Satire. No more gift cards for the bad Chicano’s. Shake down didn’t work

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Yes this is satire. No names were used so we could protect those who committed the crimes.

You may have heard the story about the undocumented and the ambulance chasers. A governor takes 50 undocumented out of the camps to nowhere that Joey boy set up. Sends them off to what would be a dream come true. A trip to see how the other side lived.

They signed off ( more on that later ) and they loaded up and headed off to Martha’s Vineyards. Well when the rich progressives ( white as white can be ) found out they weren’t the house staff they ordered, panic set in.

The ambulance chasers showed up and Shazam. Shades of the old countries policies set in. But instead of being jailed, they sued. Now forget the fact that papers were signed ( English or Spanish ) rights were violated. Rumor has it the ambulance chasers offered not one, but two  McDonald’s gift cards. Life doesn’t get better than that.


Breaking. 108 year old black man to testify at a special to do about nothing January 6th hearing.

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We just got news that a 108 year old man had testimony so damaging to President Trump, that another special hearing is going to take place tomorrow. Our top reporter was told that this man saw Donald Trump leaving the grassy knoll back in 1963. If true Trump shot JFK.

More damaging was what Trump said to the man as he was leaving. Trump said this to the gentleman.” This isn’t nothing. In 2020 I’m going to plan an insurrection that will keep me in the White House till 2024.”

Of course you figured out that this is satire. But from the stuff coming out of these hearings, nothing would surprise me.

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