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Elon Musk says he will make an alternative phone if Apple, Google ban Twitter.

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On Friday, Twitter owner Elon Musk, who also is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said that if Twitter is removed from app stores owned by Apple and Google, whose phones only use those systems, he would create an alternative phone.

Liz Wheeler wrote, “If Apple & Google boot Twitter from their app stores, @elonmusk should produce his own smartphone. Half the country would happily ditch the biased, snooping iPhone & Android. The man builds rockets to Mars, a silly little smartphone should be easy, right?”

Musk replied, “I certainly hope it does not come to that, but, yes, if there is no other choice, I will make an alternative phone.”

On Friday, Taylor Lorenz used her latest column in the Washington Post to call for Apple and Google app stores to pull Twitter from their stores. This came after Musk announced that there will be a general amnesty for all banned accounts, following a poll of Twitter users..

Lorenz complains that Musk brought back conservative Christian satire site The Babylon Bee, who was banned by noting that Rachel Levine is a biological male. After Time Magazine awarded Levine “woman of the year,” The Babylon Bee awarded Levine “man of the year.”

On November 18, Musk noted how Apple and Google through their vertical integration have a duopoly on the market and wrote, “App store fees are obviously too high due to the iOS/Android duopoly. It is a hidden 30 percent tax on the Internet.”

Musk followed up and tagged the antitrust division in the Department of Justice.

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Joe plays Sgt. Schultz. Biden Insists He Learned About Merrick Garland’s Decision to Appoint a Special Counsel to Investigate Trump From the media.

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Monday after the Turkey pardon, Biden came out and said he had no clue that his appointed AG was going to go after President Trump. And if you believe that, I have ocean front property in Frost Bite Falls, Montana I’m trying to sell.

Garland was Joe’s political appointment. Knowing Biden’s mental state, maybe Joe wasn’t told, but there’s no doubt that the Administration knew what was going on.


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Yes Virginia there was a red wave. Going back to 2020.

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People forget that The Democrats completed their house wave in 2018. In 2020 the Republicans took 15 House seats. When the counting is all done for 2022 it looks like 15 more. So that’s 30 seats.

I’m sorry progressives, 30 seats is a wave. Now the significance is that the crazy spending by Biden ends in January 2023.

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Winning. Worldwide Oil and Gas Companies are expanding. Screw wind and solar.

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It does my heart good to see that companies worldwide are expanding production of oil and gas. We have this from our friends at Breitbart.

A German non-governmental organization (NGO) called Urgewald, which monitors carbon emissions, presented a report at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt that said nearly all of the oil and gas companies in the world are planning significant expansions over the next few years, in a dramatic rebuttal of the climate change movement’s demand for zero emissions.

“The outcome of our calculations is truly frightening: oil and gas companies’ short-term expansion plans are not in line with the net zero emissions course put forward by the IEA (International Energy Agency),” said Urgenwald’s Fiona Hauke.

Music to my ears.

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Florida Latinos differ from California Chicano’s.

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Florida Latinos differ from California. I’m seeing how white progressives and MSM are trying to lump all Latinos in the same group. Poor and looking for low wage jobs they can take from American citizens. That’s just not the case.

California Chicano’s are mostly from poor countries and many are illiterate. Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, etc. Gold diggers openly ignoring Federal Laws.

In Florida when I was working there in 2008-2009 ( Yeah lurkers I left Buffalo in 2007. But you already knew that ) I found out that beside Cubans, and Puerto Ricans, you have many from South American countries. The Latinos there are very diverse and mostly educated.

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The Election in Pennsylvania: Thoughts

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Winning combination: shaved head, hoodie, tattoos, jogging shorts, & closed captioning — while slurring his replies into unintelligibility. Seriously? What were people thinking?

As of this writing, both Fetterman and Shapiro have won their contests.

I live in Central PA and am an elected voting official for my county. As such, I can say some things that the average Pennsylvanian might not realize.

