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Who Could Be A Worse pResident Than Biden?

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Bad as he is, there is someone worse who is making the rounds in DC trying to drum up support for a 2024 run.

Dementia Joe won’t be running as the Democratic nominee in ’24. You know you’re in trouble when a NYT-Sienna College poll shows that 94% of Dems under 30 prefer someone other than Joe to run.

Senate Majority Leader Schumer has begged his colleagues to appear to be unified and not criticize either Biden or his centrist bane Joe Manchin (D-WVa). But that hasn’t prevented them from refusing to promise to back Biden no matter what–though they obviously don’t want to say it in public.

So, who would be worse than Biden?

Here’s a hint: what state did Q tell us to watch to see the way the “progressives” would try to take the country?

Another hint: Who barely survived a recall vote in that above mentioned state?

If your answers were California and Gavin Newsom — congratulations!

One is just a puppet, the other wants to be puppet master.

Yes, Gonad Gruesome has been visiting senators in Washington, DC.

Per The Hill:

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) is positioning himself and his state as a national leader on climate issues amid speculation of a possible 2024 White House bid.


Newsom, even as the Biden administration is increasingly stymied by the Supreme Court and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.), hopes to show how the Golden State can lead the way on tackling climate change while Washington is in a quagmire.


Newsom’s state budget package, unveiled in January, included $22.5 billion to combat climate change. In May, he revised the proposal to add another $9.5 billion.


Newsom also spearheaded the state’s strictest-in-the-nation tailpipe emissions standards through a legal standoff with the Trump administration, which attempted to repeal a federal waiver allowing the rules. The waiver was restored by Biden Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Michael Regan in 2022.

California, a state where gas prices jumped to $6 and $7 per gallon in some locales earlier this summer, plans to phase out oil production in the state by 2045.

The state, which would have the world’s fifth-largest economy if it were a country, has also formed a number of international climate partnerships under Newsom, including collaborations with Canada, New Zealand, Japan and China.

Original Here:

Newsome aired an attack ad over the July 4 holidays against Fla governor Ron DeSantis, a likely Republican standard bearer. But he claimed that the ad “Don’t let them take our freedoms away…” was not the opening shot in a presidential campaign run. (“Them” being Trump and DeSantis.)

IMHO Newsom makes ex-gov Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown look like a thoughtful centrist.

More links to disturbing news:

Gavin Newsom Sparks ’24 Rumors With Jaunty White House Visit While Biden Overseas

Calif. Gov. Newsom visits Washington, raising his national profile even as he says he won’t run in 2024

California’s Norwalk-LaMirada Unified School District will vote on placing a Planned Parenthood clinic on a high school campus in the district.

The vote about operating a Planned Parenthood at John Glenn High School in Norwalk is scheduled to take place on Monday evening. (Glenn, an Ohio native, is spinning in his grave at supersonic speed. -TPR)

According to the proposal, the clinic will not be notifying parents about any students that they provide services to.

If  he has California stopping oil production by 2045 and is okay with putting an abortion clinic in a High School, imagine what he’d do in the White House.

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Will nature finish what BLM/Antifa started in WA?

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Seattle Earthquake Could Generate 42-Foot-Tsunami, Demolish City for Miles

A tidal wave of massive proportions could devastate Seattle if an earthquake hits along the Seattle Fault, according to a new report.

The report from the Washington Department of Natural Resources stated that “tsunami waves would reach the shoreline in fewer than three minutes.”

The Seattle Fault goes east-west through downtown Seattle and Puget Sound.

The study noted that the last earthquake on the fault took place about 1,100 years ago. This is key, since a major (Magnitude 6.5 or more) earthquake has occurred on average every 584 years since 1500 BC. The fault is overdue.



To see the twitter graphic, Click here:

Over the past 3,500 years, five additional earthquakes estimated to have a magnitude of 6.5 took place along the Seattle Fault.

For the sake of worst-case scenario planning, the study looked at the impact of a 7.5-magnitude earthquake.

Flooding from a tsunami would exceed 20 feet along the shoreline of the Seattle area and could generate waves as high as 42 feet tall, according to Fox News.

Maximilian Dixon, the hazards and outreach program supervisor for the Washington Emergency Management Division, said the department does not want to provoke panic, but urges individuals to be prepared.

“The ground shaking will be your warning that a tsunami may be on the way. Make sure you know where the closest high ground is and the quickest route to get there,” he said.

The study said that tsunami waves would hit the eastern side of Bainbridge Island, Elliott Bay and Alki Point, and could last for more than three hours.

The Port of Tacoma would face six feet of inundation with waves going as far as three miles inland, according to the study.

