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Yes Virginia, Emissions in California are getting worse not better.

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Yes Virginia, Emissions in California are getting worse not better. I did an article at breaking news where I sugar coated it so Progressive cultist could understand. Well they just wanted to pretend that facts don’t matter. When ever you give them facts, they go to the 12th paragraph and line 27 and say but it says this. So here in the reality world(not progressives’ wet dreams) are the facts.

Now even a fanatic on the left points out that the state is lying about the real emission numbers in California.

“Governor Newsom has taken unprecedented action to get there — investing tens of billions of dollars to transition to clean energy, taking action to cut pollution, and moving us away from fossil fuels.” What gets counted in these estimates?

Research by Leehi Yona, a PhD candidate at Stanford’s School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences, showed that California omits key emission sources from its greenhouse accounting numbers — from aviation to shipping and wildfires.

“An increase in emissions is concerning in and of itself, but it’s also important to know that those emissions are underestimates to begin with,” she said. “So the fact that they’re increasing is doubly worrying, if we’re thinking about our progress as a state addressing climate change.”

Read more at:

Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere continue to increase globally and in California. In California is the key word here.


What does the indicator show?

Monthly average atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations

The graph shows monthly average atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations measured in parts per million at four locations: (1) Mauna Loa, Hawaii (1958-2021); (2) La Jolla (1957-2021); (3) Point Arena (1999-2011); (4) Trinidad Head (2002-2017).

In the last five years, the yearly increase in carbon dioxide levels accelerated to about 2.4 ppm per year from an average rate of 1.6 ppm per year over the past 6 decades.

Here’s the bottom line. The earth is not in great danger the way the left claims. But California with it’s strict rules and guidelines still can’t control nature.


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Unions destroy the California housing market.

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This editorial board routinely decries the failure of state lawmakers to address some of the biggest issues that confront California, but we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the state’s continuing commitment to loosen the encrusted housing-construction rules that create years-long delays to build important new projects.

The latest two governors have signed dozens of housing-related bills — the most significant of which reduce housing regulations and zoning requirements. One of the earliest ones is 2017’s Senate Bill 35 by Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco. Although we generally disagree with his politics, we can’t deny that Wiener has been a force of nature on the housing front.

SB 35 created a template for housing reform. It gives developers have a right to build their properties without going through the long and subjective local approval process provided the projects meet some basic standards.

For instance, the streamlined projects must be multi-family projects located on an urban infill site and conform to general zoning and design standards. The projects also must contain certain levels of affordability and conform to a long list of other standards. Developers also were required to pay their workers union-level wages.

Obviously, we prefer a wider loosening of standards, but negotiating any serious reform that might actually pass in the state Capitol means confronting the vested interests that hold sway. SB 35 passes our test of offering far more good than bad, even if we have to hold our collective noses at the bad.

Prominent research already has detailed the specific ways that SB 35 has helped cities build affordable-housing and homeless-related projects. However, SB 35 will sunset in 2026 and Wiener has introduced a new bill, Senate Bill 423, to make its provisions permanent.

The legislative sausage-making process never is pleasant, but it’s dismaying to see major unions throw a wrench in that process to achieve self-interested provisions. The bill would eliminate certain union-only hiring regulations because, as CalMatters explained, “there aren’t enough unionized construction workers to build all the new housing California requires.”

Two major unions have admirably backed the bill even though some of the more politically powerful construction unions oppose it, the article adds. Former Assembly member Lorena Gonzalez — author of disastrous Assembly Bill 5, which largely banned independent contracting — attacked the proposed change in her usual class-warfare manner.

Unfortunately, local governments also opposed the law’s extension. Transparently slow-growth efforts by cities such as Huntington Beach to stymie housing construction, however, only reinforce the need for state regulatory pre-emptions.
Regarding union opposition, construction trades already enjoy many government-granted privileges. Trade unions tout the benefits that they offer builders in terms of training and apprenticeship programs. So union workers will naturally grab the lion’s share of new construction jobs, but they want to use the government to grab it all.

“We say, represent and raise all workers up,” Northern California Carpenters Regional Council executive secretary Jay Bradshaw told CalMatters. “It’s an organizing opportunity and we’ll produce housing at all income levels.” We wholeheartedly agree.

Housing streamlining rules such as SB 423 will help the state meet its desperate housing needs – and help all workers in the process. They help cities, too.

It would be a shame if narrow interests derail one of the rare areas where the state has the right idea.


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California’s gun control works for who? 9 mass shootings up to April 16th.

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California’s gun control works for who? 9 mass shootings up to April 16th. And it’s not just this year. From 1982 to 2023 California leads the nation in mass shootings. More than Texas and Floridan combined. How can that possibly be? One California loon claims that every single mass shooting was with a gun bought outside of California. SMH.

Now I’m sure that the Progressives who follow this website will say the answer is simple. Pass more gun control. How crazy is that? Obvious that states like California that have these laws, either don’t enforce them, or they just don’t work.

