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Young Voters Flee Biden. Who Turns 81 Today.

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Young Voters Flee Biden. Who Turns 81 Today. Happy Birthday Joe. My question is why they have voted for him in the first place?

The list of bad things that he and his administration have caused is so long. The Border, COVID, Crime increasing, Wars around the world, Weaponization of the courts, etc.

Among young voters (18-34 years old) — just 20% of whom view Biden favorably on Israel’s war on Hamas — Biden (42%) trails Trump (46%) by 4 points, which is outside the poll’s margin of error.

“This could be a massive sea change,” according to NBC News poll analyst Steve Kornacki, who noted Biden was plus-26 points on younger voters in 2020.

NBC News Poll: Biden’s standing hits new low amid Israel-Hamas war


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How funny is this? Los Angeles Hotels Replacing Union Workers with Border Crossers.

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How funny is this? Los Angeles Hotels Replacing Union Workers with Border Crossers. So the hotels will now be rolling in the doe. Less workers, and workers who will work eight hours a day for a third of the pay.

It is sad that the hotels aren’t hiring the American workers, but odds are the starting pay may be only minimum wage.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Since more than 15,000 workers began intermittent strikes at about 60 Southern California hotels in early July, employers have been replacing those union members with managers and temporary workers recruited through apps, such as Instawork, staffing agencies and by other means. Vargas is among those from Skid Row’s migrant population who have been recruited in recent weeks to work at unionized hotels in Santa Monica and near Los Angeles International Airport where workers have gone on strike. [Emphasis added].

The union brought in their big gun LA DA.

“If there are violations of the law, there will be severe consequences for this. We want to make sure that our community understands there will be no tolerance for the exploitation of refugees,” Gascón said, citing reporting by The Times on the issue.

L.A. hotel strike: Migrants from homeless shelter replace strikers – Los Angeles Times (


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“You Can’t Say That!”: 18 Time-Honored Sayings Woke Culture Wants to Erase from History

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Story by Elliot Peters for Man and Home 10-11-23

Wokism: A growing cultural consciousness that makes us think twice before using certain phrases. Our words shape our world, and while some old-school sayings might bring nostalgia, they can also encourage outdated or offensive views. So, let’s walk down memory lane and explore how some classic expressions have been reshaped – for better or for worse!

Hitting a Blind Spot and Not Just on the Road.

People often used the term “blind spot” in driving jargon, indicating that little area that mirrors just couldn’t capture. But when used metaphorically, it raised eyebrows. Connecting “blind” to “ignorance” can offend the visually impaired community. As society becomes more conscious of such subtleties, shifting from potentially insensitive idioms becomes key.

(Raises WHOSE eyebrows? I’m “visually impaired,” and I don’t have a problem with it,)

Indian Giver Is More Than Just a Take-Back

The term “Indian Giver” paints a misleading image of Native Americans, suggesting a tendency to retract gifts. Given the profound respect Native Americans have for giving and community, this phrase is a glaring misrepresentation. Today’s informed society is moving away from such misnomers, embracing accuracy and respect.

(Again, I have to take issue with this reasoning, since anyone with the least bit of American History know that the term at its core refers to Americans (usually the government) who gave Natives things then took them back. Every single Treaty the US Government made, they broke.)


While “addict” may have been tossed around easily in the past, it’s a narrow lens to view someone through. Addiction is a complex issue, and pigeonholing someone’s identity based solely on it is reductive. So, the world now leans towards more empathetic terms like “person with an addiction,” which better reflects the reality of the situation.

(Another indication of wanting to use more words to obscure a simple fact, like changing “homeless person” or” the homeless” to “person experiencing homelessness.” Seriously, are they going to start referring to abandoned or feral cats as “Felines experiencing homelessness” next?)

Lame Language? Time for an Upgrade!

Once, we wouldn’t think twice before labeling that less-than-thrilling movie as “lame.” But did you know this term originally described those with physical challenges? It’s high time we jazz up our vocabulary, don’t you think? There’s a whole world of words out there, from “mundane” to “uninspiring,” waiting to be used.


Man Up? Let’s Think Bigger!

“Man up” – it might’ve been your coach’s favorite pep talk. Yet, it subtly hints that bravery is a man’s game. Newsflash! With our evolving understanding of gender fluidity and emotional strength, shouldn’t our idioms grow, too? Bravery isn’t just for one of the genders. Let’s cheer each other on in more inclusive ways.

(Yeah, let’s bring in woke concepts like “gender fluidity” instead.)

