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I Love This Gal! The_Lady_J !

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I Love This Gal! The_Lady_J !

Recently, I found a content provider via Facebook where this woman takes on all the hyperventilating idiots on social media like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. She is not biased; she doesn’t care if you’re male, female, “non-binary,” Democrat, Republican, Black, White, or Kelly Green; she’ll demolish your idiocy with a calm voice and razor-sharp wit. (BTW, she’s also a veteran, and one of her videos shows this idiot — who may or may not be an actual vet — telling everyone that if you haven’t served, you can’t be a patriot.)


Gee, who knew interior design was racist? (Note, the videos will still play even if it has that slug showing.)


A “woman” speaking for ALL WOMEN?


I think the “ick” froze this infant’s brain.


Alaska isn’t a state, according to this guy.


Demolishing a troll with just an expression.


Putting a young (and ignorant) Karen in her place.



Her main channel is on Instagram   Unfortunately, our video player will not play them here, so here are a few screenshots:

The guy in the top left is a “relationship coach,” and the female directly below him is going to tell you how it’s ok to manipulate men. The top center (white) guy says Lady J is RAYCIST!!! Center Left: MAKE HIS POCKETS HURT! (No wonder she can’t get dates.) And the bottom left guy has declared women with heavy tattoos have mutilated their bodies. (Disclaimer: Since most people don’t take care of their tattoos — repeated tanning will fade them — I don’t find them all that attractive either. –TPR)

Top right: A gay man telling men that women prefer rich men and that you should pay for everything they want because they’re doing it for the guys. Center square: This biological man thinks having a positive pregnancy test is a GOOD thing. (Hint: It’s not when you’re a man; it means you may have TESTICULAR cancer.) Bottom center: A man doing this would get arrested.

Left to right: A real Male Chauvinist pig, “women” telling men what they should do, and a privileged princess who demands equality — unless it’s picking up the tab.

Who said racism was only for whites?
Liberal whack job pontificating
Her caption says it all. (She’s actually dancing, but who’s filming it?)

She’s also on TikTok:

Needless to say, Lady J’s comments on these people are polite but spot on. She never raises her voice, never gesticulates, and never acts hateful. But boy, does she attract hater trolls!



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Friday Funnies.

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Friday Funnies.

I consider Tucker a mentor of sorts. I strive to be more like Tucker.

Brought to you by Google.

The brainwashing of our youth – by social media corporations is out of control. Unfortunately, for all of us – it isn’t going to stop.

“We know best. We are going to remake the world. We are going to reshape kids around the world”

The government has a remedy for this type of unlawful business practice. The 1890 Sherman Antitrust Act has bee utilized many times to break up monopolies. The Sherman Act outlaws:

“every contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade,” and any “monopolization, attempted monopolization, or conspiracy or combination to monopolize.”

Google is out of control. They have not only monopolized the internet, they have monopolized the control of advertising. Both business strategies are being challenged by the DOJ in two separate lawsuits. Meta is also being sued for unfair business practices, as it has gobbled up its competitors in a series of buy-outs.

Or you might be watching MSM exclusively and using Google as your search engine.


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Weaponization of Government. New series.

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Weaponization of Government. New series.

By MC.

I’ll be starting a new series on how Government is using its powers (Sometimes unconstitutionally and possibly illegally). Some of the articles will be in my own words (with sources) and some will be the reposting of articles from others.

I’ll be looking at local, state, and federal. Also, I’ll be looking at the educational system. Hopefully you will be shocked that this is going on. So, let’s see where this takes us.

If you have some ideas or have stories of weaponization, please feel free to comment or send me a link.


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Left and Right Disagree on “Racism” Definition.

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Left and Right Disagree on “Racism” Definition.

