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Winning. Only 14% of Americans get the latest jab.

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Winning. Only 14% of Americans get the latest jab. If you want or did get the latest jab, that’s fine. But don’t come crying when you get side effects, hospitalization, and of course death (of course it’s too late then).

The loons over at VOX call it a miracle drug. But what they and the CDC leave out is that since the so called miracle drugs arrived, more Vaccinated folks are getting COVID, Hospitalized, and dying.




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Todays Funnies.

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Everyone is welcome to post their favorite carton gif or meme.

This one is so on target, I have to put it in here (again).

So, for me – This Babylon Bee piece on inflation below is still on target.

”Have a favorite?


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Who will they come for next? Progressives goal to wipe out diversity and social disagreement.

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Who will they come for next? Progressives goal to wipe out diversity and social disagreement. Have you noticed that those who claim that diversity is their goal want only those who think like they do?

The target since the Obama age was only single white males, then females, and white married couples were added. Children were the last that were added to the list. And maybe they will achieve their goal when they import the new China virus.

Ann Coulter did a take on a famous poem I’m sure you will recognize. Whites are still the main target, but only the beginning.

First they came for working class whites and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a working class white.

Then they came for white police officers and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a white police officer.

Then they came for white women who call the police, and I did not speak out-
Because I was not a white women who calls the police.

Then they came for the white college applicants, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a white college applicant.

Then they came for statues of white male American heroes and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a white male American hero.

Then they came for whites applying for jobs with the S&P 100 and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a white applying for a job with the S&P 100.

And so on.


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Media Matters and the Fake News Era Go to Court.

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Media Matters and the Fake News Era Go to Court.


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Young Voters Flee Biden. Who Turns 81 Today.

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Young Voters Flee Biden. Who Turns 81 Today. Happy Birthday Joe. My question is why they have voted for him in the first place?

The list of bad things that he and his administration have caused is so long. The Border, COVID, Crime increasing, Wars around the world, Weaponization of the courts, etc.

Among young voters (18-34 years old) — just 20% of whom view Biden favorably on Israel’s war on Hamas — Biden (42%) trails Trump (46%) by 4 points, which is outside the poll’s margin of error.

“This could be a massive sea change,” according to NBC News poll analyst Steve Kornacki, who noted Biden was plus-26 points on younger voters in 2020.

NBC News Poll: Biden’s standing hits new low amid Israel-Hamas war


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EV-Owning Journalist Dismayed:Huge Number of Chargers Unusable. Hmm…

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Imagine if 40 percent of the gas stations you went to had pumps that were dry or out of order. You’d think you’d taken a time-warp back to the gas crisis under President Carter.

Well, welcome to what it’s like owning an electric vehicle. And not somewhere in back-country Montana — but in super-green, super-techy Los Angeles.

According to a Wall Street Journal article published Wednesday, a test of 30 non-Tesla fast-charging stations in the EV capital of America — stations that had a combined total of more than 120 stalls — revealed at least 40 percent of them had some sort of issue.

“L.A. County has more public DC fast chargers than any other in the country, according to the Atlas Public Policy research group,” wrote columnist Joanna Stern, herself the owner of a Ford Mustang Mach-E EV.

“From the beach in Santa Monica to parking garages under Rodeo Drive, my video producer Adam Falk and I visited 30 different non-Tesla DC fast-charger stations in a Rivian R1T pickup. I ran into problems at 13 of them — that’s over 40%. Oof is right.”

Stern said that “[d]uring my testing expedition, I encountered three problem categories. I pressed the companies on why they happen, and what can be done to fix them. And while it’s good that Tesla will start accepting non-Teslas in 2024, that might not put an end to the issues I’ve encountered.”

(For the record, the experiment was deliberately limited to Level 3 chargers, a cut above the Level 2 chargers that are the norm at most public charging stations. “I ignored the more common chargers known as Level 2 because they’re just too slow for quick fill-ups,” Stern wrote.)