Decoding the Policeman Conundrum

In the past, “Hurry up! Get the policeman!” was a staple line from the movies. But with the increasing number of dedicated women in blue, that phrase can feel out of place, right? The term “police officer” bridges this gap. It’s unbiased, forward-thinking, and gives a nod of respect to every individual serving in the force, irrespective of their gender.

(Using “police officer” is okay, but again the ‘logic’ is misleading You’re much more likely to have heard “Call the Cops!” or “Call the police!” than “Hurry up! Get the policeman!” )

Hey, Guys! Or is it… Everyone?

Who hasn’t just called out, “Hey, guys!” upon entering a gathering? It was the ultimate casual greeting. However, on closer examination, “guys” might be boxing us into gender corners. With society’s expanding views on gender and inclusivity, it’s about time our everyday greetings got an upgrade. “Hello, folks” or “Hey, crew” has a fresh, inclusive ring to it, right?

(Oh, dear! “gender AND inclusivity?” What a crock!)

Don’t Be So Hysterical

Using “hysterical” to describe something extremely funny or exaggerated became second nature for many. However, a peek into the past reveals its association with women, suggesting an exaggerated emotional state. In our journey towards embracing gender fairness and shedding stereotypes, sidelining such terms feels right.

(Feels trump everything, right?”

Grandfathered Is a Term with Deep Roots .

On the surface, “grandfathered” shows a sense of legacy and timelessness. However, its historical roots connect it to policies that, unfortunately, sidelined Black communities during the post-Civil War period. As conversations around racial justice become louder, reassessing and recontextualizing some of our age-old terms seems the best option.

(What juvenile BS!)

Real Man, Real Woman? Let’s Rethink That! .

Ever wondered who came up with the criteria for a “real” man or woman? These phrases press people into molds they may not fit into. Instead of sticking to narrow definitions, it’s high time we acknowledged and celebrated every person’s individuality. After all, every person’s journey and identity are real and valid, regardless of societal expectations.

(I can’t decide whether the OP is being satirical or serious. For 99% of humans you’re either XX -female- or XY -male- and surgical mutilation does not change that. [I’m excluding the extremely rare hermaphrodites.)

Mastering a New Bedroom Terminology

Historically, the term “Master bedroom” sounded fancy. But dig a little deeper, and you uncover undertones of slavery and hierarchical dominance. As societies become more conscious and sensitive, many advocate for a terminology shift. “Primary bedroom” or “main suite” not only sounds contemporary but also lacks the baggage of the past.

(More regurgitated crap. Some snowflake’s feels might get hurt.)

Seeing Beyond ‘Colorblind’

In the past, proclaiming, “I’m colorblind” was a well-intended remark to show you were impartial about race. However, in today’s more nuanced world, this phrase might be seen as a way to gloss over individual racial experiences and challenges. It’s not about being blind to color but understanding and appreciating the stories each color tells.

(This stupidity needs no further comment.)

From Mankind to Humankind: An Inclusive Shift.

Once upon a time, “mankind” was a common phrase, representing all of humanity. But as our understanding of gender becomes more sophisticated and inclusive, this term feels a tad exclusive. The shift towards “humankind” is more than just linguistic. It’s a nod towards a future where everyone feels seen and acknowledged.

(There’s already a term for that: HUMANITY, FFS.)

The Whitelist Conundrum.

The term “Whitelist” was traditionally used to describe approved or safe items. However, against a backdrop of racial sensitivities, words that unconsciously encourage color biases are being reevaluated. So, it’s no surprise that “allow list” is gaining traction, emphasizing function over potentially problematic connotations.

(Has anyone ever seen “allow list” before? Or “disallow list”?)

Steering Clear of ‘Gyp’

To “gyp” someone out of something meant that you deceived them. But what many might not realize is that it’s rooted in stereotypes against the Romani people. With a broader understanding of cultural sensitivities, it’s only right that we retire such phrases and opt for words that don’t allow for such biases.

(This one I can agree with, but what’s next? Eliminate “con” because it offends people convicted of a crime?)

Humanizing Undocumented Individuals

Terms matter, especially when they concern human beings. Labeling someone as an “illegal alien” feels cold and strips them of their humanity. As conversations around immigration grow more compassionate, “undocumented individuals” emerges as a term that’s both accurate and respectful.

(They’re still here illegally, bunky.)

I’ can’t hear you! Nah nah nah nah nah I can’t hear you!

The ‘Crazy’ and ‘Insane’ Evolution

Calling an unexpected event “crazy” or “insane” was commonplace. But as society becomes more aware of the realities and challenges of mental health, such casual use can feel dismissive. When used out of context, these terms can trivialize genuine mental health issues. It reflects a society that’s growing more empathetic by the day.