For conservatives, the definition of “racism” encompasses a narrower range of thought and behavior than it does for leftists or progressives. Conservatives see racism as an endorsement of one’s own racial group’s superiority, a belief about another racial group’s inferiority, or harmful behavior directed at someone specifically because of their race. Conservatives often require a higher standard of proof, relying on explicit evidence rather than implicit assumptions to charge someone with racist behavior.On the other hand, progressives define racism as not necessarily being limited to conscious intent, but as encompassing unconscious bias fundamental to everyone’s cultural upbringing and reaffirmed through systemic structures designed to support white people. They perceive racism as built into people’s way of being or seeing in the world. Therefore, progressives may charge someone with racism without explicit evidence the behavior or remarks of the accused were based on race, due to their belief that racism can operate as unconscious bias. Because progressives perceive many fundamental societal structures as built on systemic racism — meaning certain groups have more power than others — they view racism as linked to power, holding the belief that disadvantaged groups cannot be racist toward groups that have power.In the case of Trump’s tweets, the right sees a lack of explicit proof that Trump views the Squad as inferior due to their race, or denies that he criticized them based solely on their race and not their ideas. Progressives, on the other hand, perceive Trumps’s attempts to curb illegal immigration and the “go back” remarks as evidence of unconscious bias against immigrants and people of color.

We break down the differing “racism” definitions and hundreds of other terms in more detail in the AllSides Red Blue Dictionary. Understanding what other groups mean when they use certain terms can help us to appreciate other people’s worldview — even when we disagree.

Julie Mastrine is the Director of Marketing at AllSides. She has a Center bias.

This piece was reviewed by Samantha Shireman, Information Architect at AllSides, who has a Lean Left bias. It was also reviewed by AllSides Daily News Editor Henry Brechter, who has a Center bias.


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We need more employers like this.

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We need more employers like this. A California coffee shop owner in Oakland did what more employers should do. Fire employees who openly threaten folks because they disagree with their views.

They weren’t fired for protesting but fired for blocking a Jewish woman from a bathroom while making anti-Israel comments. This from the coffee shop owner.

“We are committed to working with community leaders and organizations across the Bay Area to make sure we as owners, and our employees, have the resources, education and skills necessary to peacefully exist in this community. We hope to continue to have the privilege of serving our community and to once again being a coffeehouse where everyone feels welcome,” the company posted.


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Dementia Joe Posts Thanksgiving Guide of How to Respond to “Crazy MAGA Nonsense”

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The Biden-Harris reelection campaign shared a “handy guide for responding to crazy MAGA nonsense” for supporters heading into the holidays with Trump supporting family members.

The guide shared talking points to respond to conservative rhetoric about subjects from immigration to the economy. One slide included responses to when someone claims “Trump secured our border!” to reply with a “No he didn’t,” followed by claims that “All he did was separate families, put children in cages, and leave behind a broken immigration system for Joe Biden to clean up.”

Critics across social media shredded the list of talking points, arguing it takes an especially insufferable kind of person to approach the Thanksgiving table looking forward to an argument rather than eating with family.

“Democrats literally publishing a script of how to be the worst person at Thanksgiving,” Republican digital strategist Alec Sears wrote.

“Imagine needing political talking points for a holiday encounter with loved ones,” podcast host Siraj Hashmi wrote.

“Reminder to all political persuasions: Preparing political talking points to use against family members on Thanksgiving is a form of mental illness,” author John Durant wrote. “Show some maturity, speak with the right tone, or change the subject.”

Other commentators accused Biden-Harris campaign of pushing “propaganda.”

“Biden-Harris putting out propaganda scripts to defend their campaign is… gross,” conservative radio host Jason Rantz wrote.

“All this gaslighting would make North Korean state media blush,” Twitchy’s Doug Powers wrote.

Dementia Joe’s handlers strike again.


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“You Can’t Say That!”: 18 Time-Honored Sayings Woke Culture Wants to Erase from History

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Story by Elliot Peters for Man and Home 10-11-23

Wokism: A growing cultural consciousness that makes us think twice before using certain phrases. Our words shape our world, and while some old-school sayings might bring nostalgia, they can also encourage outdated or offensive views. So, let’s walk down memory lane and explore how some classic expressions have been reshaped – for better or for worse!

Hitting a Blind Spot and Not Just on the Road.

People often used the term “blind spot” in driving jargon, indicating that little area that mirrors just couldn’t capture. But when used metaphorically, it raised eyebrows. Connecting “blind” to “ignorance” can offend the visually impaired community. As society becomes more conscious of such subtleties, shifting from potentially insensitive idioms becomes key.

