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Get over it. Caitlin Clark is the real deal.

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Get over it. Caitlin Clark is the real deal.

Clark is a female version of Steph Curry and Pete Maravich. And if she was a male, she would be better than both. She’s that good. Sadly she’s playing in a league of women basketball players who are built like NFL linebackers and many resent her talent. Oh did I mention she’s white and straight?

WNBA legend Lisa Leslie was pretty sure that Caitlin Clark was going to make the U.S. women’s national basketball team for the 2024 Olympics back in April.

“She better be on the Olympic team,” Leslie told ESPN at the time. “We should not leave the country without her. She’s a bona fide baller. There’s no doubt she’s already one of the best players in the world.”



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How could this be? Curry is one of those fanatics who has issues with Pro Life folks. His mom claims divine intervention caused her to not abort him.

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So Mr. Curry’s mom after having one abortion, turned it around and had three children, one being Basketball great Stephen Curry. thanks to the folks at Breitbart for the quote below.

“So God is just bringing it all together and showing me to be able to say, ‘Hey, here’s this decision I made at this point, and look at the blessing that he has become,’ and I just thank God for that and I just say to God that it was meant to be,” Curry concluded. “And, to not carry judgment. You don’t have to carry a lot of judgment forever. Give ourselves some grace in making the decision with what we had to make the decision with when we made it. But, my favorite scripture says that all things get worked together for the good, and those called according to His purposes and praise Jesus. It all worked out. There’s Stephen, and look what he’s doing, and it’s just amazing to me.”


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Michele Tafoya’s NBC role changing after Kaepernick remarks on ‘The View’: report

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FOX article can be found here.

Michele Tafoya will no longer be the sideline reporter for NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” after this season, according to a report.

NBC’s coverage of the upcoming Super Bowl in February is expected to be her final appearance on the sideline for the network, the New York Post reported. Her role afterward remained unclear.

The apparent decision comes several weeks after Tafoya was criticized for making comments about former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick during an appearance on ABC’s “The View.”

Tafoya returned to NBC for a few games after “The View,” but has been missing from NBC’s NFL coverage since Thanksgiving Night’s game between the Buffalo Bills and New Orleans Saints.


Her absence was described by NBC as “bye weeks” as speculation swirled that something might be amiss in the relationship between Tafoya and the network, the Post reported.

‘The View’ clash over Colin Kaepernick and his NFL slavery comparison: ‘Nobody forces these guys to play’

Sports analyst Bill Simmons drew attention to Tafoya’s prolonged absence earlier this week on his podcast.

“She was in the conservative seat,” Simmons said about Tafoya’s “View” appearance, “Then a couple weeks later, all of a sudden, just on a bye [from NBC]. Taking a break.”

Tafoya, 56, a native of California, has been with NBC for about a decade after previous stints with CBS and ABC/ESPN. She is the winner of five Emmy Awards for her sports reporting.

Side note Opinion.

Kaepernick if white, would have been out of the NFL years earlier. No one would sign him because of diminishing talent, not political views. Eric Reid who had similar views as Kaepernick played up to last year. So goes the Colin theory of white owners against the black man.



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Blaney avoids last-lap wreck to win regular season finale at Daytona.

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I don’t normally follow NASCAR but Ryan Blaney is a local boy who has done good and the family listened to President Trump and didn’t sell their house.

Blaney avoids last-lap wreck to win regular season finale at Daytona.

Blaney, the winner in Michigan last week, heads into next week’s playoff opener at Darlington Raceway with three victories this season in his Team Penske Ford.

“Yeah, we’ve got good momentum,” Blaney said. “We’d like to make it three in a row, we’ll see.”

On Saturday night, the rising NASCAR star avoided two late multi-car wrecks during the Coke Zero Sugar 400 to capture the final race of the regular season — and the 27-year-old’s second consecutive Cup Series victory.



Sweet. New York State Gives Bills Permission to Host Limited Number of Fans for Wild Card Playoff

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Sweet. New York State Gives Bills Permission to Host Limited Number of Fans for Wild Card Playoff. 

Buffalo has always had a special place in my heart. My parents settled in Lackawanna a suburb. Also the Bills were my favorite AFL team. And finally at the age of 54 I was at the Bills training facility in Orchard Park. I took three snaps at Quarterback. You won’t find that in the record books.

The State of New York has given the OK for the Buffalo Bills to allow a limited number of fans to attend their upcoming playoff game.

State health officials will allow the team to host 6,772 fans for their playoff game scheduled for either Jan 9 or 10, according to the team’s press release.

Even with strict limits in place, the decision is a notable reversal for New York, which has enforced strict bans on gatherings in large spaces, even outdoors, and gone after those who try to flout the rules. The move prompted backlash among health experts and a range of state and local officials, who expressed concern about limited supplies of rapid testing kits and the general wisdom of backtracking for an NFL game.


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