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Don’t declare abortion a national emergency, declare it Infanticide.

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Don’t declare abortion a national emergency, declare it Infanticide. Some Progressives want to declare Abortion a national emergency. That way mothers to be wont. It would allow all 50 states to open the door for mass murder of children. And in the black community you would see PP racking the Benjamins left and right.

If the Congress would instead pass a bill that would declare abortion Infanticide and put penalties on both the mother, doctor, clinic, and hospital, then and only then would we see abortions slowly go away.

The bill may only pass the House at this time, but if in the future the Republicans were to retake the Senate and White House, it would put those who wish to kill children on notice.

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Over 200 House Democrats voted to kill a baby if it survives an abortion.

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Over 200 House Democrats voted to kill a baby if it survives an abortion. You had one Democrat say it would be gross to save the baby.

The Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which passed by a vote of 220-210, says any infant born alive after an attempted abortion is a “legal person for all purposes under the laws of the United States.” Doctors would be required to care for those infants as a “reasonably diligent and conscientious health care practitioner would render to any other child born alive.”

Doctors would also be required to admit those infants to a hospital for further care. Violation of the standard would result in fines and imprisonment of up to five years, or both.

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How could this be? Curry is one of those fanatics who has issues with Pro Life folks. His mom claims divine intervention caused her to not abort him.

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So Mr. Curry’s mom after having one abortion, turned it around and had three children, one being Basketball great Stephen Curry. thanks to the folks at Breitbart for the quote below.

“So God is just bringing it all together and showing me to be able to say, ‘Hey, here’s this decision I made at this point, and look at the blessing that he has become,’ and I just thank God for that and I just say to God that it was meant to be,” Curry concluded. “And, to not carry judgment. You don’t have to carry a lot of judgment forever. Give ourselves some grace in making the decision with what we had to make the decision with when we made it. But, my favorite scripture says that all things get worked together for the good, and those called according to His purposes and praise Jesus. It all worked out. There’s Stephen, and look what he’s doing, and it’s just amazing to me.”

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Progressives want you to think that an Abortion is a sweet thing. Please read this. Just the facts.

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The left wants you to think that an abortion is just a in and out five minute procedure. Boogie out and dance to some Smokey Robinson tune.

See what you think after reading this.

National Public Radio’s (NPR) airing of a woman getting an abortion has sparked outrage amongst pro-life activists, while some say the audio may have the opposite effect than intended.

The graphic audio of the suction abortion on an 11-week-old unborn child was aired Thursday by the taxpayer-funded radio outlet by reporter Katie Wells. During the clip, a woman can be heard crying and moaning during the procedure, saying at one point, “I can’t,” before one of the workers says, “Yes, you can,” according to Wells.

While the audio angered and saddened pro-life activists on social media, others pointed out that the audio shows the public the “gruesome reality” of an abortion procedure.

“It is horrifying and inappropriate for a taxpayer funded outlet to air the excruciating moments for child and mother of an abortion,” Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America president Marjorie Dannenfelser told Fox News.

“It strikes me that by sharing the audio of a woman getting an abortion, NPR broke one of the foremost rules of abortion advocacy: Never admit or even hint at what happens in an abortion procedure,” tweeted Alexandra DeSanctis Marr of National Review. “The truth is far too awful to look at, particularly if you support abortion.”

“This is what Hell sounds like,” tweeted Lila Rose, President of Live Action.

“NPR thinks they’ve done the abortion industry a favor by highlighting the gruesome reality of undergoing an abortion. Instead, they’ve revealed exactly what the pro-life movement has always known: abortions hurt women and kill babies,” tweeted pro-life organization 40 Days for Life.



Breitbart News previously reported that NPR’s style guide urges its staff not to humanize abortion, which states, “a baby is not a baby until it is born.” The far-left outlet also uses the euphemism “aborting a pregnancy” instead of using “fetus” or “child.”

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All Senator Murray has to show for 30 years is supporting abortion. The Seattle Times, Starbucks and the Seattle Seahawks each, over the past few weeks, has objected to Smiley campaign ads that contain the companies’ corporate logos.

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The race in Washington state for US Senate has gotten real close. So now the MSM and other far left organizations have started to pile on the Republican candidate.

The Seattle Times, Starbucks and the Seattle Seahawks each, over the past few weeks, has objected to the Tiffany Smiley campaign ads that contain the companies’ corporate logos.

The Seattle Times is threatening Tiffany Smiley for using an image from their report on Starbucks closing its doors. This same leftist paper allowed Murray to use their logo and headlines for her 2016 campaign.


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Judge in Arizona again tells Planned Murder-Hood you can’t kill babies

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Planned Parenthood again tried to get a judge to allow them to resume their mass killing of babies. Again the judge said no.

An Arizona judge rejected a plea from Planned Parenthood on Friday to suspend a previous rule that halts all abortions in the state.

Last Friday, Pima County Superior Court Judge Kellie Johnson announced a decision to allow enforcement of a pre-statehood law that makes it a crime to perform an abortion. This Friday, she rejected the appeal to suspend that ruling.

In her decision, Johnson said abortion rights groups are not likely to prevail in appealing her initial decision so the abortion ban should remain enforceable.

How funny is this from Arizona PP.

Brittany Fonteno, Planned Parenthood of Arizona President and CEO, said she was “outraged” by the ruling.

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Shot for her beliefs? Woman Shot Handing Out Pro-Life Literature in Michigan

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Shot for her beliefs? Woman Shot Handing Out Pro-Life Literature in Michigan. For months now the left was saying how the pro life folks were coming after a woman’s right to kill her baby. Well who’s doing the shooting? Another case of Senior citizens being attacked.

We have this report from CNA.

An 84-year-old pro-life volunteer was shot on Sept. 20 while going door-to-door in her community to talk about a ballot measure concerning abortion in Michigan, the group she was volunteering with said.

The woman from Lake Odessa was speaking about Proposal 3, a proposed state constitutional amendment that would advance abortion, according to a Right to Life of Michigan (RLM) press release.

The press release said that the woman was shot in the back-shoulder area while leaving a residence during a heated conversation. The man who shot her was not involved in the conversation and the pro-life volunteer does not know his identity or motive.

Local news outlet WOOD TV8 reported police as saying that the pro-life volunteer was handing out pamphlets when she was shot, after getting into what police called an “alleged verbal altercation.”

The outlet noted that, after getting shot, the woman drove herself to the Lake Odessa Police Department. From there, she was taken to the hospital where she was treated and released.

The RLM press release said that the Michigan State Police are investigating the case, and will forward the results to the Ionia County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.



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