(Raises WHOSE eyebrows? I’m “visually impaired,” and I don’t have a problem with it,)

Indian Giver Is More Than Just a Take-Back

The term “Indian Giver” paints a misleading image of Native Americans, suggesting a tendency to retract gifts. Given the profound respect Native Americans have for giving and community, this phrase is a glaring misrepresentation. Today’s informed society is moving away from such misnomers, embracing accuracy and respect.

(Again, I have to take issue with this reasoning, since anyone with the least bit of American History know that the term at its core refers to Americans (usually the government) who gave Natives things then took them back. Every single Treaty the US Government made, they broke.)


While “addict” may have been tossed around easily in the past, it’s a narrow lens to view someone through. Addiction is a complex issue, and pigeonholing someone’s identity based solely on it is reductive. So, the world now leans towards more empathetic terms like “person with an addiction,” which better reflects the reality of the situation.

(Another indication of wanting to use more words to obscure a simple fact, like changing “homeless person” or” the homeless” to “person experiencing homelessness.” Seriously, are they going to start referring to abandoned or feral cats as “Felines experiencing homelessness” next?)

Lame Language? Time for an Upgrade!

Once, we wouldn’t think twice before labeling that less-than-thrilling movie as “lame.” But did you know this term originally described those with physical challenges? It’s high time we jazz up our vocabulary, don’t you think? There’s a whole world of words out there, from “mundane” to “uninspiring,” waiting to be used.


Man Up? Let’s Think Bigger!

“Man up” – it might’ve been your coach’s favorite pep talk. Yet, it subtly hints that bravery is a man’s game. Newsflash! With our evolving understanding of gender fluidity and emotional strength, shouldn’t our idioms grow, too? Bravery isn’t just for one of the genders. Let’s cheer each other on in more inclusive ways.

(Yeah, let’s bring in woke concepts like “gender fluidity” instead.)

Decoding the Policeman Conundrum

In the past, “Hurry up! Get the policeman!” was a staple line from the movies. But with the increasing number of dedicated women in blue, that phrase can feel out of place, right? The term “police officer” bridges this gap. It’s unbiased, forward-thinking, and gives a nod of respect to every individual serving in the force, irrespective of their gender.

(Using “police officer” is okay, but again the ‘logic’ is misleading You’re much more likely to have heard “Call the Cops!” or “Call the police!” than “Hurry up! Get the policeman!” )

Hey, Guys! Or is it… Everyone?

Who hasn’t just called out, “Hey, guys!” upon entering a gathering? It was the ultimate casual greeting. However, on closer examination, “guys” might be boxing us into gender corners. With society’s expanding views on gender and inclusivity, it’s about time our everyday greetings got an upgrade. “Hello, folks” or “Hey, crew” has a fresh, inclusive ring to it, right?

(Oh, dear! “gender AND inclusivity?” What a crock!)

Don’t Be So Hysterical

Using “hysterical” to describe something extremely funny or exaggerated became second nature for many. However, a peek into the past reveals its association with women, suggesting an exaggerated emotional state. In our journey towards embracing gender fairness and shedding stereotypes, sidelining such terms feels right.

(Feels trump everything, right?”

Grandfathered Is a Term with Deep Roots .

On the surface, “grandfathered” shows a sense of legacy and timelessness. However, its historical roots connect it to policies that, unfortunately, sidelined Black communities during the post-Civil War period. As conversations around racial justice become louder, reassessing and recontextualizing some of our age-old terms seems the best option.

(What juvenile BS!)

Real Man, Real Woman? Let’s Rethink That! .

Ever wondered who came up with the criteria for a “real” man or woman? These phrases press people into molds they may not fit into. Instead of sticking to narrow definitions, it’s high time we acknowledged and celebrated every person’s individuality. After all, every person’s journey and identity are real and valid, regardless of societal expectations.

(I can’t decide whether the OP is being satirical or serious. For 99% of humans you’re either XX -female- or XY -male- and surgical mutilation does not change that. [I’m excluding the extremely rare hermaphrodites.)