The first problem was simple: The charging station was broken, with “a sign, a dead screen or an error reading ‘Charger unavailable’ or ‘Out of service,’” Stern wrote.

She found that fully 27 percent of the 126 individual Level 3 fast chargers at the EVgo, Electrify America and EVCS stations surveyed weren’t working for one reason or another.

The problem in some cases could be solved simply by a company technician turning a troublesome unit off and on again, Stern wrote, though that’s not much of a help to a motorist who needs the charge immediately.

Electrify America’s vice president of operations, Anthony Lambkin, also said that issues with power generally could force the units out of service.

But the unit could also have a broken part or defective connector, Stern wrote, which requires replacement parts.

Stern wrote that part of the solution is replacing gear that is as new as five years old because EV charging tech is advancing.

Scrapping such new equipment seems like it adds to exactly the kind of waste environmentalists will tell you they’re trying to avoid — but nothing says that you care like owning an EV, no matter what the actual impact is!

The second issue had to do with payment — namely, it being rejected.

“My favorite stop? No. 18, an EVgo in Culver City,” Stern wrote.

“After I repeatedly tried the credit-card reader with several different cards, the system demanded: ‘CASH ONLY,’” she wrote. “As if this was some hot-dog stand in the park — except there’s no money slot!”

This affected nearly 10 percent of the stalls that were otherwise working. Both swipe read and chip read errors were reported.

“Why do these machines hate credit cards? Again, a few reasons. Karim Farhat, the chief commercial officer at EVCS, said the makers of the charging hardware and the credit-card reader machines are often different, so there can be integration problems,” Stern wrote.

Sara Rafalson, a senior vice president at EVgo, told Stern the problem could be chip readers mandated by the state.

“The newest standards require more dependable contactless card readers,” Stern wrote.

So, the solution? According to Stern, motorists should go contactless and use online payment systems like Apple Pay — although it’s worth noting that certain EV models can be registered with apps operated by EVgo and Electrify America and payment is handled automatically as soon as you plug in.

Surprise surprise, that’s exactly what the operators posited was the solution to this all.

The third issue? Handshakes.

No, we’re not talking about a sign of friendliness exchanged between two individuals, but rather a software error between the charger and the car.

“The charger and the car are both computers, and they use industry standards to communicate about how much power to transfer,” Stern wrote.

“The Combined Charging System (aka CCS) — the technology integrated in most fast-charging non-Tesla EVs including the Rivian — requires a quick handshake. If there’s a timeout before things align, you have to unplug and start over.”

Stern continued: “These stations from EVgo, Electrify America and EVCS tend to support CCS along with the Tesla charger, known as the North American Charging Standard (NACS), and occasional older standards as well. Meaning, unlike with Tesla’s own stations, there could be a dizzying number of combinations of car and charger.”

And, to make things worse, according to EVCS chief commercial officer Karim Farhat, a software update could be enough to throw the handshake balance off and make the car unchargable.

The solution to this? Getting the industry to agree on a standard. This might be problematic, considering that Tesla’s system seems to be viewed most positively by those who own the vehicles. At present, however, those systems only work with Teslas. When Tesla starts allowing models from Ford, GM and Rivian to start using its stations, some will be able to handle the vehicles’ charging system — but in other locations will require motorists to use an adapter between CCS and Tesla’s North American Charging Standard. That could cause a whole new set of headaches, as well.

Los Angeles isn’t the only place in California experiencing these kinds of problems with EV charging stations. A 2022 study by the University of California, Berkeley found that 22.7 of plugs studied in the Bay Area weren’t working properly and 4.9 percent had cords too short to reach their vehicles. (Tesla stations weren’t included here, either.)

And it’s bad enough elsewhere in the country that even on a tour to promote electric vehicles, the entourage of Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm couldn’t find places to charge at times.

