what happened? Everyone now knows about NY. And that’s only because of the Cuomo sex scandal. But what about other states. I remember the DOJ started a investigation. What happened?

Prosecutors said the fact-finding letters to New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan were aimed at determining whether the orders “may have resulted in the deaths of thousands of elderly nursing home residents.” Edited.

“We must ensure they are adequately cared for with dignity and respect and not unnecessarily put at risk,” Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights Division Eric Dreiband said.

Just because these are Democrat Governors, this must not be swept under the rug. The governors’ actions at the height of the pandemic were designed to ensure hospitals had enough bed space for the most serious COVID cases, but were almost immediately criticized by nursing homes and relatives for potentially putting frail, elderly care home residents at risk.



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NY, PA, WI, MI, and GA. States where Governors, State Secretaries or both changed the rules.

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Yes we still have one election that hasn’t been decided yet.

NY, PA, WI, MI, and GA. States where Governors, State Secretaries or both changed the rules. Did you know that votes are still being counted and fabricated from the 2020 election. In NY that is.

Why did this happen? Like Governors from a few other states, Cuomo by executive order decided to change the law. The law voted by a state legislature controlled by Democrats. This from FOX.

So for the first time in New York’s history, the county boards of elections were forced to contend with essentially three elections: early voting during a presidential year; running Election Day with a record turnout; and handling a record number of absentee ballots due to the coronavirus pandemic, involving figuring out how to “cure” any flawed ballots.

Many of the boards — especially Oneida County’s — didn’t do their jobs properly.

Oneida County, the district’s largest and centered around the city of Utica, saw election commissioners use sticky notes to keep track of the reasons why Tenney and Brindisi lawyers disputed dozens of ballots. But many of those sticky notes fell off, so for some it’s impossible to know whether a challenged ballot has been counted or not.

A full recount of disputed ballots in the eight counties in the congressional district has been completed. It shows former Republican Rep. Claudia Tenney defeating former Democratic Rep. Anthony Brindisi by just over 30 votes out of more than 311,000 cast.

But the recount is only one step in a grueling process that will probably keep the House seat vacant for weeks longer. On Monday, State Supreme Court Justice Scott DelConte will begin going through 1,028 disputed ballots and rule on which should be counted.

Two weeks ago it was discovered that Oneida County’s elections board had failed to process 2,418 voter registration forms from voters who signed up on time through the Department of Motor Vehicles.

When many of those voters showed up at the polls they were told they weren’t registered. Hundreds left without voting, while some 300 filed provisional ballots that weren’t counted.

Now Justice DelConte says he will decide which of the new ballots will be counted. Whatever his ruling, it will be appealed. Ultimately, the closely divided House of Representatives controlled by Democrats will decide if it will seat the winner or conduct its own second-guessing investigation.


Here’s what’s sad. After the judge rules, there will still be an appeal.


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