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Biden at his finest.

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Biden at his finest. Trump campaign put out a recent collection of Biden at his peak. Yes this comes from the horses mouth.

The president’s team compiled a few of Joe Biden’s more noteworthy pronouncements from the past few years into a memorable new ad.


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Life in 1960s America, By the Numbers.

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Life in 1960s America, By the Numbers.

The 1960s were some of the most significant years in American history. The decade saw the Civil Rights Movement and a rising counterculture that reimagined the shape of the American social fabric. Pop music exploded like never before with the British Invasion led by the Beatles and Rolling Stones, but the ’60s were also an intense era of war and political violence.

The decade’s most monumental moments tend to be widely covered, and the sheer number of historic events during this time almost create the impression that every moment was imbued with turbulence. But while the tumult of the decade played out on the evening news in homes across America, many people were still living normal everyday lives — albeit lives that looked quite different from our modern lifestyle. The following numbers offer a snapshot of day-to-day life in 1960s America.

Credit: PhotoQuest/ Archive Photos via Getty Images

42% of Adults Were Smokers

Smoking was still widespread in the middle of the 20th century. The smoking rate in the U.S. reached a peak of 47% of adults (including 50% of doctors!) by the end of 1952. Though cigarette sales declined somewhat in 1953 and 1954 amid growing health concerns, the introduction of the filtered cigarette created a rebound. Through the early years of the 1960s, the smoking rate held steady at 42% of adults. On January 11, 1964, Surgeon General Luther L. Terry published the first report of the Surgeon General’s Advisory Committee on Smoking and Health, a landmark event that brought the link between smoking and disease front and center in the American consciousness. Smoking has been on an overall downward trend ever since: As of 2021, smoking has declined to 11.5% of adults.


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Articles the MSM pretty much ignores.

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Articles the MSM pretty much ignores. Many of these articles should be front page news. MSM does their best to do coverups.

#10 – Middle schooler’s patriotic speech CENSORED by principal goes viral.

#9 – White House issues NINE corrections to one Biden speech.

#8 – A new video shows what really happened during the arrest of the world’s number one golfer.

#7 – Megyn Kelly schools Bill Maher on Hillary Clinton’s election denialism.

#6 – Three hundred pages of emails leave no doubt that Fauci lied, people died.

#5 – Orwellian digital IDS simultaneously begin rolling out in multiple nations.

#4 – Turbulence during Boeing flight results in one dead and several injured.

#3 – US government ‘cartel’ bribed CVS and Walgreens with billions of dollars to reject ivermectin prescriptions and promote COVID shots.

#2 – FBI authorized deadly force in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago raid.

#1 – Brilliant report explains how to stop the World Health Organization’s horrific Pandemic Treaty.


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Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You.

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Media Blackout: 10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You. Below are stories taken from the Vigilant fox’s website.



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Stories making the news.

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10 stories last week that should have been major news.

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10 stories last week that should have been major news. Vigilant Fox does this weekly special. I just changed the title.

#10 – Secret recording catches Pfizer saying the quiet part out loud.

#9 – Boeing whistleblower John Barnett said before his death: “If anything happens to me, it’s not suicide.”

#8 – Dr. Phil GOES OFF on the CDC and Department of Education.

#7 – Joe Rogan warns we are empowering ‘evil’ with terms like ‘minor-attracted person.’

#6 – New study unearths alarming findings for people who got vaccinated after COVID infection.

#5 – Judge who refused to remove Fani Willis from her junk RICO case against Trump donated to Fani Willis’s campaign.

#4 – 16 Female Athletes Sue NCAA for Allowing Men to Compete in Women’s Sports

#3 – Trudeau’s Canada threatens life sentences for “hate.”

#2 – Dr. Pierre Kory reveals why Big Pharma is ‘terrified’ of Vitamin D.

#1 – Australian government introduces frightening legislation to parents resisting the New World Order.


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10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You. Fully.

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10 News Stories They Chose Not to Tell You. Fully.

This is brought to us by the Vigilant Fox.


#10 – Ed Dowd reveals alarming excess death data in children. (Exclusive Interview)

#9 – The January 6 pipe bomber was actually a ‘former government official,’ according to reports.

#8 – RFK Jr. exposes Joe Biden’s racist past in viral post.

#7 – Megyn Kelly thinks E. Jean Carroll may have just handed the election to Donald Trump.

#6 – The data is clear: COVID-19 “vaccination” does not protect against severe hospitalization and death.

#5 – Iconic rapper Snoop Dogg makes a surprising statement about Donald Trump.

#4 – WHO chief admits info warriors are hindering the NWO agenda.

#3 – James O’Keefe drops viral video with top White House cyber official.

#2 – Tucker Carlson warns against the true motives behind the globalist agenda.

#1 – Australian man injured by Pfizer jab wins landmark claim against his employer.



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Biden and his sharp Brain based Cognitive Abilities.

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Biden and his sharp Brain based Cognitive Abilities. Recently folks have mentioned that Donald Trump is starting to resemble Joe Biden when it comes to Cognitive abilities. Trump has been tested. Biden refuses to mention if he has. Below is the definition of Cognitive abilities.
The list is endless.