(So, calling the Hamas 2023 mass murders “Insane” is inaccurate?)

Moving Away from Troubled Waters

Historically, the expression “sold down the river” was used casually to indicate betrayal. However, its origins trace back to the dark times of American slavery, where slaves were often literally sold down the Mississippi River. Today, with an emphasis on sensitivity and historical accuracy, it’s better to opt for alternatives like “betrayed” or “deceived.”

(Uhm, historically, it would have been UP the Mississippi. New Orleans was the port of entry, not someplace in Iowa or Illinois. Yet another woke distortion.)

As I said above, I’m not sure if the OP is being satirical or serious. Unfortunately, I think he’s serious.


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CNN reports that Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley Insists ‘the Border is Secure’.

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CNN reports that Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley Insists ‘the Border is Secure’. Massachusetts Rep. and ‘squad’ member Ayanna Pressley, appeared on CNN this week and insisted that the border is secure.

How can that possibly be true? Has she not watched what even the MSM is showing us? Millions under Joe Biden have arrived. Ask the people who live along the border if it’s secure. Ask the politicians, Democrat and Republicans who are complaining. Finally ask the big city Democrat mayors if the border is secure.

CNN’s Jake Tapper had squad member Pressley on his show yesterday to talk about the looming government shutdown. That discussion then transitioned into one about border security because, as Tapper noted, the Senate compromise bill doesn’t contain funding for border security. Tapper noted that there definitely was a crisis at the border saying, “More than 7.7 million people have fled Venezuela; there’s no sign this is slowing down. Do you agree that something needs to be done about our border?” Tapper then pointed to the busloads of migrants being sent to blue cities.


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Time to focus on where Republicans are winning with the American Voters.

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Time to focus on where Republicans are winning with the American Voters. I’ve made a decision that it’s time to ease up on the criminal activities of Joe and Hunter Biden. Don’t get me wrong. There’s crimes that have been committed, but we must look at the big picture.

Republicans are winning on the Border, The Economy, Education, COVID, and Green Energy. The Biden administration is screwing up in all of those areas. They want us to just focus on Hunter so their other misdeeds will go unnoticed.

So unless it’s earth shattering and a main News issue of the day, this writer will ease up on the Hunter and Joe Biden money laundering.


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Winning, Judge Blocks NYC from Pawning Off Border Crossers on Upstate Suburbs.

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Winning, Judge Blocks NYC from Pawning Off Border Crossers on Upstate Suburbs.

No Mas.

Go back home.

We are seeing more and more so called Sanctuary cities telling the undocumented No Mas. Go back home. And when the undocumented come to these Sanctuary cities, they’re being turned away.

A second judge now has told NY to stop deporting the undocumented. It’s your problem now. This from Breitbart.

A New York Supreme Court judge has blocked New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) from busing any more border crossers and illegal aliens to Orange County, New York, a decision that comes after a judge blocked the city from sending new arrivals to Rockland County, New York.


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Winning. Texas Military, Troopers Turn Back Wave of Migrants at Border River Crossing.

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Winning. Texas Military, Troopers Turn Back Wave of Migrants at Border River Crossing. Texas National Guardsmen and Department of Public Safety troopers set up barbed wire along the northern bank of the Rio Grande creating a barrier to physically keep migrants from climbing out of the Rio Grande. Governor Greg Abbott deployed the Texas Border Force earlier this week to help stop or deter migrant crossings as part of Operation Lone Star.We have this from Breitbart.

Breitbart Texas traveled to the border city of Matamoros, Tamaulipas, where hundreds of migrants have been trying to get across the Rio Grande. At various times, migrants took to the water and waded across the river but some were forced to turn back after Texas authorities blocked dirt paths leading north from the river.

Two hundred yards downstream from the first attempt some of the migrants tried to make their way through a second location but again were unable to climb up.



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WTF? FBI Increases Presence, Surveillance at EPCOT, Fearing Major Threat to National Security

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This comes from  an official Walt Disney website:

U. S. Government Concerns Grow Over EPCOT’s New Offering

Why did the government feel that EPCOT might present a threat to homeland security? According to heavily redacted FBI files, the Bureau had major concerns, particularly about the China pavilion at World Showcase. As such, FBI agents closely monitored all of the delegates on World Showcase.