A long history of earthquakes on faults in the Puget Sound

“Most often, when we think of tsunamis, we think of our outer coast and communities along the Pacific Ocean. But there’s a long history of earthquakes on faults in the Puget Sound,” Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz said.

“While the history of earthquakes and tsunamis along the Seattle Fault is less frequent than the Cascadia subduction zone, the impacts could be massive. That’s why it’s critical these communities have the information they need to prepare and respond.”

A 2001 earthquake caused $36 million worth of damage in Seattle from the impact on buildings, roads and other infrastructure, according to the city’s website.

The city noted that damage from an earthquake would also include landslides throughout the Seattle region. Further, the city estimated there are 1,100 un-reinforced buildings in Seattle that would be prone to extensive damage in an earthquake. About 15% of Seattle’s total area is soil that is prone to ground failure in earthquakes. The Duwamish Valley, Interbay, and Rainier Valley are vulnerable to ground failure and shaking because of the liquefiable soils in these areas.

And that is only one type of quake the area suffers from.

The second type would be a megathrust quake along the Cascadia fault line. Megathrust earthquakes are the greatest risk to the broader west coast region. A megathrust earthquake could reach M9.0+ and affect an area from Canada to northern California. A Cascadia megathrust earthquake could rank as one of the largest earthquakes ever recorded, but because Seattle is several hundred miles from the source seismic waves would weaken slightly before they reach Seattle. Shaking would be violent and prolonged, but possibly not as intense as in a Seattle Fault quake.

Mount Rainier Will Erupt Again, Say Researchers Studying Volcano’s Magma Flows

Then there’s that 800-lb gorilla known as Mt. Rainier.

Mount Rainier last erupted in the 19th century. It is the tallest volcano and the fifth-highest peak in the contiguous U.S.. The volcano is about 14,410 feet tall and located about 58 miles southeast of Seattle.

The U.S. Geological Survey has described Mount Rainier as “an active volcano that will erupt again.” Sitting atop volcanic flows as much as 36 million years old, Rainier has erupted explosively dozens of times during the past 11,000 years, spewing ash and pumice.

There are FIVE active volcanoes in Washington State. The last one to erupt was Mt. St. Helen (1980.) If you’re not old enough to remember, you can see videos of it on YouTube and elsewhere. Seattle disaster planners claim it is ‘unlikely’ that a lahar would reach Seattle itself. Tell that to the people around St. Helens.

Envision that there would be solid blocks the size of Volkswagens and fine grain material being blasted into the atmosphere and then falling back on Rainier’s surface. It would be hot, and would melt the ice and snow on Rainier’s flanks And tumble over cliffs.

The lava flows encounter those very steep slopes and make avalanches of hot rocks and gas that are hurtling down the mountain maybe 100 miles per hour or so.

The lava would stop flowing near the boundaries of the national park.

But the snow water it melted would create a much bigger hazard: A flash flood that would look like concrete and chew up everything in its path.

It would pull down trees. Giant boulders would bounce on its surface, cracking as they collide with each other.

Scientists say Orting will probably have plenty of warning before an eruption. But just in case, there’s a backup plan, a siren that gives people in Orting roughly 40 minutes warning before the lahar hits.

       There are several rivers running from Rainier straight towards Puget sound.

This nightmare mud flow is called a lahar. And it would sound like “a rocket launching. Or maybe a train barreling down a track where no railroad tracks exist.”

How would it affect Seattle-Tacoma?

An earthquake on the Seattle fault by itself would cause a massive catastrophe. So would a Seattle-facing Mt. St. Helen eruption. If they occurred at nearly the same time? Likely everything from Olympia north to Vancouver island would be in ruins with many thousands dead or injured.

On the upside, Redmond (and therefore Microsoft) would disappear.

Note: data for this story comes from investigative news reports and the Seattle and WA state government websites.


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Biden adds 600 billion to the deficit but claims he will lower it by 1.5 trillion.

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January, February, and March saw the three highest months ever of deficit spending. Also Biden spending is over 600 billion n the red. Forget the fact that the Treasury is seeing record breaking revenue coming in. So why is Joe saying that he will cut the deficit by $1.5 trillion? Trump and congress had allocated over 2 trillion for the masks, gowns, ventilators, etc. Items that Obama-Biden never replenished. according to CNBC.

So those trillions are now gone. That’s why Joe’s asking for hundreds of billions more. For COVID, Ukraine, etc.


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What is Freedom?

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I came across this video by the owner of Egard Watches.


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Another case of American Heroes cleared of any wrong doing. This time in Buffalo.

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Once again the good guys win out. Last year Buffalo’s finest were not found guilty. Now a state arbitrator cleared this fine gentlemen of any wrong doing. I found this article in my daily NY Post.

