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House Democrats to Fight Bill Requiring Proof That Their Base Are Able To Vote.

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House Democrats to Fight Bill Requiring Proof That Their Base Are Able To Vote. As you know a large part of the Democrats base and supporters are the undocumented. The House leadership wants them to be able to freely vote. But the Republicans have a different idea.

House Democrats are planning to fight the Safeguard American Voter Eligibility (SAVE) Act, set to be voted on the week of July 15, which would require state election officials to request proof of American citizenship before handing voter registration forms to applicants.

House Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-MA) is demanding Democrats vote against the SAVE Act, putting pressure on those who represent swing districts that voted for former President Donald Trump and face tough reelection bids


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Hundreds of Progressive Democrats (Pro Hamas) circle the White House.

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Hundreds of Progressive Democrats (Pro Hamas) circle the White House. HOW IS THIS NOT AN INSURRECTION?

Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters — some openly supporting Hamas and other terror groups — surrounded the White House on Saturday, vandalizing a statue and assaulting a U.S. Park Police officer who tried to protect it.



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Democrats just won’t take no on faulty mail in ballots in Pennsylvania.

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Democrats just won’t take no on faulty mail in ballots in Pennsylvania. The left just refuses to give up. Last month the Third US Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that mail-in ballots with no dates cannot be counted by Pennsylvania election officials.

In the past the PA Supreme Court had no issues with this and allowed it. Well the federal courts said no. So the Democrats tried again. and what happened? Democrat lawyers requested an en banc review (a decision from the court’s entire slate of judges) and the appeals court ruled against them.

In a 9-4 vote, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals on Tuesday denied a request for en banc review to reconsider whether the date requirement for mail-in ballots is enforceable in Pennsylvania.


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Not surprised. Corrupting voter registration.

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Not surprised. Corrupting voter registration. The left is now saying out loud what we always knew. Register voters in only blue cities and precincts.

“Democrats donors are now getting memos telling them to stop funding voter registration nonprofits because unregistered voters lean towards Trump,” investigative researcher Parker Thayer posted on X in response to the report.

You heard the cry. Get out the vote. Well it’s backfiring on them. Democrats across the country have become increasingly concerned over the amount of support Trump is pulling from usually reliable demographics and donors have been bickering over an internal memo casting doubt on whether the party should continue using nonprofits to register unregistered voters over fears it could help Trump, the Washington Post reported this week. 


A confidential memo circulated among top Democratic donors has sparked a furious debate in Democratic circles about whether to narrow the focus of voter registration. Seems like it’s registering folks for Trump.



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Yes Virginia there still is Affirmative Action and it must be abolished.

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Yes Virginia there still is Affirmative Action and it must be abolished. Minority and Female Attorney’s were getting special treatment. Hopefully that’s over.

Last Friday America First Legal (AFL) announced a vital win in the fight for the Constitution and the rule of law when Chief Judge Nancy J. Rosenstengel and Judge Staci M. Yandle rescinded their standing orders favoring minority and female attorneys solely based on their race and sex, and apologized, following AFL’s judicial conduct complaint.

AFL’s complaint, dated January 252024, alleged that three judges in the United States District Court for the Southern District of Illinois had issued standing orders mandating preferential treatment for the female and minority attorneys arguing before them, in violation of the Rule for Judicial-Conduct and Judicial-Disability Proceedings 4(a), Judicial Code of Conduct Canon 2(A), and the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Whenever we see Affirmative Action, we must fight this evil injustice. It still to this day is a quota tool for Unions who bring in the bottom of the barrel just to say they don’t discriminate.

If not for the Progressive Democrats during the Jim Crow era, we never would have had AA as a poor excuse to correct the racist progressive Democrat policies.


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The Myth of Low Immigrant Crime.

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The Myth of Low Immigrant Crime. Ann Coulter gives us the rundown on the future members of the Democrat party.

With the Biden administration hauling in millions of “newcomers” (the latest euphemism for illegal aliens) from booming economies like Venezuela, Senegal and Haiti, we seem to be getting a Kate Steinle every day.

Among the recent atrocities committed by Our Greatest Strength is the savage murder of 22-year-old nursing student Laken Riley by Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan illegal alien released into our country by the Biden administration. The “newcomer” beat Riley so badly that he disfigured her skull.

MEDIA ALERT: Time to roll out the fake studies on low immigrant crime!

The one-man factory producing these studies is Alex Nowrasteh of the libertarian Cato Institute. (Take our country, just don’t raise taxes.) He fudges the data, slaps a false title on his report, and journalists copy his work like they’re Claudine Gay writing a thesis.