  • The presiding “Judge” for a given precinct is elected. The gotcha is that sometimes there is absolutely nobody running, and a single write-in vote can be enough to “win” the election. Guess how I know?
  • Even though someone is “elected,” someone else may perform those duties.
  • The “Judge” has to assemble their group of poll workers, contacting each of them themselves.
  • A poll worker may not live in the same precinct they are working in if the “Judge” can’t find anyone IN the precinct willing to work. The BOE only helps if the judge can’t find enough people to man the polling place on their own.
  • In my precinct, not enough Democrats are interested in working, so Republicans fill slots theoretically for a Democrat.

Given all that, I can say that — in MY precinct at least — the tabulator was not connected to the internet — although everything is recorded on thumb drives that are kept separate from the tabulator during the return to the elections office. Also, there was no available wi-fi during polling, so that was moot in my precinct.

Training — in my county at least — is inadequate for the task at hand if one is a newbie. It also seems that each county must develop its own training materials.

Now, getting to the election itself.

Fetterman’s own Hometown Newspaper endorsed his opponent.

Why would anyone vote for a person who routinely dresses like a Hell’s Angels reject, who’s had a stroke (and who needed closed-captioning to debate), who slurred some statements into unintelligibility, and who was — time and again– the only person on the parole board to vote to let dangerous felons out of jail, and who chased and held an innocent, unarmed (black) jogger with a shotgun because he thought he heard gunfire (and has NEVER apologized for doing so) is beyond me.

He never called out Biden for saying he wanted to close all coal-powered electrical plants when PA is a coal-producing state.

Yet Fetterman seems to be winning as of this writing. The margin is slim, but…

The pandemic saw the destruction of a number of small businesses in the county. There is no more taxi service in State College (home to Penn State), where there were two companies in operation before it, plus Uber and Lyft drivers. Likewise, towing companies have diminished severely. Liberal paranoia about the Wuhan flu closed Penn State, killed a number of restaurants, and was generally an overblown PITA. Geisinger medical sites are STILL demanding masks to enter their kingdom, and Fetterman and Shapiro are okay with that. Should we look for more of the same?

I know that Pittsburgh, Philly, and Harrisburg are all liberal strongholds (along with State College, where students outnumber actual residents.) But has all common sense escaped these people?

Remember this headline from the acting (Democratic) Secy of State?

Why (how) was the race determined so quickly?

Is it simply more “orange man bad” TDS infecting their reason-deprived minds out there in the liberal enclaves?

What say you?



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Team Biden doesn’t really care about energy prices.

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Editorial from The Washington Times.

Their policies are aligned to fight climate change — not lowering your prices at the pump

Earlier this week, President Biden just couldn’t resist exposing either his ignorance about energy, his hostility to affordable energy, or both.

He threatened oil companies with a tax on their profits. Such a tax would, of course, be paid for by consumers and — rather than increase production and reduce prices, like Mr. Biden says he wants — would do the exact opposite and reduce production and increase prices of gasoline and other oil products. Here’s a news flash: The president and his team don’t care.

The call for a tax on profits is the just like the proposed suspension of the federal gas tax, the very real emptying of crude oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve or the limits on exports that are currently being considered. All of these actions — and the associated tiresome rhetoric — are all intended to convince the voters that Team Biden really cares about high gasoline prices.

They don’t. They are perfectly content to have you pay high gas prices. There’s no way any of their fantasies about climate change can happen without high energy prices, specifically high oil and natural gas prices.

They just don’t want you to blame them for those prices. So, naturally, they are looking around for someone else to blame. It is no surprise that they’ve landed on oil companies.

Unfortunately for them, oil companies don’t set the price of oil. Neither does any one particular producer or consumer. The price is set in a global market with lots of buyers and lots of sellers who agree on a price and then exchange cash for oil. This sort of thing happens in all kinds of markets all over the planet each day.

Prices of oil are going up because demand is high relative to supply. Despite the lie the president tells you, this is not because of the war in Ukraine. That conflict has not prevented any Russian oil from coming to the global market.

The imbalance between demand and supply is primarily because of under investment in oil fields over the last decade. For example, Josh Young, the chief investment officer at Bison Energy, notes that investment in U.S. oil fields peaked in 2012 at about $16.5 billion dollars and dropped as low as $3.9 billion in 2021.

Last summer, the International Energy Agency concluded: “Our estimates for 2022 suggest that today’s aggregate fossil fuel investment is broadly aligned with the near-term needs of a scenario in which countries hit their climate pledges.”