A World Showcase of Unforgettable Shopping at Epcot – China Pavilion | Disney Parks Blog

EPCOT’s China pavilion/Credit: Disney Parks

According to a post at MuckRock, EPCOT’s World Showcase “initially called for cultural installations from nine countries” and was “intended to be the ultimate harmonious international village, a shining example of global unity. Naturally, the FBI had a problem with it.”

While this has been going on since 1982, when Epcot opened, there seems to be an increase in their presence there. Why?

Per Muckrock:

The Tampa field office [of the Federal Bureau of Investigation] seemed concerned that any terrorist organizations operating within or around the participating nations, “Canada, France, China, Italy, Japan, UK, West Germany, Africa, and Mexico,” would converge on EPCOT.

Real good job there, FBI. You were so busy chasing and spying all those dangerous EPCOT delegates that you completely missed the 9/11 terrorists training at TWO nearby flight schools. Bravo! /s

If they are still there and have increased their presence, why? Shouldn’t they be along the Mexican border to help with the onslaught of illegal immigrants pouring across our southern border?

Oh, wait, the illegals are future Democratic voters. Carry on.

Muckrock link to FBI FOIA docs.

Article on


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The Farce of Real ID: Creating Second-Class Citizens

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Official Penn DOT website blurb

Note the date above: May 7, 2025. On that date, you will become a second-class citizen unless you bow to your masters’ demands.

Papers, please!

Although it’s been delayed several times, the insidious Real ID is coming. You will need to pay for the government’s approval so you can board a flight that NEVER LEAVES THE COUNTRY. And you won’t be able to seek redress of grievances because you won’t be ALLOWED into a Federal — and likely state — building if you don’t have their “Good Sheeple” ID to see your elected representatives. You won’t even be able to check with your local Social Security office about retirement without it. Or register to vote — if you’re a native-born American, that is.

Already, Drivers License locations have a security guard stationed inside them, because “Real ID” is given out there.

So far it’s supposedly a one-and-done deal, once you pay, the Real ID gold star is yours for life.

Does anyone really believe that the bureaucrats won’t draw from that well again — and again? Isn’t that what we were promised for the Covid-19 clot shot, one-and-done? How about the promise that Federal Income tax would only be on the rich? Or that electric cars would be cheaper to run — and less polluting — than internal combustion vehicles?

Okay, so maybe you don’t need to fly across the country, so what? Remember though that the TSA controls ALL public transportation. Think I’m kidding? Did you ever see those notices like on City buses: “The TSA requires all passengers to wear a mask….” How long do you suppose it will take the elitists to require Real ID to board a cross-town bus? They’re already trying to take our cars away from us.

Real ID is anathema to our country’s ideals

The very idea of Real ID is anathema to what the country stands for (or used to stand for) in the first place. In the second place, does anyone care to bet that the current surge of illegal immigrant/future democrat voters won’t need it — or that the elitists will provide it to them so they can continue to vote democrat?

I didn’t think so.

I know some leftist loons will claim I’m a conspiracy theorist. OTOH, how many things that the left decried as a “conspiracy theory” has been proven true?


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America’s Broken Immigration System: A Debate

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America’s Broken Immigration System: A Debate
A restrictionist and a proponent of open borders walk into a bar . . .

By The Free Press

January 21, 2023

In 2022, there were over 2.76 million illegal migrant crossings at the Southwest border. That’s roughly the population of Chicago, America’s third largest city. To address this unprecedented surge, President Biden recently announced tougher restrictions and made a show of visiting the border himself.

But unlike a decade or two ago, when the immigration debate was mostly about economics, today it’s an issue that’s subsumed by the culture wars and our polarized discourse. Republican governors bus migrants to sanctuary cities and they’re called “xenophobic” and “cruel” by the left. But what happens when a Democratic governor does much the same thing, bussing migrants from Colorado to New York City and Chicago? Is it still a heartless political stunt? Or is all of this just an inevitable consequence of our broken immigration system?

So this week: a debate moderated by guest host Kmele Foster between Alex Nowrasteh and Jessica Vaughan. Are current levels of immigration helping or hurting America? How do we balance humanitarian concerns with America’s economic and security needs? Should we be trying to enforce more or less restrictions at the border? And what exactly should we do to fix our immigration policies?

Alex is the director of Economic and Social Policy Studies at the Cato Institute, a libertarian think tank. Jessica is the director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, a think tank that describes themselves as “pro-immigrant but low immigration.”

While Alex and Jessica couldn’t be more opposite in their approach—Alex favors free immigration, while Jessica argues for restrictionist policies—in this episode of Honestly we look for common ground, debate the facts, and search for solutions.



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