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News Headlines you may have missed.

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News Headlines you may have missed. Below are articles you may have missed. Feel free to comment on them or any other article that made the news.

Inflation Ticks Up
Annual inflation in the US rose 3.4% in December, a 0.3% rise from November and slightly higher than analysts’ expectations, according to new government data released yesterday. Inflation peaked in June 2022 at 9.1% and has remained under 4% since May.


The consumer price index, which measures price changes for a basket of goods and services, rose 3.9% year-over-year when excluding volatile food and energy prices. Over half of the increase stemmed from rising shelter costs, which rose 0.5% from November and 6.2% year-over-year. Analysts claim elevated mortgage rates have reduced supply and pushed up housing prices. See a detailed breakout of prices for various commodities here.


The Federal Reserve, responsible for maintaining inflation at 2%, has held the federal funds rate between 5.25% and 5.5% three times after 11 raises since March 2022. The Fed is expected to reduce rates this year, possibly as soon as March.

A Weekend Blizzard
winter storm is sweeping across the country today and is poised to become a bomb cyclone, bringing blizzard conditions and flooding across much of the country’s eastern half. The storm will be followed by a blast of arctic cold air, with as much as 88% of the contiguous US expected to experience temperatures dropping below freezing by Monday.


Dubbed Winter Storm Gerri, it comes days after a separate winter storm hit the central US and parts of the Plains (Why so many?). Gerri is forecast to make its way from the Four Corners region toward the central and eastern US, with 1-2 feet of snow projected in portions of Michigan, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Meteorologists say temperatures in Wyoming and Montana could reach between 20 and 30 degrees below zero and potentially below 50 degrees in the Northern Plains. The Southern Plains and Midwest could see temperatures dip into the minus 20s, while the South could see temperatures in the 20s.


The cold air pattern is projected to stay until at least the week of Jan. 22; see detailed forecasts for regions across the US here (w/clickable map).

Lost Cities Revealed
Archaeologists have discovered a constellation of ancient Amazonian structures in what is now modern-day Ecuador, according to new research published yesterday. Flourishing for roughly 1,000 years about two millennia ago, the settlements are believed to have been populated by 30,000 residents at their peak—roughly equal to London under the Roman Empire at the same time.


The complex was discovered using LiDAR (light detection and ranging), a technique in which variations in surface height are measured using airborne laser mapping. The approach allows researchers to penetrate dense forest canopies or layers of Earth, revealing what lies underneath without labor-intensive fieldwork and digs. Learn more about how LiDAR—also used in many self-driving vehicles to “see” the road—has revolutionized archaeology.


The find follows a number of similar discoveries in recent years, including a sprawling urban network in the Bolivian Amazon two years ago.

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Countdown to A New Age of Medical Treatment
Autonomix is on a mission to treat medical disorders at their root in the nervous system, and the deadline for their private investment opportunity is just a few days away. Electrophysiology represents the cutting-edge of medicine, with companies being acquired for $900M+ even before receiving FDA approval. With Autonomix’s planned Nasdaq listing ahead, they’re providing a unique opportunity to invest before a potential exit.


The startup also joins an all-star list of names like Elon Musk and Google in studying how a variety of health issues can be traced to the nervous system. Their patented microchip-based technology is being developed to detect neuronal signals to find nerve bundles that cause pain and other ailments. With $100B+ in potential treatment markets worldwide and 100+ patents issued and pending, the company is attempting to take the world by storm.


This could be the final opportunity to invest while they’re still private. See how you can become an Autonomix shareholder today.*

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Science & Technology
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> Researchers release open source program to model the increasing density of space debris orbiting the Earth (More) | The emerging problem of space trash (More)
> Study suggests the largest ape to ever live died off around 250,000 years ago because it failed to adapt its diet as the landscape shifted from dense forest to grasslands (More) | Meet Gigantopithecus blacki (More)
> Paleontologists discover oldest-known fossilized reptile skin; 289-million-year-old specimen predates dinosaurs, was from a now-extinct iguana-like lizard (More)
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> Chesapeake Energy to buy Southwestern Energy for $7.4B in all-stock deal; acquisition would make Chesapeake the largest US natural gas producer (More)
> Google lays off hundreds of employees in Google Assistant division as company explores integrating AI chatbots into products; company also planning to restructure its 30,000-person ad sales department (More)
Politics & World Affairs
> Israel defends against charges of genocide in Gaza at the International Court of Justice; claims introduced by South Africa (More) | US, UK lead airstrikes against Houthi rebel sites in Yemen (More) | Jewish students sue Harvard, claiming antisemitism on campus violates civil rights (More)
> Closing arguments held in civil fraud trial against former President Donald Trump; proceedings held despite early morning bomb threat made at the home of Judge Arthur Engoron (More)
> Federal Aviation Officials launch probe into whether Boeing followed safety protocols when securing door plugs on 737 MAX-9 models (More) | Everything you need to know about Boeing’s blown-out door plugs, visualized (More)
> A Knife Forged in Fire