Thus, in its story on the murder of Riley, The New York Times cited “studies” showing “no causal connection” between immigrants and crime. Indeed, the Times said, studies “have concluded” that immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than U.S. citizens.

The article links to 1) Nowrasteh’s sham study and 2) a 2017 Times story that cites Nowrasteh’s sham study.

That same day, the Times’ Angelo Fichera ran a “fact check” on Donald Trump’s claim that “the United States is being overrun by the Biden migrant crime. It’s a new form of vicious violation to our country.” Fichera’s ruling: “This lacks evidence.”


His proof:

“One recently updated analysis by Alex Nowrasteh, the vice president for economic and social policy studies at the libertarian Cato Institute, found that the homicide conviction rate for illegal immigrants in Texas in 2015 was slightly lower than the rate among U.S. citizens.”

(If they’re so law-abiding, why are they fleeing the crime in countries full of people just like them?)

The Nowrasteh “study,” and others that perform the exact same error-ridden analysis, is the heart and soul of the immigrants-commit-less-crime scam. If it’s wrong, liberals have nothing, and you can go back to believing your lying eyes.

Needless to say, his study is not merely off by a homicidal illegal or two. He — and others like him — aren’t even comparing illegal aliens to citizens. They’re comparing illegal aliens to a group that includes both illegal aliens and citizens.

As I pointed out in “Adios, America!” (and apparently will have to keep pointing out for the rest of my life): Texas’ crime data only counts illegal aliens who have already been caught and fingerprinted by the Department of Homeland Security.

That leaves out a lot of illegals. Is the DHS even fingerprinting migrants at the border anymore? If not, then by Nowrasteh’s calculations, illegals’ crime rate in Texas is zero.

How about we only count the murder convictions of citizens who’ve previously been fingerprinted by the Denver police? Why would we do that?

Obviously, a lot of the inmates originally classified as “other/unknown” will later turn out to be illegals. But all these Nowrasteh counts as “citizens.” He had his headline, so why bother updating the data?

According to the more accurate count of illegals in Texas prisons, they commit 30% more murders than U.S. citizens — not to be confused with a “slightly lower” rate than citizens.

Not only that, but the longer inmates are in prison, the more of them will be found to be illegals, whereas the reverse is not true. Consequently, the number of illegal alien murderers continues to grow, while the “other/unknown” — all of whom Nowrasteh calls “citizens” — continues to shrink.

Apart from Nowrasteh’s “study,” the main argument for the peacefulness of illegal aliens relies on “post hoc, ergo propter hoc” reasoning:

The national crime rate declined since 1980, even as illegals poured in. Therefore, illegals cause crime rates to drop.

Cities with lots of illegals have low crime rates. Therefore, illegals are law-abiding.

This is how primitives think. Heard of Rudy Giuliani? Ed Meese? COMPSTAT, California’s three strikes law, the boom in prison construction or the sentencing commission? The cause-and-effect argument about immigration and crime employs the logic of a witch doctor, which may be where this country is headed.

One September day, New York City was 65 degrees, the skies crystal clear, and 3,000 people were murdered. Therefore, cool, clear days cause mass murder.

The media seem to think the criminality of immigrants is a critically important fact, judging by how often they wheel out these nonsense studies. But they don’t have the necessary information. There are no such “studies.”

Why doesn’t the government tell us? The fact that it won’t — and that the media aren’t asking for concrete numbers — tells us more than a million phony studies.



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What a brilliant move. Democrat Leaders Triggered by President Trump’s Rally in Richmond, Virginia.

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What a brilliant move. Democrat Leaders Triggered by President Trump’s Rally in Richmond, Virginia. Trump needs more of this. As we see Trumps support continuing to grow with Blacks and Latinos, the Progressive Supremacists are having fits cause Trump had a rally in a blue City and the crowd was very large.

Trump needs more of these rallies in both blue states and cities. Let the folks of color see who is the racist. Trump or some old white guy who in the past has hung out with the Jim Crow crowd.

This from the affirmative action mayor. Hey folks, Levar Stoney here. I’m a member of the Biden/Harris National Advisory Committee. And I’m here to remind folks that President Trump has chosen Richmond as a campaign stop. And I wanted President Trump to know this, that your rhetoric of division and hate and destruction of our democracy is not welcome here in Richmond. We reject those values. We believe in the values of being more inclusive, more welcoming, a place where people belong, a place where people can thrive, and that’s the opposite message of Donald Trump. That is why I’m supporting Joe Biden for reelection, and I ask all of you to get out there and support the president.




