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Sex is binary. The XXY chromosome disorder appears in 1.72% of the MALE population –which makes it 0.86 of the total population. Your sex is binary.

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Let’s see if I’ve got this right. Males are accused of “Toxic Masculinity.” Of trying to control women via “the patriarchy.” And — whether white or not — enjoying their “White Privilege” to oppress others. But they should treat gold-digging, entitled little princesses like royalty and cater to their every whim.

Seriously, why would any self-respecting, sane woman want to “identify” as a man?

Oh, wait, that question answers itself.

Similarly, why would a self-respecting man want to “identify” as a woman? Is it because he’s a wimp who can’t succeed against other men?

It started when over-the-hill Bobby Riggs started challenging women tennis pros to best of 3 tennis matches. Billy Jean King, who was a bit over half his age at the time, shellacked the peacock 6-4, 6-3, 6-3.

Then we have “Renee” Richards (born Richard Raskind) who, after playing tennis for years, opted to mutilate hirself so “she” could play against women.

And let’s not forget “Lia” Thomas, who went from being ranked below the 400 mark as a MALE swimmer, suddenly vaulted to #1 as a WOMAN(!) swimmer. Sorry, at 6’4″ and packing a sausage between your legs, you are not female, and should not be competing against actual biological women.

If you want to diddle someone of your own sex, go ahead — in private. Dress how you want to, but don’t get upset if someone “mis-genders” you because you look like you’re cosplaying.

I do really wonder why all these crazy people are wandering around feeling entitled to insult and harass people who would happily mind their own business if these nut cases would just leave everyone else alone! Note that Karens/Kevins suffer from similar mental disorders of entitled-ness and delusions.

Seriously, who in their right mind would show signs saying “Queers for Hamas” when they would be killed on sight (if they were lucky) or tortured, killed, and paraded around like a hunting trophy while they spit the corpse (if not)—if actually living in Gaza.

Ah yes, the question again answers itself.

I have one rule in dealing with people: you respect me and my friends, and I’ll respect you. Disrespect me, and I’ll give you a chance to apologize; if you insist on continuing, there will be trouble.

Oh yes, that 1.72% with abnormal chromosomes? They are biologically male.

There are only two sexes/genders in reality. Get over it.


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Columnist Enraged that Caitlin Clark Is Getting a Shoe Deal Instead of Black WNBA Players.

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Columnist Enraged that Caitlin Clark Is Getting a Shoe Deal Instead of Black WNBA Players. I’ve never watched more than five minutes of a WNBA game because it looked like a bunch of hormone drug addicts out there. I saw maybe three or four games.

Caitlin Clark will add pure excitement to a boring girls game that might draw 10,000 tops. Some teams averaged less than 5,000. Who wants to watch a bunch of men wanna Be’s?

Now we see where a so called journalist is upset that Clark may get a great shoe endorsement. “If she does,” Freeman writes of Clark’s pending shoe deal, “Clark would join only three other WNBA players with signature shoes: Breanna Stewart, Elena Delle Donne, and Sabrina Ionescu. You may notice a pattern there.”

It’s all because of racism, Freeman exclaims.

“What so much of this comes down to is a lack of respect for the Black women of the WNBA. A lack of respect for Black Americans overall isn’t something new to the marketing world. This is old hat. That doesn’t change the ugliness of it,” he claimed.


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This is what runs NPR.

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This is what runs NPR. She claims that She and NPR has no left wing Bias. You be the judge.


Credit: @MarcACaputo and @krmaher
@steveguest and @krmaher






Credit: @realchrisrufo and @krmaher


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No Virginia, MSNBC is not a News Channel.

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No Virginia, MSNBC is not a News Channel. There’s a misconception that MSNBC is a News Channel. That’s crazy. Nothing but NBC News rejects and dregs of Society.

This latest fiasco has the big wigs at NBC throwing each other under the bus with the Ronna incident. Even the AA person who was reported to be a supporter of hiring Ronna has back tracked.

We’re told Jones was sending individual texts and making phone calls to her talent in an effort to distance herself from the hire after the backlash.



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Civil Rights Victory. UMinn Law School will no longer give preference to minorities for fellowship.