Mastering a New Bedroom Terminology

Historically, the term “Master bedroom” sounded fancy. But dig a little deeper, and you uncover undertones of slavery and hierarchical dominance. As societies become more conscious and sensitive, many advocate for a terminology shift. “Primary bedroom” or “main suite” not only sounds contemporary but also lacks the baggage of the past.

(More regurgitated crap. Some snowflake’s feels might get hurt.)

Seeing Beyond ‘Colorblind’

In the past, proclaiming, “I’m colorblind” was a well-intended remark to show you were impartial about race. However, in today’s more nuanced world, this phrase might be seen as a way to gloss over individual racial experiences and challenges. It’s not about being blind to color but understanding and appreciating the stories each color tells.

(This stupidity needs no further comment.)

From Mankind to Humankind: An Inclusive Shift.

Once upon a time, “mankind” was a common phrase, representing all of humanity. But as our understanding of gender becomes more sophisticated and inclusive, this term feels a tad exclusive. The shift towards “humankind” is more than just linguistic. It’s a nod towards a future where everyone feels seen and acknowledged.

(There’s already a term for that: HUMANITY, FFS.)

The Whitelist Conundrum.

The term “Whitelist” was traditionally used to describe approved or safe items. However, against a backdrop of racial sensitivities, words that unconsciously encourage color biases are being reevaluated. So, it’s no surprise that “allow list” is gaining traction, emphasizing function over potentially problematic connotations.

(Has anyone ever seen “allow list” before? Or “disallow list”?)

Steering Clear of ‘Gyp’

To “gyp” someone out of something meant that you deceived them. But what many might not realize is that it’s rooted in stereotypes against the Romani people. With a broader understanding of cultural sensitivities, it’s only right that we retire such phrases and opt for words that don’t allow for such biases.

(This one I can agree with, but what’s next? Eliminate “con” because it offends people convicted of a crime?)

Humanizing Undocumented Individuals

Terms matter, especially when they concern human beings. Labeling someone as an “illegal alien” feels cold and strips them of their humanity. As conversations around immigration grow more compassionate, “undocumented individuals” emerges as a term that’s both accurate and respectful.

(They’re still here illegally, bunky.)

I’ can’t hear you! Nah nah nah nah nah I can’t hear you!

The ‘Crazy’ and ‘Insane’ Evolution

Calling an unexpected event “crazy” or “insane” was commonplace. But as society becomes more aware of the realities and challenges of mental health, such casual use can feel dismissive. When used out of context, these terms can trivialize genuine mental health issues. It reflects a society that’s growing more empathetic by the day.

(So, calling the Hamas 2023 mass murders “Insane” is inaccurate?)

Moving Away from Troubled Waters

Historically, the expression “sold down the river” was used casually to indicate betrayal. However, its origins trace back to the dark times of American slavery, where slaves were often literally sold down the Mississippi River. Today, with an emphasis on sensitivity and historical accuracy, it’s better to opt for alternatives like “betrayed” or “deceived.”

(Uhm, historically, it would have been UP the Mississippi. New Orleans was the port of entry, not someplace in Iowa or Illinois. Yet another woke distortion.)

As I said above, I’m not sure if the OP is being satirical or serious. Unfortunately, I think he’s serious.


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Big Pharma recruiter Brianna Pinnix, 30, is FIRED from her job after exposure as the ‘Train Karen’ who drunkenly told German tourists in NYC to ‘get the f**k out of my country’

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Brianna Pinnix, 30, (main) from New York, works as a senior talent acquisition specialist at Capital Rx, specializing in technology recruiting, according to her now-deleted LinkedIn page. Pinnix was caught on video (right) screaming at a group of German tourists on a New Jersey Transit train earlier this week. She became increasingly aggressive towards the group of young travelers before shouting ‘lets not let immigrants take up our country…how about you get the f**k out of our country.’ Pinnix declined an interview request to explain her perspective and to provide context on the situation when reached by It’s unclear what led to the confrontation or what comments were made to the blonde woman.
  • Brianna Pinnix from New York is (was) a high-flying recruitment specialist
  • In footage, Pinnix was caught screaming ‘lets not let immigrants take up our country…how about you get the f**k out of our country’ at a group of tourists

Brianna Pinnix, 30, worked as a senior talent acquisition specialist at Capital Rx, specializing in technology recruiting, according to her now-deleted LinkedIn page.

