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Articles the MSM pretty much ignores.

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Articles the MSM pretty much ignores. Many of these articles should be front page news. MSM does their best to do coverups.

#10 – Middle schooler’s patriotic speech CENSORED by principal goes viral.

#9 – White House issues NINE corrections to one Biden speech.

#8 – A new video shows what really happened during the arrest of the world’s number one golfer.

#7 – Megyn Kelly schools Bill Maher on Hillary Clinton’s election denialism.

#6 – Three hundred pages of emails leave no doubt that Fauci lied, people died.

#5 – Orwellian digital IDS simultaneously begin rolling out in multiple nations.

#4 – Turbulence during Boeing flight results in one dead and several injured.

#3 – US government ‘cartel’ bribed CVS and Walgreens with billions of dollars to reject ivermectin prescriptions and promote COVID shots.

#2 – FBI authorized deadly force in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago raid.

#1 – Brilliant report explains how to stop the World Health Organization’s horrific Pandemic Treaty.




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