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Get over it. Caitlin Clark is the real deal.

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Get over it. Caitlin Clark is the real deal.

Clark is a female version of Steph Curry and Pete Maravich. And if she was a male, she would be better than both. She’s that good. Sadly she’s playing in a league of women basketball players who are built like NFL linebackers and many resent her talent. Oh did I mention she’s white and straight?

WNBA legend Lisa Leslie was pretty sure that Caitlin Clark was going to make the U.S. women’s national basketball team for the 2024 Olympics back in April.

“She better be on the Olympic team,” Leslie told ESPN at the time. “We should not leave the country without her. She’s a bona fide baller. There’s no doubt she’s already one of the best players in the world.”





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