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Friday Funnies.

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Friday Funnies.

I consider Tucker a mentor of sorts. I strive to be more like Tucker.

Brought to you by Google.

The brainwashing of our youth – by social media corporations is out of control. Unfortunately, for all of us – it isn’t going to stop.

“We know best. We are going to remake the world. We are going to reshape kids around the world”

The government has a remedy for this type of unlawful business practice. The 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act has bee utilized many times to break up monopolies. The Sherman Act outlaws:

“every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade,” and any “monopolization, attempted monopolization, or conspiracy or combination to monopolize.”

Google is out of control. They have not only monopolized the internet, they have monopolized the control of advertising. Both business strategies are being challenged by the DOJ in two separate lawsuits. Meta is also being sued for unfair business practices, as it has gobbled up its competitors in a series of buy-outs.

Or you might be watching MSM exclusively and using Google as your search engine.


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White People Embarrassing Themselves.

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White People Embarrassing Themselves.

 Taylor Swift, star of the LVIII Super Bowl, this year’s Grammys and a crackpot Fox News conspiracy theory that she’s a government PSYOP, is also the winner of my award for “Least Embarrassing Way To Attach Yourself to a Black Person When Accepting an Award.”

      For the uncouth among my readers, modern etiquette dictates that:

      1) Black people win all awards; and

      2) When that is absolutely impossible, the white winner must somehow latch onto a black person, stressing how fond he is of black people.

      In Taylor’s case, she recently made history by becoming the first musician to win four Album of the Year awards. This was despite her being, as The New York Times put it, “white and thin and blond in a world that continues to privilege whiteness and thinness and blondness.”

      Thus, according to protocol, Taylor had to attach herself to a black person. This she did by becoming part of the show when Tracy Chapman reprised her 1988 hit “Fast Car” at the Grammys. Taylor rose from the audience, like a mushroom popping up amid the moss, and sang along for the entire song.

      Boffo publicity! Twitter instantly exploded in gratitude and admiration for the Grammys champion. The media hailed Taylor’s performative tribute to Chapman as if she’d orchestrated the Peace of Westphalia. (The Times: “Taylor Swift singing along to Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs performing “Fast Car” is some kind of apotheosis of 2023 in music.”)

      Embarrassing, but nothing like Adele’s speech at the 2017 Grammys after she’d won Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Album of the Year for her work, “25.” She was up against Beyonce’s “Lemonade,” also a smash hit. (Stats: “Lemonade” sold 485,000 copies in its first week; “25” sold more than 3.38 million. “Lemonade” debuted at No. 1 in the U.S.; “25” debuted at No. 1 in 32 countries. “25” went on to become the fourth best-selling album of the 21st century.)

      After some brief throat-clearing, Adele quickly got to the point of her acceptance speech:

      “I can’t possibly accept this award. I’m very humbled and very grateful and gracious, but honestly, my life is Beyonce.

      “The ‘Lemonade’ album, Beyonce, was so monumental, so monumental, and so well thought out, and so beautiful and soul-bearing. And we all got to see another side of you that you don’t always let us see, and we appreciate that. And all us artists here, we f-ing adore you. You are our light.

      “And the way that you make me and my friends feel, the way you make my black friends feel, is empowering, and you make them stand up for themselves. And I love you. I always have. And I always will.”

      (Sorry for such a long quote; I figured you wouldn’t believe me otherwise.)

      But Adele’s performance was still not the most mortifying example of a white person using a personal triumph to affix himself to a black person.

      That honor goes to Novak Djokovic, who, upon winning his fourth U.S. Open title, incomprehensibly turned it into a tribute to Kobe Bryant, a professional athlete in a different sport, from a different country, who’d died three years earlier.

      In anticipation of his shining moment in the sun, Djokovic had even made a T-shirt, with his and Bryant’s faces surrounded by the words, “MAMBA FOREVER.” It would have been weird if he’d done this with his coach’s face, his father’s face, his wife’s face (all who also had something to do with his success). Bryant was an American basketball player with the Los Angeles Lakers, having nothing to do with professional tennis.

      That wasn’t the end of the sartorial tribute. Djokovic also donned jacket with a “24” patch, which — as he explained to the audience — was Bryant’s number with the Los Angeles Lakers.

      Naturally, the bulk of Djokovic’s victory speech was about his black friend — a “close friend,” with whom he “chatted a lot.” Congratulations, Novak! You had a black friend. And now that he’s gone, there’s only the memory of having once had a black friend.