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Civil Rights Victory. UMinn Law School will no longer give preference to minorities for fellowship. For the past 50 years or so, white progressives were trying to make up for their history of racism.

Their Civil War position, Jim Crow Laws, etc. Some would even stoop so low as to marry minorities in hopes of not being labeled racist. So how did they think they could fix the situation? Discriminate against whites in coming up with affirmative action. Schools and Unions were the biggest abusers of AA.

A University of Minnesota Law School diversity fellowship will now give equal consideration to White and male applicants following a civil rights complaint. They even discriminated against males of any group.

A University of Minnesota Law School full-ride diversity fellowship sponsored by the Jones Day law firm will now consider white students and male students as applicants, a change prompted by a complaint filed with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights.


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It’s about time. New York Governor booted from Officers wake.

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It’s about time. New York Governor booted from Officers wake. So many times we see where officers are gunned down by the undocumented or by progressives with guns they say they want banned. But the politicians who cause these deaths show up at their funerals or wake. Finally someone confronts their hypocrisy.

New York Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul was asked to leave the wake for murdered NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller Friday afternoon following a confrontation with a man in attendance.

As the New York Post reported, Hochul arrived at the Massapequa Funeral Home on Long Island for the second day of viewings around 1:45 p.m. But the governor had been in the venue for only 10 minutes before she was spotted clashing with a man in a black suit, according to the outlet.


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Progressives upset that Homies decided to party in Beverley Hills.

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Progressives upset that Homies decided to party in Beverley Hills. According to the DA squatters have rights. So a criminal fled to Lebanon and a bunch of folks moved in. What are Lebron and his friends upset about?

For some reason the neighbors aren’t being very friendly. You would have thought they would have welcomed the folks with open arms. Now it’s being reported that the rich and famous want these folks out.

Beverly Grove is home to the elite of the elite in California. A-list celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and LeBron James, entrepreneurs, hedge-fund investors, heiresses, and studio executives own homes in the quiet cul-de-sac. That was until squatters invaded in October and locals started complaining about them allegedly throwing “wild parties” with “cocaine and orgies.”



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I Love This Gal! The_Lady_J !

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I Love This Gal! The_Lady_J !

Recently, I found a content provider via Facebook where this woman takes on all the hyperventilating idiots on social media like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She is not biased; she doesn’t care if you’re male, female, “non-binary,” Democrat, Republican, Black, White, or Kelly Green; she’ll demolish your idiocy with a calm voice and razor-sharp wit. (BTW, she’s also a veteran, and one of her videos shows this idiot — who may or may not be an actual vet — telling everyone that if you haven’t served, you can’t be a patriot.)


Gee, who knew interior design was racist? (Note, the videos will still play even if it has that slug showing.)


A “woman” speaking for ALL WOMEN?


I think the “ick” froze this infant’s brain.


Alaska isn’t a state, according to this guy.


Demolishing a troll with just an expression.


Putting a young (and ignorant) Karen in her place.



Her main channel is on Instagram   Unfortunately, our video player will not play them here, so here are a few screenshots:

The guy in the top left is a “relationship coach,” and the female directly below him is going to tell you how it’s ok to manipulate men. The top center (white) guy says Lady J is RAYCIST!!! Center Left: MAKE HIS POCKETS HURT! (No wonder she can’t get dates.) And the bottom left guy has declared women with heavy tattoos have mutilated their bodies. (Disclaimer: Since most people don’t take care of their tattoos — repeated tanning will fade them — I don’t find them all that attractive either. –TPR)

Top right: A gay man telling men that women prefer rich men and that you should pay for everything they want because they’re doing it for the guys. Center square: This biological man thinks having a positive pregnancy test is a GOOD thing. (Hint: It’s not when you’re a man; it means you may have TESTICULAR cancer.) Bottom center: A man doing this would get arrested.

Left to right: A real Male Chauvinist pig, “women” telling men what they should do, and a privileged princess who demands equality — unless it’s picking up the tab.

Who said racism was only for whites?
Liberal whack job pontificating
Her caption says it all. (She’s actually dancing, but who’s filming it?)

She’s also on TikTok:

Needless to say, Lady J’s comments on these people are polite but spot on. She never raises her voice, never gesticulates, and never acts hateful. But boy, does she attract hater trolls!