She’s since been fired from her position after Capital Rx said they ‘acted immediately and terminated the employee,’ after the clip of her disgusting behavior went viral.

The company said in a statement to the NY Post: ‘Our company has a zero-tolerance policy around prejudicial or discriminatory behavior. After conducting a review of the circumstances, we acted immediately and terminated the employee in question.

‘The former employee’s actions and words are not representative of Capital Rx, and we offer our sincerest apology to those who were hurt.’

Pinnix has a bachelor’s degree in communications and media studies from Marymount Manhattan College.

The recruiter has been described as ‘an absolute pleasure’ by a client.

‘I was raving about her to friends and previous coworkers, ’ the client wrote on Pinnix’s LinkedIn. ‘She is incredibly knowledgeable and so personable.’

Pinnix declined an interview request to explain her perspective and to provide context on the situation when reached by

The shocking footage showed Pinnox, who appeared drunk, towering over a group of tourists as they chatted amongst themselves in their seats.

‘Are you German?’ she asks before aggressively adding, ‘what did you say, tell me what you said.’

Pinnox becomes increasingly aggressive before shouting, ‘lets not let immigrants take up our country…how about you get the f**k out of our country.’

The Manhattan recruiter, wearing jeans and a light green strappy top, who social media user’s have dubbed a ‘Karen’, is seen being soothed by her concerned husband.

‘Brie, don’t do this. You could be arrested’ he pleads, as he takes her by the arm and tries to convince his partner that the group of men were ‘having a private conversation’ and not trying to start a conflict.

‘I love you, but get off me,’ the increasingly upset woman tells her husband as she continues to berate the tourists.

‘Stop this right now, go sit down or I’m never going to talk to you again,’ he threatens.

The tourists appeared to take the incident in good humor, with only one getting out of their seat, appearing visibly annoyed before calmly sitting back down moments later.

It’s unclear what led to the confrontation or what comments were made to the blonde woman.

After the woman is back in her seat, her companion tells her, ‘I’m an immigrant too, you know that right.’

New Jersey Transit told the company ‘strongly condemns any behaviour of this type,’ and its customers are ‘encouraged to report incidents of this nature to train crew members, or they can reach out to NJ TRANSIT Police.’

Original here:

Apparently, this woman can’t hold a job for very long.

Late last year, Pinnix targeted her old employer in videos posted to her now-deleted TikTok account. In one, she accused her former boss of spending all but $8 on a $300 Nordstrom gift card she says was won at a Christmas raffle. [Pinnix had various social media accounts that have since been deleted since the viral meltdown.]

‘I’ve been contemplating making this video for two months, and I’m gonna do it. I was gaslit by my former boss- I’m not gonna use names, if someone at my old company sees this, sorry. If someone at my new company sees this, sorry but it needs to be said,’ Pinnix said in the video obtained by

The New Jersey native said she confronted her boss about the video, which led to a lengthy dispute between the two.

So, I called customer service, and they’re like, “Yep, this card was used to buy two pairs of men’s shoes and a pair of men’s pants,”‘ Pinnix said.

There was a time she was ‘friends’ with her boss and had gone shopping with him and had remembered his nine-and-a-half shoe size.

A Nordstrom manager was able to tell her that her old boss did indeed use the money on the card.

When Pinnix reached out to him about the gift card, he insisted it was a gift from the company when she left and blatantly told her to ‘use it’.

‘At this point, I’m getting pretty heated,’ Pinnix said.

She then said she was going to continue the story in another post, but videos related to this matter have since been deleted from her page. 

This 30-year-old ‘woman’ needs to grow up.


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Sounds like a lot of Progressives. Comic Hasan Minhaj Admits He Makes Up Stories About Experiencing Racism — and Doesn’t Regret Smearing Real-Life Acquaintances.

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Sounds like a lot of Progressives. Comic Hasan Minhaj Admits He Makes Up Stories About Experiencing Racism — and Doesn’t Regret Smearing Real-Life Acquaintances.


