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One Law, One Page, Part 4. Pro Abortion Laws. No federal money for you.

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One Law, One Page, Part 4. Pro Abortion Laws. No federal money for you. If I was in Congress and could pass one law, this would be it. When you use federal money for Abortions or groups like Planned Parenthood, an equal amount would be deducted from you.

If a state or even a local community want to support abortions, use your own money. Federal funds should be used for supporting communities, not killing it’s members.

States like California who have Liberal Abortion laws now, aren’t happy with abortion up to 24 weeks. They now want to pass a ballot iniiative where abortion would be up to and including birth.



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California AG files lawsuit that babies must die.

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California AG files lawsuit that babies must die. Pro Abortionists have a pill that kills the baby without going through an abortion. Now the right to life groups have a pill they say reverses the process and saves the babies life.

The California AG will not stand for that so he filed a lawsuit to stop pro lifers from trying to save the children. He’s suing several organizations that provide information about that very abortion pill reversal process. And they are asking a California Superior Court to throw the case out.

Bonta has sued Heartbeat International and RealOptions Obria Medical Clinics over their advocacy for “Abortion Pill Reversal,” the medical intervention provided to women who decide to reverse their in-progress chemical abortions, ” according to officials with the Thomas More Society.

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New Hampshire Democrat says kill your baby, don’t even think about killing mine.

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New Hampshire Democrat says kill your baby, don’t even think about killing mine.  Rep. Amanda Toll, D-Keene brought her beautiful one week old daughter on the New Hams hire House floor.

She gave life to a beautiful baby girl. What’s puzzling is that she claimed that by having an abortion when she was a teenager gave her the strength to have this baby. Sorry but telling others to kill their baby so they can have one down the road is sick.

She cradled her week-old daughter while defending a proposed state constitutional amendment to enshrine abortion rights up to 24 weeks and allow the procedure beyond that when deemed medically necessary.


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Why are we surprised? It’s California. Test scores fall.

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Why are we surprised? It’s California. Test scores fall. I was always taught that you went to school to learn how to read and write. But one school in the San Francisco school system is teaching hate, racism, and bigotry. So, what about the basics?

Just 3.8% of students were proficient in math and 11.6% at grade-level in English for the 2022-23 school year — a decline of about 4.5 percentage points in each category from the previous year, according to data from the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress. In plain English, they got worse. One reason why.

Student achievement at a San Francsico-area elementary school fell dramatically following the establishment of a woke teaching policy through a $250,000 federal grant.

Two years into a three-year contract with Woke Kindergarten, a for-profit company that trains teachers to confront white supremacy, disrupt racism and oppression, and remove those barriers to learning, test scores in English and math at Glassbrook Elementary in Hayward, California, reached new lows, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday.

Tiger Craven-Neeley, a teacher at Glassbrook, told the Chronicle he supports discussing racism in the classroom but found the Woke Kindergarten training confusing and rigid. He said he was told a primary objective was to “disrupt whiteness” in the school — and that the sessions were “not a place to express white guilt.”

Craven-Neeley, who is white and a self-described “gay moderate,” said he questioned a trainer who used the phrasing “so-called United States,” as well as lessons available on the organization’s website offering “Lil’ Comrade Convos,” or positing a world without police, money, or landlords. He said he wasn’t trying to be difficult when he asked for clarification about disrupting whiteness.


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Americans Yawn at CDC Warnings About ‘Tripledemic’ — No Surprise There.

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The CDC’s most recent weekly vaccination update says that “receipt of the COVID-19 vaccine is low across all socio-demographic subgroups and has consistently varied by age, race and ethnicity, poverty status, health insurance status, and urbanicity.” As of December 2, fewer than 18% of adults reported getting the updated COVID-19 vaccine since Sept. 14, and about another 15% of adults said they would “definitely” get vaccinated.

RSV — respiratory syncytial virus infection — is another one of those bugs that poses its most serious risk to the 60-and-over crowd. Although a serious RSV infection might require hospitalization, the uptake rate among the eligible 60-plus cohort is just 16%.