Chicago Magazine | Laurence Gonzales. The technical process of forging steel knives by hand opens a spectator to mystical reflections on danger, beauty, and transformation. (Read)


> The Bab-el-Mandeb Strait

WSJ | Staff. A look at one of the world’s most dangerous shipping lanes where Houthi rebels in Yemen have launched drone attacks against commercial vessels. (Watch)

> Baby Brokers

Guardian | Rachel Nolan. Amid ballooning adoptions in Guatemala during its civil war in the 1980s, a shadowy role arose: the jaladora, a supplier of babies hired by adoption lawyers. (Read)


> How Cranes Work

Stuff You Should Know | Josh Clark, Chuck Bryant. (Podcast) Everything you didn’t know about construction cranes, the massive tools towering over cityscapes piecing together commercial buildings. (Listen)

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A scientist explains how snowflakes form. (via YouTube)


Employees rank the top places to work for 2024.


See the shortlist for the year’s best wildlife photography.


America’s most (and least) popular CEOs.


One of the world’s rarest supercars goes to auction.


A timeline of the distant, distant future.


Nine-month cruise becomes an online sensation.


The mysterious disappearance of Hydrox cookies.


Clickbait: Mark Zuckerberg raises cows on beer and nuts.


Historybook: Author Jack London born (1876); Hattie Caraway becomes first woman elected to US Senate (1932); Howard Stern born (1954); Mystery novelist Agatha Christie dies (1976); Earthquake in Haiti kills more than 100,000 (2010).

“We never know the whole man, though sometimes, in quick flashes, we know the true man.”
– Agatha Christie


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Headlines making the news.

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Headlines making the news. Today we have a very long list of what’s happened and is happening around the world. See if any of the topics peaks your interest, and feel free to comment.

At a campaign event, former President Donald Trump said he “aced” his recent cognitive examopens in a new tab or window. (The Hill)

The cinnamon applesauce pouches linked to high lead levels in dozens of U.S. kids may have been intentionally contaminatedopens in a new tab or window, a top FDA official suggested. (Politico)

The CDC issued an “urgent” alert about the low vaccination ratesopens in a new tab or window for flu, COVID, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and called on healthcare providers to administer shots now to protect patients.

Meanwhile, AstraZeneca and Sanofi announced plans to ship another 230,000 dosesopens in a new tab or window of their monoclonal antibody for protecting infants from RSV to the U.S. market. (Reuters)

Healthcare companies are signing on to the U.S. plan to ensure the safe development of artificial intelligenceopens in a new tab or window in healthcare. (Reuters)

Hundreds of women have been denied emergency abortions in Texasopens in a new tab or window since the state’s near-total ban, a STAT analysis revealed.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) says he’ll propose a plan to cut prescription drug costs by 50%opens in a new tab or window. (Endpoints News)

A well-known fertility doctor and former Harvard Medical School professor used his own sperm to inseminate a patientopens in a new tab or window in 1980, a new lawsuit alleges. (Washington Post)

Disgraced “Pharma Bro” Martin Shkreliopens in a new tab or window asked an appeals court to overturn the ban from him working in the pharmaceutical industry. (Bloomberg)

The FDA warned multiple companies for selling unapproved antimicrobials for animalsopens in a new tab or window, saying that many of the treatments are used in humans and could contribute to antimicrobial resistance.

The World Health Organization is urging governments to ban all flavors of e-cigarettesopens in a new tab or window. (Reuters)

Does that patient really have a penicillin allergyopens in a new tab or window? (NBC News)

In order to succeed, HIV vaccine candidatesopens in a new tab or window may need to induce strong immune responses from CD8+ T cells, researchers reported in Science.

A New York doctor who appeared on the Bravo reality series “Below Deck” was charged in an alleged fake opioid prescription schemeopens in a new tab or window that used the names of his fellow cast members. (AP)

CNN interviewed victims of the war in Gazaopens in a new tab or window at a field hospital in Rafah.

The Smithsonian collected dozens of human brainsopens in a new tab or window from vulnerable individuals, many without consenta Washington Post report revealed.

North Carolina is suing HCA Healthcareopens in a new tab or window, alleging that it breached terms of the takeover agreement with Mission Health and has “degraded” care at the former nonprofit. (STAT)

A Texas man pleaded guilty to threatening to kill a Boston doctoropens in a new tab or window who specializes in treating transgender youth. (NBC News)

Emergency contraception useopens in a new tab or window among American women more than doubled since the morning-after pill was approved to be sold without a prescription (from 10.8% in 2006-2010 to 26.6% in 2015-2019), according to CDC data.

A Maine nurse was arrested for her alleged role in the January 6 Capitol riotopens in a new tab or window, the FBI said. (WMTW)

Heart failure patientsopens in a new tab or window in lower socioeconomic neighborhoods were more likely to be non-adherent to guideline-recommended medication. (JAMA Network Open)

Here are NPR‘s top five ‘viral’ storiesopens in a new tab or window from the year.

Singer Patti Smithopens in a new tab or window was discharged from a hospitalization in Italy following a “sudden illness.” (People)


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