Comedian Hasan Minhaj has admitted to inventing several first-person tales of facing discrimination — including a racist attack on his daughter — that undergird his standup comedy act and his politically-themed TV shows.

Minhaj, born in 1985 in the United States to Muslim Indian immigrants, made a name for himself on The Daily Show and his own Netflix comedy series, Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj. He won a Peabody Award in 2018 for the short-lived (2018-2020) Netflix series.

The comedian has become a favorite among left-wingers for skewering America as a hateful and inherently racist country, often with personal stories of discrimination against him and his family.

Minhaj — who joined Comedy Central’s The Daily Show with Jon Steward in 2014 — made headlines as host of the 2017 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner (WHCD), where he ripped President Donald Trump, calling him the “liar-in-chief” and “the orange man behind the Muslim ban.”

His comedy was even panned by Saudi Arabian officials, who forced Netflix to remove one of his 2019 episodes of Patriot Act that criticized the Kingdom over the Jamal Khashoggi incident.

Minhaj relays several stories during his show. To name a few, he has claimed that a white girl refused to go to a high school homecoming dance with him, tells the tale of a “brother Eric” who infiltrated a mosque for the FBI, and even told the harrowing tale of an envelope with “white powder” in it spilling all over his daughter.

He also tells the story of Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner arrogantly sitting in a chair reserved for a formerly imprisoned Saudi activist at a Time 100 gala in 2019. He now admits that never happened.

At long last, Minhaj has admitted that none of these stories of discrimination ever happened, though he tells them on stage and on TV as if they are real.

In an interview with the New Yorker, Minhaj explained that he tells all these false stories for “emotional truth” and that none of them really happened to him.

“Every story in my style is built around a seed of truth,” Minhaj explained. “My comedy… is 70 percent emotional truth and then 30 percent hyperbole, exaggeration, fiction.”

The comedian went on to say that, in his opinion, the “emotional truth is first. The factual truth is secondary.”

The magazine had spent some time trying to track down some of the people that Minhaj mentions in his “emotional truth” stories on stage, but it was unable to verify most of the claims he makes. The magazine also discovered that some of the people he mentions in his act have tried to get him to stop using their names and stories, but Minhaj has ignored their requests.

The “white girl” who supposedly left him standing at her front door and ditched him for homecoming, for instance, says that no such incident ever occurred and that she had turned him down many days before when he first asked her to the dance. She also says that she and her family frequently face online attacks when Minhaj fans link her real identity to the fake anecdote.

The magazine also found out that the “brother Eric” who Minhaj claims infiltrated a mosque never did any such thing. Indeed, the man said he was in prison in 2002, the year Minhaj said he was infiltrating a mosque for the FBI. Minhaj admitted that the whole story was a fiction made up for his show.

The story of his daughter being exposed to a “white powder” sent to him in the mail, supposedly causing him to take the girl to the hospital, also turns out to be fake. Minhaj says that he did receive an envelope with white powder in the mail, but he just threw it out and his daughter was never exposed to it.

Minhaj even admitted that his wife has not been happy with his race-obsessed comedy because it has put a target on their children.

“You get to say whatever you want onstage, and we have to live with the consequences. I don’t give a s**t that Time magazine thinks you’re an influencer. If you ever put my kids in danger again, I will leave you in a second,” he told the magazine that his wife said during a recent argument.

The magazine also found instances of alleged sexism in the writers room of his TV series, Patriot Act. Several female researchers who were hired as “fact-checkers” for the political stories Minhaj used as fodder for his comedy said that they were eventually shunted out of the show and that Minhaj only relied on male writers.

“[Minhaj] just assembled people around him to make him appear different and much smarter and more thoughtful. But those people—the smart people and hardworking people—were treated poorly for bringing the perspective that he is celebrated for,” one female writer told the New Yorker.

In fact, several female employees filed a lawsuit against Minhaj and Netflix for gender discrimination in a case that was eventually settled out of court. The lawsuit was only revealed after Netflix canceled Patriot Act.

Despite the flood of lies. all personalized as if they actually happened in his life, Minhaj told the magazine that he does not regret his actions.