Vaccinations for the ordinary flu are down a bit, too. “Adult vaccination rates for influenza reached their peak for the 2020-2021 cycle,” the Washington Examiner reported on Monday, “with 50.2% of those over 18 getting vaccinated. For the 2022-2023 season, however, only 46.9% of the same population obtained their shot.” Rates are expected to be about the same or lower for the 2023-2024 flu season.

The drop isn’t huge, but the trendline is clear: Americans don’t seem to be all that worried about the flu — and aren’t concerned at all about COVID or RSV.

That’s not for any lack of effort on the part of our public health system.

The CDC began its big vaccination push over two months ago with this tragically hip tweet from CDC director Mandy Cohen.

Fetch? Retch!

Whatever your opinion about the safety or efficacy of this or that vaccine, we can all agree that seeing a 44-year-old medical doctor/public health official try to be hip is painfully cringeworthy. Besides, as any “Mean Girls” fan could tell you, “Stop trying to make ‘fetch’ happen! It’s not going to happen!”

Chicago health officials took a more traditional (and much less wince-inducing) approach on Monday, with Dr. Colleen Nash, associate professor of pediatrics in the division of infectious diseases at Rush University Medical Center, warning, “We’ve now been lucky enough to kind of live with COVID but still enjoy normal life and activities and things. And that is directly attributable, at least in part, to vaccinations. So I would really encourage people to do that if they haven’t already.”

While reports show that Illinois’ hospitalization rate for COVID is “ticking up,” the actual numbers aren’t anything like 2020, with an additional 1,251 COVID hospital admissions this week statewide. And yet, according to the Chicago Tribune, only about 11% of city residents are fully current on their COVID-19 vaccinations.

The CDC tried on Twitter/X again on Saturday, reminding readers, “‘Tis the season for joy and family. Now is the time to get vaccinated against COVID-19 and flu before you see your loved ones again.”

Visit to find vaccines near you.”

The ratio, as the kids like to say, is epic.

While the replies were all over the place in tone, this one reasonable-sounding tweet captured the general sentiment.

When vaccination rates are down even for the innocuous (and generally trusted) flu shot, it’s clear that the CDC no longer enjoys the clout it used to with the American public.

On a personal note, I’ve done everything a columnist can do to keep this piece 100% evenhanded. The only strong opinion expressed here was a joking one about Dr. Cohen’s use of “fetch” in her October 4 tweet.



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More proof that masks don’t work. Especially on children.

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More proof that masks don’t work. Especially on children. How many times do we have to show proof? I guess some folks will never believe and they will continue to follow the Faucci school of lies.

A new systematic review by Sandlund et al published in BMJ’s Archives of Diseases in Childhood shows that public health officials were wrong to mandate masks for children due to an absence of high quality evidence.

Here’s just a bit of that report.

Results We screened 597 studies and included 22 in the final analysis. There were no randomised controlled trials in children assessing the benefits of mask wearing to reduce SARS-CoV-2 infection or transmission. The six observational studies reporting an association between child masking and lower infection rate or antibody seropositivity had critical (n=5) or serious (n=1) risk of bias; all six were potentially confounded by important differences between masked and unmasked groups and two were shown to have non-significant results when reanalysed. Sixteen other observational studies found no association between mask wearing and infection or transmission.

Conclusions Real-world effectiveness of child mask mandates against SARS-CoV-2 transmission or infection has not been demonstrated with high-quality evidence. The current body of scientific data does not support masking children for protection against COVID-19.


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So what are your COVID vaccine side effects?

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So what are your COVID vaccine side effects? Of course if you didn’t get the jab, there was none. The most common side effects of a COVID vaccine are a sore arm and sometimes fever, chills, tiredness and headaches for a day or two, according to the CDC.

We all know that the main side effects are hospitalization, and sometimes death. The true numbers may never be released, but hopefully people will contimue to tell their story.

Tell us your story in the comments.


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WHO, CDC, FDA, and the NIH, You have no one to blame but yourself.