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Leftist-think: Disney Exec Blames Massive Box-Office Bombs on Bigoted Fans

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Leftist-think: Disney Exec Blames Massive Box-Office Bombs on Bigoted Fans
This one pisses me off. Disney’s choice to play identity politics with an increasing number of its brands isn’t the problem — the fact that Disney’s audience won’t accept those politics is the problem.

There are many factors one could reasonably surmise contributed to Disney’s recent box office failures.

For one, the “not-so-secret-gay-agenda” being pushed by the once-family-friendly company. Pushing quantity over quality would be another contributor that even Disney’s CEO admitted is a problem. Betting it all on bloated-budget blockbusters that have to bring in $1 billion to be a success is another likely contributor.

One Disney executive reportedly thinks that the real issue is none of the above.

In that executive’s alleged opinion, Disney’s failures are the fault of racist and sexist fans.

Yes, you read that right. The report comes from Hollywood journalist Matthew Belloni, whose newsletter boasts an incredibly 15,000 paid and 35,000 unpaid subscribers.

Per Vulture, that newsletter, Puck, is praised across the news and Hollywood industries, so when Belloni mentions an anonymous source, it’s a relatively safe bet his sourcing is solid.

In response to the Feb. 15 installment of Puck, which elaborated on how the politicization of Disney’s brand has been bad for business, Belloni claims a Disney executive reached out to comment.

The Bullwark culture editor Sonny Bunch shared the executive’s comments on X on Feb. 19.

In that anonymous executive’s opinion, Disney’s choice to play identity politics with an increasing number of its brands isn’t the problem — the fact that Disney’s audience won’t accept those politics is.

“Everyone says ‘It’s the movies, stupid,’ which is an easy thing for people to say. More appealing movies are a great way to jump the political issues. But more and more, our audience (or the segment of the audience that has been politicized) equates the perceived messaging in a film as a quality issue,” the executive reportedly said.

“They won’t say they find female empowerment distasteful in The Marvels or Star Wars, but they will say they don’t like those movies because they are ‘bad.’”

“So ‘make better movies’ becomes code for ‘make movies that conform to regressive gender stereotypes or put men front and center in the narrative.’ Which is what you’re seeing now, and what Bob [Iger]’s pivot is about right now.”

Disaffected fans of franchises that have seen their popularity tank since Disney overtook them (e.g., Marvel and Star Wars) responded in droves on social media to the reported statement.

“Typical victim mentality. Its not us its you,” one X user posted.

The failure is due to the wrong person hired to do the job. Which is to make a quality movie. The script for sure has been going down hill,” another wrote.

“Disney’s head is so far in the sand that they call their consumers *bigoted* for not buying their woke products. A major shake up at the top is needed to restore the excellence that Walt Disney himself created,” another user wrote.

In the interest of transparency, I liked the last couple of Marvel “flops.” My main gripe has been they were trying too hard to set up upcoming movies. Sure, Secret Invasion was far from the source material and opened some gaping plot holes. The Eternals had too many character introductions all at once; then they killed off two of the biggest ones. There were aspects of others that I didn’t care for either. OTOH, I quit watching the STAR WARS trilogy after they killed off Han Solo so casually and again ignored Chewie. I just didn’t like the way the stories were going. That’s just my personal preference. However, I can agree that the MCU has fallen on its quality face several times.

Echo could have been better; limiting it to only eight episodes made it far less effective than it should have been. If you’re going to show some Native American heritage, then for god’s sake, give it enough room to breathe — rather than having it seem like a confusing set of footnotes.

SheHulk was always supposed to be a comedy. In the comics, SheHulk always broke the fourth wall and even talked back to the writer directly, so those complaints seem whiny to me.


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Mom does what any loving mom would do. Goes after school that kicks daughter out for wearing Trump shirt.

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Mom does what any loving mom would do. Goes after school that kicks daughter out for wearing Trump shirt. School claims it was over a flag.

Principal Dan Serrano, in an email to parents on Saturday, said the situation was about safety, not stifling political viewpoints. Serrano explains that the students were asked to leave campus “because they had this flag we didn’t want.”

Nuff said.


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