      The whole production was so absurd, it seemed like a Borat sketch of a vulgar foreigner who’d never met a black person.

      Probably kicking himself for not having thought of mocking up T-shirts of himself and a black friend, actor Tom Hiddleston instead used his acceptance speech at the 2017 Golden Globes for Best Performance by an Actor in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television to drone on about … Sudan.

      In case you were wondering, the TV series for which he’d won, “The Night Manager,” was not about Sudan. It was a spy caper based on a John le Carre novel. But Hiddleston thought it was important for everyone to know that he’d recently visited Sudan with the United Nations Children’s Fund.

      He told the audience that in Sudan, there was a “terrible situation happening for children.” But on the bright side, the people there loved “The Night Manager”! This he found deeply gratifying: “The idea that we could provide some entertainment and relief to people … who are fixing the world. I dedicate this to those out there who are doing their best.”

      The dedication didn’t involve actually giving anyone anything, mind you. It was more in the way of a verbal acknowledgment because he’s such a great guy.

      At the 2022 Critics Choice Awards, Best Director winner Jane Campion — translucently white — spent much of her speech praising random black people in the audience, such as Will Smith, Venus Williams and Serena Williams. They weren’t even “close friend[s]” who “chatted a lot,” like Djokovic and his black friend.

      Thinking she was really connecting with black people, Campion said, “Venus and Serena, you’re such marvels,” adding, “however, you don’t play against the guys, like I have to.”

      Recriminations and heartfelt apologies followed.

      In one of the earliest “I love black people” exhibitions, Adrien Brody skipped subtlety at the 2003 Academy Awards. After winning Best Actor for his performance in “The Pianist,” he grabbed the black presenter, Halle Berry, and passionately kissed her in a smooch that went on so long that by the time he was finished, the “get off the stage” lights were blinking.

      Berry later said the only thing going through her mind during the cringe-inducing kiss was, “What the f**k is happening right now?”

      What was happening was this: A white actor was making damn sure everyone knew how much he liked black people.

Originally found on Ann Coulter’s Substack. Unsafe    


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When did ‘thug’ become a specifically ‘racist’ slur?

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Recently, one of our Moderators — one of the nicest, if longwinded, people you will ever meet — was banned from a Disqus house channel for using the word “thug.” The moderator, Kandy and Iodine Tabs stated it was racist to “people of color.” Oh. Really?

‘Thug’ is an oft-used derogatory term, and it turns out the Thuggees of India were actually pretty horrible people.

The word “thug” has been in the American lexicon for a long time, but the origins of the word date well past even the founding of the United States. “Thug” finds its roots in the Hindi word “thag,” which translates into “thief,” and the Sanskrit word “sthagati”, which means “to conceal.”

The first reference to thugs dates back to the writings of Ziau-d din Barni, a Muslim political thinker and writer, in 1356.

The original thugs were members of the Thuggee tribe, a professional class of organized criminals who swindled, robbed, and murdered travelers across the Indian subcontinent from as early as the 14th century. Tracing their origins back to seven Muslim tribes, both Muslim and later Hindu members worshipped Mother Kali, the goddess of destruction.

The Thuggees would join caravans as fellow travelers, gaining their trust until they reached a remote place where it would be safe to attack.

At times, different members would secretly join at different legs throughout the journey, pretending not to know each other, until the Thuggees outnumbered the caravan’s travelers. They would then rob and murder the caravan members. The typical method of murder was strangulation, usually with nooses, leading the British soldiers to nickname them “phansigars” or “noose-operators.”

Once the travelers were dead, the Thuggee members would then dispose of the bodies before stealing the caravan’s belongings and escaping. Various historical estimates place the number of their victims somewhere between 50,000 to 2 million people over the years.

It was largely a hereditary profession with membership being passed down from fathers to sons. However, in some cases, the Thuggees spared the lives of young caravan members, instead adopting them and grooming them to become a part of the Thuggee class, and it was not unheard of that an outsider could befriend and then be recruited by members of the Thuggee tribe.

It wasn’t until the 1830s when the British governor-general of India, Lord William Bentinck, and Captain William Sleeman – British soldier and civil servant – worked to eradicate the Thuggee threat in India.

Relying on captured informants, they were able to try, convict, and sentence around 2,000 Thuggee members. Despite British claims that the Thuggee criminals had been all but erased from India by the 1870s, they remained pervasive in the cultural conscience of the British. English and later American writers in the 19th century continued to write about the Thuggee class and were responsible for introducing the word “thug” to the wider English speaking population.