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WHO, CDC, FDA, and the NIH, You have no one to blame but yourself. Now as we enter what’s called the cold and flu season, the four organizations that have given us a renewal of the little chicken sky is falling.

Ever since 2020 these organizations have been all over the map with what to do or how to do things when it comes to COVID. Tony the Fauch was the ringleader in all of this.

Now we’re hearing about this new Chineese virus that again has the world in a panic Some say that the recent cases of this virus is what showed up in Ohio and Massachutes.

Of course China and the CDC are saying that it’s just a case of ‘white lung syndrome’. Now this virus is attacking mostly children. Anyone seeing another lockdown?


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Covid-23 is HERE. “White Lung Syndrome” encountered in 150+ kids in Ohio and Mass*.

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*Ohio has reported 142 cases in one county alone. Massachusetts hasn’t quantified them officially, but one doctor reported it as “a whole lot” of cases.

Experts say a mixture of several seasonal bacterial and viral bugs are hitting at once, putting pressure on hospitals.

A mystery outbreak of pneumonia has hit several parts of China, and now Ohio is the first American location to report an outbreak of the illness, with an ‘extremely high’ number of children being hospitalized.

The strain of pneumonia, now dubbed ‘white lung syndrome,’ has spawned 142 pediatric cases in Warren County since August.

Warren County Health Department said that not only is the number of cases above average, but it also meets the Ohio Department of Health’s definition of an outbreak.

This highlights the two locations where rises in pneumonia cases in children have been reported in the US so far. They are Warren County, Ohio, and East Longmeadow, in Massachusetts

Meanwhile, in western Massachusetts, physicians are seeing ‘a whole lot’ of walking pneumonia, a milder form of the lung condition, which is caused by a mixture of bacterial and viral infections.

Neither outbreak is being caused by a novel pathogen and not all of the pneumonia cases are being caused by the same infection. Experts say a mixture of several seasonal bacterial and viral bugs are hitting at once, putting pressure on hospitals.

It has raised fears that the outbreak that has overwhelmed hospitals China could hit the US this winter. Several European countries are battling similar crises.

SIDE NOTE: A recent ruling by a New York state appeals court effectively upheld the right of state officials to arbitrarily seize and detain pretty much any person they deem necessary.

And, of course, it’s in the name of public safety.

Outrage: Court Ruling Allows State to Seize Citizens for Indefinite Quarantine and Isolation – Due Process No More?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that nationally, cases are not out of the ordinary, but the spread of cases has raised fears that an outbreak can overwhelm American hospitals.

Dr Amesh Adalja, an infectious disease expert from Johns Hopkins University in Maryland, said: ‘I would caution against extrapolating one Ohio county to a country of 330million people.’

But he would not be entirely surprised if ‘some places in the US are above baseline’ this year, as it appears several bacterial and viral infections are rebounding post-Covid.

Officials in Ohio say that an investigation is ‘ongoing,’ but the illness does not look like a new disease, but rather several common infections hitting all at once.

Does anyone else find this suspicious? — TPR

According to the news outlet, so far, patients have tested positive for mycoplasma pneumonia, a bacterial lung infection that is mostly resistant to antibiotics, strep, and normally benign infection, adenovirus.

The ages of the patients range from 8 to 3, and there are several theories as to why children are more susceptible to the illness. Some suggest it is caused by lockdowns that have weakened the immune system or mask-wearing and school closures leaving children vulnerable during seasonal illnesses.

It is reported that bacterial respiratory infections usually flare up every few years, normally as people recover from waves of flu or other viral illnesses.

The Warren County Health District officials said that they believe the pneumonia cases are a large uptick of cases normally seen at one time rather than a new respiratory disease.

Officials also want to remind the public to take necessary precautions to protect their health, as many of us will be gathering with friends and family during the holiday season.

Doctors say the most common symptoms are fever, cough, and fatigue. Hand washing, covering your mouth when you cough, and staying up-to-date on vaccines will help decrease your chance of illness.

According to the news report, the county was first alerted to the increase in illnesses after schools were recording more children off sick than normal.