“I don’t think I’m manipulating. I think they are coming for the emotional roller-coaster ride. To the people that are, like, ‘Yo, that is way too crazy to happen,’ I don’t care because yes, f*** yes—that’s the point. It’s grounded in truth,” he insisted.

“I think what I’m ultimately trying to do is highlight all of those stories. Building to what I think is a pointed argument as opposed to a ‘pointless riff’ of jokes,” Minhaj explained.


Commentary How funny is this? Politics Stupid things people say or do.

OOPS! ‘Revolutionary Communists’ Target Jason Aldean Concert, Aren’t So Tough When Police Show Up

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If you need any further proof that America is the freest country in the world, look no further than the type of idiocy this country tolerates.

A brazen incident at a Jason Aldean concert was crystal clear proof of that fact.

Aldean was performing in Tinley Park, Illinois, just outside Chicago, on Saturday night when a group calling themselves “Revolutionary Communists” (yes, they have a website, and yes, it looks like it’s been built with pre-Soviet Union era computers) showed up to make some sort of statement.

The statement? Oh, just your typical communist nonsense whilst burning the American flag.

Reporter Ford Fischer took to X, formerly Twitter, and shared some video of the “revolutionaries” burning the flag, and the police response to it.

In the first video Fischer shared, the small group of communists set fire to the American flag while chanting a variety of nonsense.

“F*** the U.S. and all its lies!” you can hear in the video. You can barely make out whatever other perceived grievances this group claims it has.

Eventually, you can hear the police declaring this group’s antics constituted “unlawful assembly.”

But this is where some wildly unintentional comedy rears its funny head.

This band of “revolutionaries” … packed up and left, with nary a fuss.

Could you imagine if these ingrates had been around during the American Revolution? This country would still be eating crumpets and drinking (unfairly taxed) tea.

A second video from Fischer shows that instead of taking up their arms and fighting back against this perceived fascism, these “revolutionaries” opted for cute little chants and phrases — perhaps the most emblematic microcosm imaginable for the current state of the country.

You can hear the communists declare “We did it in a small town,” which is a clear reference to Aldean’s wildly popular and equally controversial song, “Try That in a Small Town.”

If by “we did it,” they meant that they stood around and burned the U.S. flag before meekly kowtowing to the police, then sure. They absolutely “did it.”

But if they’re trying to affect any actual change?

They honestly probably could’ve gotten more done with a “one, two, three, four, I declare a thumb war” chant.

Adding to the unintentional comedy of this all, the “RevComs” took to their 1994 GeoCities-inspired web site to — gloat?

“In the weeks leading up to the Jason Aldean concert in the Chicago suburb of Tinley Park, the Revcoms pledged that we would CALL OUT fascist country singer Jason Aldean and burn an American flag at his concert in defiance of his Lynch mob anthem, ‘Try That in a Small Town.’ And that is exactly what we did this past Saturday,” the group bragged on Monday.

From their website which, incidentally, calls for the overthrow of the government. BUT THEY’LL TAKE YOUR FILTHY CAPITALIST MONEY! — TPR

Couple of quick points here:

  1. For the love of vocabulary, can someone please buy leftists dictionaries and thesauruses? Fascism does not mean people you disagree with. To quote the great fictional philosopher Iñigo Montoya, “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.”
  2. Color this writer skeptical, but a demonstration is typically more effective when it’s actually presented in front of the alleged “fascist,” no? Bragging you got to stand out in the streets before bending the knee to the police isn’t exactly a “revolution.”

At the end of the day, this incident does capture so much of what’s wrong with this country: It’s filled with idiotic ingrates.

Is America perfect? Heck no. Should America constantly seek to improve itself? Heck yes.

America is still the best and freest country in the world (perhaps to a fault, but that’s a different story for a different time). The fact that these buffoons get to share their idiocy with the world in such a public manner, while burning the flag of this country, is a testament to that.

But just as they have the right to show their rears to the world, so too does the rest of the country have the right to point at laugh at them.

And between their horrid website, spineless rhetoric and utter lack of vocabulary, you’d be hard pressed not to guffaw at these “revolutionaries.”

They sure made a good impression, didn’t they?

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