While the word has morphed over time, adopting different nuances and cultural significance, the original conception of a thug as someone who operates outside the law has changed little in the last few hundred years.

Link here

The first printed reference to a “thug” appeared in Ziau-d din Barni’s History of Fīrūz Shāh, which was written in about 1356. However, the Thuggees as a group weren’t “discovered” by the British or even widely discussed until the 1830s. That’s when the British governor-general of India, Lord William Bentinck, and Capt. William Sleeman made a concerted effort to eradicate the thuggees from India.

Nearly 4,000 thugs were discovered and, of those, about 2,000 were convicted; the remaining were either sentenced to death or transported within the next six years. Sleeman then declared the thuggee to be completely eradicated.

This is a graphic that comes up when you look for “thug.” Is he white or POC?

Mark Twain wrote extensively about the thuggees in two chapters of his classic 1897 travelogue, Following the Equator. As critic Gladys Carmen Bellamy notes, Twain “found India a strange and sinister land,” and these feelings are quite clear in his descriptions of Thuggees. Twain devotes page after page of the book to describing exactly how the Thugs killed their victims; one chapter is titled “Eradication of Thuggee.”

Twain also draws a parallel between India’s Thugs and Westerners in this passage:

“The joy of killing! The joy of seeing killing done — these are the traits of the human race at large. We White people are merely modified Thugs; Thugs fretting under the restraints of a not very thick skin of civilization; Thugs who not long ago enjoyed the slaughter of the Roman arena …”

Gee, I guess Mark Twain was wrong, at least according to this Discus house channel moderator.

A thug is a  thug, no matter how much melanin s/he has.  It is someone operating outside the law. To claim that the term is inherently discriminatory against “People of Color” seems absurd and is itself racist.

How many blacks proudly use the term themselves? But if a white person uses it to describe ANY person, it’s racist?

Here in the United States, the word thug has long been a staple in rap lyrics. According to the invaluable site Rap Genius, “thug” appears in either the name of the artist or in the lyrics of over 4,800 songs. And Tupac Shakur famously had “Thug Life” tattooed across his abdomen.

Not everyone is happy with the prevalence of thug culture in hip-hop. As Tricia Rose writes in her book The Hip Hop Wars: What We Talk About When We Talk About Hip Hop and Why It Matters: “The thug both represents a product of discriminatory conditions and embodies behaviors that injure the very communities from which it comes.”

In the publishing world, “thug lit” refers to a genre of fiction that is trying to break into the mainstream. Best-selling author Wahida Clark’s website calls her the “Queen of Street Literature.” Clark is signed to Cash Money Content, a Simon and Schuster imprint that’s operated by the Cash Money record label, which is home to rappers Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne and Drake.

I guess Kandy has been into the thug life a little too much.

So if a white person uses it, it’s “cultural appropriation” and “racist.”

And on the subject of racism, African-descent people are racist against fellow ‘blacks’ depending on how dark their respective skin color is. Talk about the pot & kettle… This last meme says it all, Kandy.


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BLM Chicago Tweets Support for Hamas Terrorists Part 2.

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BLM Chicago Tweets Support for Hamas Terrorists Part 2.

The other day BLM posted one crazy tweet, then they deleted it. Well they came back with a vengeance.

Black Lives Matter Group Deletes Tweet Showing Support for Hamas (


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How funny is this? The same folks who called MLK an Oreo ( White Progressives ) are celebrating the March on Washington.

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How funny is this? The same folks who called MLK an Oreo           (White Progressives ) are celebrating the March on Washington. Yes back in the day the Liberal whites were attacking folks like MLK, Jackie Robinson, and Rosa Parks.

Their hero was AND STILL IS Malcolm X. Now pretending that they changed, MLK is their new flavor. Biden and Harris to meet with Martin Luther King Jr.’s family for March on Washington anniversary (



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Dem-Backed Bill Would Force Judges to Consider Race in Sentencing

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Dem-Backed Bill Would Force Judges to Consider Race in Sentencing

California lawmakers consider a bill that would require judges to consider a person’s race when deciding how long to sentence them to prison.

The bill, which was introduced in February by Democratic Assembly taxpaying citMember Reggie Jones-Sawyer, was approved by the state Assembly in May and is currently being debated in the state Senate, according to Fox News.

If the Dems didn’t have double standards, they would have none at all.

Assembly Bill 852 would add a section to the California Penal Code requiring courts, when they have the power to decide a prison sentence, to take into account how racial minorities have been affected differently than others in order to “rectify racial bias.”