In other words, the IEA acknowledges the reduced investment in oil and gas projects and considers it a good thing because that lack of investment will ultimately mean less oil and natural gas and, consequently, help countries meet their climate pledges. The IEA — like Team Biden — is mostly unconcerned about high energy prices.

While they are not responsible for global markets, Team Biden is responsible for the relentless downward pressure on American production of oil. Their emphasis on environmental, social, and governance-based investing means that investors are steered away from investments in oil and natural gas. The now routine propaganda — mostly from the government — about the mythology of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions and an energy “transition” that has destroyed Europe’s energy system and is chewing through its economy further drives under investment in oil and natural gas.

Is there a different answer?

Well, the Committee to Unleash Prosperity has estimated that American oil production would be about 30% higher (or about 3 million barrels a day more) if Team Biden had just kept President Donald Trump’s policies in place.

That would be too easy. Team Biden has no intention of addressing the underlying problem of national and global under investment in oil and gas production and refineries over the last few years. To the contrary, their actions — weaponizing financial regulators like the Securities and Exchange Commission against affordable energy, not allowing production on federal lands, even something as trivial as canceling the Keystone pipeline — indicate that they intend to make the problem worse.

If he were serious about the problem, Mr. Biden — or whoever is president nowadays — would clearly and directly reject notions of net zero, let go of the fantasy of banning gasoline-powered cars, and cease the jihad against oil and gas being waged by its own financial regulators.

The chances of all that happening are zero.

Mr. Biden and his crew want high gas prices. Those prices serve their purposes. All of the hand-waving and hand-wringing about oil companies and their profits, and all of the show associated with draining pretty much all of our strategic reserves, is a dangerous charade.



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How funny is this? Race Baiter and White Plantationist to campaign together. Former Obama Attorney General Eric Holder to Campaign with Arizona Democrat Katie Hobbs

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I think we have a new odd couple. A person who blames all of black folks failures on white folks, and a person who believes that black folks can’t succeed unless a white person does it for them. The new version of Miami Vice. Holder and Hobbs.

The man who armed the drug cartels and the woman who has numerous incidents of racism against people of color.

Arizona Democratic gubernatorial nominee Katie Hobbs is holding a meet and greet with former Obama Administration Attorney General Eric Holder on Thursday in Phoenix.

We have this from Breitbart.

Holder has faced no accountability for the Department of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Fast and Furious scandal, which saw thousands of guns walk to Mexico under his watch. In December 2010, some of the guns were used by members of a Mexican rip crew to murder border patrol agent Brian Terry.

Moreover, Hobbs has drawn scrutiny after one of her former employees in the Arizona State Senate, a black woman named Talonya Adams, successfully sued the legislative body for racial and sexual discrimination that she blames Hobbs for. Adams was awarded $2.75 million to Adams, but state law capped it at $300,000. Between lawyer fees and the payout, which was finally sent in September, the case has cost Arizona taxpayers $758,806.

Who can forget Hobbs high school starring role in Slave day?

Finally, last month Arizona up to 6,000 Arizona voters received faulty ballots only listing federal races under Hobbs’s watch due to a “voter registration error,” as the Associated Press reported. She stated that the error was corrected and the voters would soon receive complete ballots.


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You think MSM is hostile now towards Republicans and Conservatives? Watch what happens when the House or Senate or both change from Democrat control to Republican.

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You think MSM is hostile now towards Republicans and Conservatives ? Watch what happens when the House or Senate or both change from Democrat control to Republican.You haven’t seen nothing.

If the polls are right and we see change, you will see all types of attacks from the left. Plus Joey boy will go off on wild tangents like we’ve never seen. MSM will do numerous articles daily. You’ll see weekly Progressive media become dailies. And I for one love it.


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Why is Crime, Inflation, Gas prices, Food, etc. going up? Can you say Democrat?

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Look at the state of our country. All the negative issues are up. Why is that? Look at Blue state leadership? Look at leadership in red state large cities. What do they all have in common? Democrats in power.

Nuff Said.

Any threat especially against law enforcement or politicians will get you banned.