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NY State Legislature rejects new state maps. They wish to return to Gerrymandering.

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NY State Legislature rejects new state maps. They wish to return to Gerrymandering. The Democrat controlled good old boys network are up to their same dirty tricks. They lost four seats last election. So, they want them back and more. Let’s review.

The people voted for a bipartisan Independent Election Comission to draw up the state maps. Well the Democrats rejected it and drew up maps if used would only leave two Republican House seats. The Court thre that out and had an Independent Court Master draw up the maps. The maps reflected the state and Republicans won four Seats.

Now the Legislature rejected those maps and the new maps drawn up. The New maps took away two Republican districts and made them more Democrat. Republicans said OK and acccepted them.

Democrats said no we want to draw up our own maps so more Republican districts would turn blue. Stay tuned.


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No Labels Asks the Justice Department to Investigate Its Critics.

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No Labels Asks the Justice Department to Investigate Its Critics.

NY Times Article.

No Labels, the centrist group that could field a third-party presidential bid, has asked the Justice Department to investigate what it calls unlawful intimidation by groups that oppose it.

The group filed a complaint on Jan. 11, accusing a number of political figures and other critics of engaging in voter suppression and violating federal law, including the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act, or RICO, which is often used to combat organized crime.

Leaders of No Labels who described the complaint during a news conference on Thursday pointed largely to previously reported details of efforts to oppose the group, as well as incendiary statements that some of its critics had made on political podcasts.

The group compared the efforts of its opponents to those of the Ku Klux Klan in the 1950s and ’60s and the fictional mob boss Tony Soprano. A montage of clips shown by the group included Rick Wilson, a founder of the anti-Trump Republican group the Lincoln Project, saying last spring that the group had to “be burned to the ground,” using an expletive — although the clip had been cut off before Mr. Wilson adds the word “politically.” (After being asked about the shortened clip, the group uploaded a version of the video with the full statement.)

Other critics featured in the montage were Jonathan V. Last of The Bulwark, a conservative news outlet, and Matt Bennett of Third Way, a centrist Democratic group.

Former Gov. Pat McCrory of North Carolina, a national co-chairman of No Labels, said that opponents of the group were “using intimidation to keep people off the ballot,” and attacking “the rights of the American people and our democracy.”

In a statement on Thursday, the Lincoln Project accused No Labels of trying to “weaponize the D.O.J.” to “attack their opponents for protected political speech.” In a separate statement, Third Way called the complaint “an all-too-predictable attempt to distract from the fact that No Labels has no chance of winning.” The Bulwark did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The complaint filed by No Labels was unusual for a group involved in campaign politics. Attacks and pressure campaigns against potential candidates, donors and supporters of a party are common in politics, particularly in high-profile presidential races, and are considered widely permissible by courts under First Amendment speech protections.

The group’s claims that its opponents are meaningfully infringing on voting rights are also complicated by the fact that a number of third-party presidential candidates have already entered the race, including Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the prominent environmental lawyer turned anti-vaccine activist.

In contrast, No Labels has yet to commit to entering the presidential race, and it remains unclear who would run under the group’s ballot line if it did. Senator Joe Manchin III, a conservative Democrat from West Virginia, who has been touring New Hampshire, is seen as a top potential candidate.

The group has also fought to block candidates from using its ballot line to run for offices other than president and vice president, in part to avoid disclosing its donors.

Ryan Clancy, the group’s chief strategist, said on Thursday that the group was “not trying to stand in the way of either party nominating whoever they want.” But Mr. Clancy and other leaders of the group said they would decide to enter the race only when it became clear that the two major parties would nominate President Biden and former President Donald J. Trump.

Chris Cameron covers politics for The Times, focusing on breaking news and the 2024 campaign. 


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Progressive Democrats who support Hamas protest at The White House.

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Progressive Democrats who support Hamas protest at The White House. We see where Leftist Democrats attempted to gain entrance onto White House Grounds.

A White House fence was vandalized Saturday night by pro-Palestinian protesters who doused red paint on it. During the rowdy protest, marchers rattled a gate while one demonstrator climbed the black gate to wave a Palestinian flag. A nearby statue of General Marquis de Lafayette in Lafayette Park was tagged with graffiti and festooned with Palestinian flags, according to Fox News. The protest ended at about 8 p.m. “Demonstrators are beginning to disperse from the area and the attempted gate trespass from earlier was handled without incident by Secret Service.





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