A state arbitrator ruled Friday that Officers Aaron Torgalski and Robert McCabe didn’t violate department use-of-force guidelines when they pushed longtime activist Martin Gugino, 75, to the ground during a George Floyd protest outside City Hall in June 2020, the Buffalo News reported.

Torgalski and McCabe were suspended without pay and faced felony second-degree assault charges, but a grand jury declined to indict them in February.

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“Gig-Speed WiFi” ? HA! False advertising.

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For the past few months, Comcast — the major internet provider in my area — has been advertising “Gig-speed” WiFi connectivity.

They claim you can run multiple wireless devices at the same time without interfering or slowing things down.

Well, I have the necessary equipment, and I’m paying for it. But am I getting what I’m paying for?

When I test the ETHERNET speeds — using PC Magazine’s Speed tester — at all times of the day and night I can’t get above 650 MEG/s. And that is on Comcast’s own server located 100 miles away. Of the other three choices offered to test, the closest one to me (~15 miles) couldn’t even crack 500 Mb/sec!

So, if I can’t get “Gig-speed” over the cable, how can they claim I can get it over a wireless connection?

How they do it is with the old “your results may vary” trick. In this case it’s worded thusly: “Speed not guaranteed.”

Now, I can understand some throughput speed degradation during busy times, but ALL the time?

What’s interesting is that the UP load speeds for all tests remain remarkable similar, no matter which connection/provider I was testing.


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Just my two cents. I’m not a medical professional, and neither is Tony the fauch.

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The fauch and I have one thing in common. We both haven’t practiced medicine for decades ( Actually I never have ). I admit it. He does not. He’s been a administrator since 1984. Famous for the finger in the air to see which way the political wind’s blowing.

What’s being ignored by the fauch and his loyalists is that Omicron so far isn’t the deadly one. Testing healthy people makes no sense. Why not test folks to every disease and virus known to man?


Now as we look into the future, ( 2022 ) what other nonsense will he hit us with? Spoke with my family doctor on anti bodies and T cells. Both for me are way up there I have what’s called CD8+ T cells. They directly kill infected cells.  His medical opinion is that the Johnson booster will put me through the roof. He feels that since I started with Johnson, stay with it since my counts are so high. Will test again in March. And yes it’s still free. Thanks Medicare Advantage.


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How funny is this? California still hasn’t learned. Mask up Kemosabe.

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Well, the loons after lockdown after lockdown, strict restrictions, are still dropping like flys. COVID running rampant, and what is the solution? Masks.

Yes, same masks that the fauch at first said didn’t work, then did work, then said wear two, then said not needed, is needed again. What a bunch of loons.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s administration announced the new mandate will start Wednesday and last until Jan. 15. The order comes as the per capita rate of new coronavirus cases in California has jumped 47% in the past two weeks. So when do the SS start their door to door and business to business searches?



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How funny is this? Don Lemon feels his boy Jussie’s lie will hurt legitimate hate crime claims. No Don, believing someone just because they are a person of color hurts the facts.

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Please no pictures of Lynching. They will be removed.


The left has been fooled so many times now but still they don’t get. Just because a person of color makes these wild claims, doesn’t make it so. Jussie being the latest incident. When I heard that two white boys jumped a gay black man, my first thought was that two white Progressives attacked a successful black man cause of jealousy and the fact that he was black and gay. See how that works?

Right on the Progressives but wrong on everything else. What ever happened to just the fact? We’ve seen it in so many of these hate crimes, but the hate’s coming from the MSM and the left.

After Smollet attacked himself and posted a video of himself with a rope around his neck, (and blamed two white Trump supporters), both Cory Booker and Kamala Harris used that attack to generate support for their bill. Here’s a picture of their tweets.

Please no pictures of Lynching. They will be removed. 3

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Just think if the Michigan boy shooter was black. Then what?

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Unless you’re living in a cave somewhere you’ve heard about the terrible shooting in Michigan at Oxford High School. Yes they caught the boy plus they also charged the parents. I’m for one glad he’s white.

If the boy was black, you would have riots and protests. Hate groups like Antifa and BLM would be out in full force. ACLU would be defending him and the list goes on. Just something to think about.

Now you have your typical loons calling for more gun laws. The Oakland County Sheriff was asked about that. His response.

We have a a whole lot of gun laws that are meant to hold criminals accountable when they commit a crime, when they use a gun, when they carry a gun illegally, and they are not utilized today. That’s one of our constant concerns around the country…we see this across the nation, we catch somebody illegally with a gun and it’s plead down to a misdemeanour and they’re out.

He added, “I believe the surest way to get a handle on holding people accountable when they’re doing things illegally with a gun is to punish them, and that’s not happening in many communities across America today.”



Any threat especially against law enforcement or politicians will get you banned.