“It is the intent of the Legislature to rectify the racial bias that has historically permeated our criminal justice system as documented by the California Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans,” the proposed section reads.

“Whenever the court has discretion to determine the appropriate sentence according to relevant statutes and the sentencing rules of the Judicial Council, the court presiding over a criminal matter shall consider the disparate impact on historically disenfranchised and system-impacted populations.”

The task force, which was created from legislation signed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020, published its recommendations in June, Fox News reported. The state legislature will debate whether to implement them.

Jones-Sawyer is a member of the reparations task force, according to NBC News.

Eligible black California residents could receive more than $115,000, or roughly $2,352 per year of residency from 1971 to 2020, in compensation for excessive policing and felony drug arrests, as well as disproportionate incarceration during the alleged war on drugs, Fox News reported.

Jones-Sawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Wow. Give criminals money for being caught. What a novel concept!

Isn’t giving someone preferential treatment because of their skin color RACIST????

Answer: YES! (Unless the parties enjoying the preference are non-White, of course.)


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Winning. NFL Star’s Charity Golf Tournament Gets Great News After Event Initially Canceled at Trump Resort.

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Winning. NFL Star’s Charity Golf Tournament Gets Great News After Event Initially Canceled at Trump Resort.

Yes my friends the far left had put pressure on the original sponsor cause this event was at a Trump golf course.

Buffalo Bills All-Pro safety Jordan Poyer announced Friday that his charity golf tournament, which he had been forced to cancel because having the event at Trump National in Doral, Florida, made some folks squeamish, is back on.

The event, which tees off July 10, is now sponsored by PublicSq, according to the New York Post. It will remain at the course owned by former President Donald Trump.

“The great news is that the tournament is going to happen,” Poyer said, according to Fox News.

“We had the most amount of tremendous support around the country. We had a sponsor — PublicSq — based right out here in Florida … they’re going to sponsor the entire tournament. And the tournament is actually happening July 10 at the same exact place,” he said.

“We are grateful to announce that PublicSq will be our presenting sponsor for this year’s edition. We also want to highlight the outpouring of support that we have received from professional athletes, the general public, businesses and charitable organizations across the country. In the next couple of days, we will announce our athlete and celebrity lineup.” Avalon Sports, which represents Poyer, said in a statement.


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Why are white progressives so afraid of merit?

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Why are white progressives so afraid of merit? You would have thought that after they lost the Civil War, white progressives would have accepted their black brothers and sisters as equals.

But after 150 plus years the progressives still are acting as if blacks are their personal property. At least with this weeks Supreme Court ruling, it will be much harder for schools to pack their enrollment with students that are at the eight grade level in many basic subjects.

Next stop? Hopefully the workplace.


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Nike suspends Irving but won’t suspend NBA coaches and players who promote hate and China.

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Nike suspends Irving but won’t suspend NBA coaches and players who promote hate and China. Irving made some comments on a bllk labeled as racist. But look at the comments and you be the judge. My issue is that when folks like LeBron and Nash make hate and racist comments, no suspension. Why? And the embracing of China by these folks Irving’s comments below.

“I am an OMNIST and I meant no disrespect to anyone’s religious beliefs. The “Anti-Semitic” label that is being pushed on me is not justified and does not reflect the reality or truth I live in every day. I embrace and want to learn from all walks of life and religions,” Irving wrote.

“History is not supposed to be hidden from anybody, and I’m not a divisive person when it comes to religion. I embrace all walks of life. You see it on all my platforms. I talk to all races, all cultures, all religions. And my response would be, it’s not about educating yourself on what Semitism is or what anti-Semitism is. It’s really about where the root words, where these come from and understanding that this is an African heritage that is also belonging to the people,” Irving said during the press conference on Thursday.

“I’m not comparing Jews to Blacks. I’m not comparing White to Black; I’m not doing that. That conversation is dismissive, and it constantly revolves around the rhetoric of who are the chosen people of God. And I’m not here to argue over a person, or culture, or religion on what they believe. Nah, This is what is here. It’s on a public platform. Did I do anything illegal?”

“So, I’m not going to stand down on anything that I believe in. I’m only going to get stronger because I’m not alone. I have a whole army around me.”

On Thursday, the Brooklyn Nets announced that Kyrie Irving will serve a suspension without pay over his failure to disavow antisemitism(?)

The Nets added that he is currently unfit to be associated with the team.




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