It’s little wonder, then, that while EV adoption was a hot thing for the last few years, the trend has cooled. The Journal had previously reported that EV prices are being slashed as electric cars go unsold on lots they would have flown off of just a year or two ago.

California, meanwhile, wants to ban the sale of internal-combustion cars by 2035 — and, in its biggest city, 40 percent of the chargers aren’t working now.

I can see the new license plate slogan now. “California: Drive Like It’s the Future, Fill Up Like It’s 1979.” Not exactly the thing to make voters — even Golden State voters — go wild, is it? Well, unless lawmakers in Sacramento change course in a hurry, that could be exactly what drivers will face from San Diego to the Bay Area and beyond.

And don’t think the rest of America isn’t far behind — not if the Democrats have their way, anyhow.


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How the political establishment sponsor the protests they want, suppress the ones they don’t, and tread carefully when their clients go off-message.

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How the political establishment sponsor the protests they want, suppress the ones they don’t, and tread carefully when their clients go off-message.

A brief consideration of how the German state has treated climate, pandemic and pro-Palestinian demonstrators.


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Why every vote counts. Republican wins by 300 votes.

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Why every vote counts. Republican wins by 300 votes.

In a closely contested race, Bob Anderson emerged as the winner in the Loudoun County Commonwealth’s Attorney election. Incumbent Democrat ​Buta Biberaj was defeated by a narrow margin of 300 votes.

Anderson, a ​Republican, had previously served in the same office 20 years ago. The final vote counts were announced after a week of meticulous counting, with the last 300 ballots hand-counted on Tuesday afternoon under the supervision of elections officials, WJLA reported.

With 68,068 votes, Anderson claimed victory over Biberaj’s 67,768 votes. However, the results are still pending formal certification and finalization by the electoral board. Sixty percent of the mail-in ballots cast by election day went to Biberaj.

David Kaplan on X: “Just saw a few of the people who were counting ballots appear to have left for the day. We will have the VERY latest tonight at 4/5/6 on #Fox5DC” / X (


By razor-thin margin, Bob Anderson defeats Loudoun Co. Commonwealth’s Attorney Buta Biberaj – WTOP News


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Elementary School Scraps Veterans Day Assembly, Replaces It with UN-Sponsored ‘Day of Tolerance’

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The quickest way to teach what “peace” isn’t and “intolerance” is among conservatives is to minimize Veterans Day at our kids’ schools. That is what one elementary school in Washington State is finding out.

Benjamin Rush Elementary in Redmond decided to forgo the annual Veterans Day assembly, according to Jason Rantz of KTTH-AM in Seattle.

Instead, school officials thought they’d replace it with something more current and, by way of their actions, important.

They decided to hold a “peace assembly” on Nov. 15 to honor the “International Day of Tolerance” sponsored by the U.N. Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.

The school noted the new event in the school newsletter on Oct. 29 and Nov. 5.

No one knew what it was, however, or that it would be replacing the expected Veterans Day assembly.

It was an unwelcome change for the community. The patriotic songs sung by the choir as well as praise for the heroes who served weren’t going to be heard this year.

One very annoyed and not-so-tolerant father of a Benjamin Rush student refused to take the attack on the holiday and all veterans lying down. He contacted “The Jason Rantz Show” to rant about the injustice.

He expressed his disappointment but said he wasn’t surprised. Maintaining his anonymity for fear of reprisal, the father said that “the school administration has moved strongly away from pride in our traditions and American history.”

The harm of this decision spans well beyond the veterans and widespread participation in the event by the community. The students will be robbed of learning the importance of honoring history, tradition and the lives of those who fought on their behalf for both.

Veterans once got an assembly and respect here. Now that pride is being redirected to a U.N. holiday.

The U.N. General Assembly proclaimed Nov. 16 as the “International Day for Tolerance” in 1996 following UNESCO’s adoption of a “Declaration of Principles on Tolerance” a year earlier.