Ohio is not the only area outside of China to report an outbreak. The Netherlands and Denmark are also reported to have mysterious spikes in ‘walking pneumonia’ cases, most common in younger children.

The above image pictures the lungs during ‘white lung syndrome’ or acute respiratory distress syndrome, which is diagnosed via the white spots or opaque areas appearing in the lungs. The above patient was a 57-year-old man in 2014

It is unclear if any deaths have resulted from the illness and officials have not responded to requests for more information.

In Massachusetts, doctors say the main issue is RSV, a respiratory virus that kills more than 10,000 Americans each year, mostly young children and the elderly.

Dr Adalja believes the pneumonia outbreaks cropping up around the world could be due to the ‘cyclical’ nature of mycoplasma.

Mycoplasma goes through epidemic cycles every few years and that may be what’s occurring globally at the moment.’

He said China may be getting hit by a double-whammy of viral and bacterial infections. China is entering its first winter without pandemic restrictions and is reporting surges in Covid, flu, and RSV as well as mycoplasma.

The US, Canada and Europe — where Covid restrictions were lifted earlier — were hit by massive upswings in those viruses last year.

‘So what’s happening in China makes sense’, Dr Adalja said, adding: ‘Last year we were dominated by so much Covid, flu and RSV when we opened up.’

He said he thinks this year’s winter outbreak will be ‘less severe’ that last year’s, when thousands of children were hospitalized with RSV and flu.

If this is true, why didn’t we hear more about it last year? — TPR

But Dr Adalja admitted that lockdowns have contributed to the emerging global phenomenon.

“When children are born they haven’t experienced any infectious diseases so more of them you have in population so lower threshold for outbreak to start.

“That group of children born provide new people for illnesses. The pandemic allowed the number of these susceptible people to build up over the years.”

Mycoplasma pneumonia normally causes a mild flu-like illness, sometimes called ‘walking pneumonia’. Cases are most common in younger children.

Some antibiotics, such as penicillin, have no effect.

Strep also normally causes a mild illness and tends to leave patients with sore throats. It’s more common among those aged five to 15 years old.

And adenovirus, which has also been detected in patients in Ohio, causes symptoms similar to the common cold.

Dr Scott Roberts, an infectious diseases expert at Yale School of Medicine, Connecticut, said the uptick in cases was likely still being driven by weakened immunity in children.

“This is probably a recurrence of known pathogens that are hitting us a bit harder because of low immunity to them.”

He suggested children’s immune systems could still be suffering from the effects of Covid restrictions which blocked their exposure to ‘good germs’ for building immunity. He also pointed out that immunity wanes over time.

It comes after the Netherlands and Denmark also said they were recording mysterious spikes in pneumonia cases, many of which are being attributed in part to mycoplasma.

China has been recording a surge in childhood cases of pneumonia since May which only came to light LAST MONTH.

Naw, there’s nothing suspicious about this new outbreak, is there? — TPR


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Proof that Progressives aren’t prochoice. The State of California Attacks a Woman’s Right to Choose Life

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Proof that Progressives aren’t prochoice. The State of California Attacks a Woman’s Right to Choose Life. I’ve always said that the left is supported of killing babies as long as it isn’t their or their family member.

The comeback has always been that being prochoice means that they at times will choose life. Not in California it isn’t. What these folks are doing is sickening. We have this from  Heartbeat International.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta’s lawsuit against Heartbeat International is not just a legal skirmish; it’s a clash of ideologies that threatens the very fabric of our values. the story of Kayla and Serenity.

In May 2020,  Kayla initiated a chemical abortion, only to be haunted by a moment of hesitation — a “still small voice.” That voice, barely audible, guided her to reconsider.

Fueled by determination, Kayla turned to Heartbeat International’s Abortion Pill Reversal website, connecting her with compassionate healthcare professionals who guided her through the reversal protocol, which ultimately saved her daughter Serenity’s life.

The AG’S lawsuit seeks to halt the use of the lifesaving procedure used to save the baby’s life.


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