“Among other things, the Declaration affirms that tolerance is neither indulgence nor indifference,” the organization’s website says. “It is respect and appreciation of the rich variety of our world’s cultures, our forms of expression and ways of being human. Tolerance recognizes the universal human rights and fundamental freedoms of others. People are naturally diverse; only tolerance can ensure the survival of mixed communities in every region of the globe.”

What is really being taught in the school’s move speaks to the reason our nation is falling apart and will continue to do so. The school is replacing a real holiday pregnant with historical meaning and example with a mock holiday being forced down our throats, one that means nothing to any of us.

In this father’s own words, “We should be taking the time to show our children and our community that we have brave men and women who are willing to stand up and fight for our freedom and the peace that other places in the world can only dream of.”

According to KTTH, a district representative responded in defense of the elementary school, saying it will celebrate the U.N. holiday by having students watch videos and make cards that will be distributed to the Seattle VA Medical Center. The paltry justification fell flat on the father’s ears — and rightfully so.

It showed a lack of intelligence and ill-intention. Frankly, if school officials truly were all about honoring veterans and teaching peace, they could celebrate both holidays.

Ten other schools in the Washington Lakes district are celebrating Veterans Day. Benjamin Rush Elementary is not. Read between the lines, folks.

This school is making a name for itself and opening the door for the rest to follow suit. Its move is consistent with the agenda pushed by progressives, Democrats, and the radical left to remove history and tradition from children’s lives and replace it with fantasy, self-hatred, and hatred for everything American.

There is nothing embarrassing or hateful about being an American. We have much to be proud of despite our imperfect history. And hidden in that “imperfection” are lessons our children can learn from.

Honestly, “tolerance” in the United States has gone overboard. There is too much of it. This father sets a great example by putting his foot down.

We need more like him to do the same today. We need to stop redrawing history and playing pretend. And although I applaud his courage, we need to show our faces as we do. That’s how we save America and set an example for our children to follow.

Ultimately, removing Veterans Day isn’t the answer to national peace. Removing these kinds of woke decision-makers from their jobs and our schools is.



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WTF? Anne Frank kindergarten will be renamed ‘to be more diverse’

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A German nursery said it wanted a name ‘without a political background’ but it comes amid growing concern at the rise in anti-Semitism.

The alteration was seen as particularly biting in light of rising antisemitism in Germany.

News of the plan to alter the name drew criticism and escalated media attention on Tangerhütte, a small town in northern Germany where the center has operated under that name since the 1970s, for fifty years.

The alteration was seen as particularly biting, in light of rising antisemitism in Germany, and against the backdrop of the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, sparked by the terror group’s devastating October 7 atrocities in southern Israel.

The city of Tangerhutte issued a press release on Monday clarifying the decision to rename the daycare center which is currently named after Anne Frank, a German Jewish girl who had kept a diary while hiding in Amsterdam from Adolf Hitler and the Nazis. Officials said the topic had been brought up months prior to the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas.

After Frank’s death of Typhus at the age of 15 in a concentration camp in 1945, her father found her diary, and it was published.

“As early as July 2023, the daycare center and the board of trustees presented the new concept and the changes to the local council as the first responsible body in a daycare inspection,” the city wrote in its press release. “On this occasion, the topic of name changes also came up. These discussions are still ongoing without a decision being made at the moment.”

Linda Schichor, the daycare director reportedly explained that a more child-friendly name had been chosen as the story of Anne Frank is difficult to understand, and added that parents with a migrant background don’t relate to the name, according to n-tv.

Tangerhutte Mayor Andreas Brohm added city council had “received many constructive suggestions and proposals,” noting that they were “very grateful.”

City officials said several parents and employees from the daycare had brought up the idea of the name change, according to the outlet.

“We wanted something without political background,” Schichor said, the German media outlet Volksstimme first reported.

The renaming of the daycare was met with criticism. Sven Schulze, the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) in Germany wrote in a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, that the CDU members in the city council of Tangerhutte would “not agree” to renaming the daycare.



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