What’s the answer? First thing is to look at who and where the shootings are happening? In minority neighborhoods? If so you set up check points and increase police presence.

Nuff said. That’s a start.



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Just when you thought it was safe to have a gas stove. Department of Energy now wants to regulate gas stoves.

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Just when you thought it was safe to have a gas stove. Department of Energy now wants to regulate gas stoves. First a few weeks back, a board member at the US Consumer Product Safety Commission said aloud what the extremists want to do. Go all electric.

Now the Department of Energy  is proposing limits on energy consumption for gas stoves. This from Jill Notini, a vice president with the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers

“This approach by DOE could effectively ban gas appliances,” said Jill Notini, a vice president with the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers. “We are concerned this approach could eliminate fully featured gas products.” The trade group said 95% of the market for gas products would likely not meet the new proposed rules.

Bloomberg reported:

Gas stoves are coming under fresh scrutiny as a second federal agency has now stepped into the political firestorm with a proposal for new regulations for the appliances.


The Energy Department proposal, published Wednesday, sets first-of-their-kind limits on energy consumption for the stoves, drawing fear from the industry that the regulation could effectively end the use of some products from the market. The proposal also sets energy usage standards for electric cook tops and new standards for both gas and electric ovens.


The move comes just weeks after an official with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission floated the idea of a ban, igniting criticism from the gas industry and from lawmakers ranging from House Energy and Commerce Committee Chair Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers to Senator Joe Manchin. Within days, the head of the commission clarified that the agency had no plans for a ban, and the White House issued a statement that said the president didn’t support banning the cooking products either.


The Energy Department’s proposal would reduce energy usage by about 30% relative to the least-efficient products on the market today, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, an environmental group. The proposed standards are based on improved cooking efficiency through the use of design options, such as an optimized burner and improved grates, and some products are already on the market that meet the requirements, the group said.





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California Progressives rejoice. Rest of the population mourns. Their gun control laws only allowed one mass shooting this week.

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California Progressives rejoice. Rest of the population mourns. Their gun control laws only allowed one mass shooting this week. Yes my friends it looks as if gun control is finally working in California. Only one mass shooting this past week.

A mass shooting took place Thursday in the wealthy Beverly Crest neighborhood of Los Angeles, killing three and wounding four people according to police. The shooting took place at a short term rental on the 2700 block of Ellison Dr. No suspect or motive has been identified as of yet but the public is not believed to be in danger. It has not been determined whether a party was taking place.

It’s working so well that California lawmakers are calling for even tougher laws. Oh they work so well. Don’t you think?



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California is number one in gun laws and number one in active shooters.

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California is number one in gun laws and number one in active shooters. Yes my friends high crime and strict gun laws go hand and hand. Just ask the feds if you don’t believe me.

 FBI’s figures which show California was number one in “active shooter incidents” in 2021. Breitbart News pointed out that the FBI figures mean California was number one in gun control and number one in “active shooter incidents” at the same time.

 The city of Los Angeles alone witnessed 382 murders in 2022, according to Crosstown. Moreover, on July 12, 2022, ABC 7 explained that Los Angeles homicides “hit the highest level in over a decade” during the first six months of 2022.

So what does the WP write?

The Washington Post propped up California’s failed gun controls after a Saturday night shooting at a Lunar New Year celebration in Monterey Park resulted in ten deaths.



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Gavin getting nervous about all those undocumented.

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But, but they’re such hard workers and do the jobs Americans don’t want. Like working at the water department making coffee and filing. I guess if Gavin checks around, there’s someone in Northern California looking to take in a few.

We have this from Breitbart.

In an interview with ABC10 News, Newsom seemingly complained that California is having to foot the bill for hundreds of thousands of border crossers and illegal aliens arriving via buses and flights every month as part of the Biden administration’s expansive Catch and Release network. Newsom said:

The federal government is sending more and more flights, and more and more buses directly here to California because this state is doing what no other state’s doing and that’s absorbing and protecting and preserving our values and advancing them by doing health care screenings, and taking care of folks, and the more we do, the burden is placed disproportionate on us.

We’re already at capacity and nine of our sites. We can’t continue to fund all of these sites because of the budgetary pressures now being placed on this state and the offsetting issues that I have to address. [Emphasis added]

As of October, an estimated 1.4 million border crossers and illegal aliens have been released into the U.S. interior since Biden took office in late January 2021. This is in addition to more than 600,000 illegal aliens who are known to have successfully crossed the southern border.



Leftist Virtue(!) Life

OMG if this doesn’t remind me of someone. California.

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When I saw these, it reminded me so much of the folks ( one in particular ) who lurk here. Watch the videos and enjoy.





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Newsom does something right. Issues 138 offshore well permits.

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Like a clock even the governor of California sometimes gets it right. Newsom issued 138 offshore well permits. “Governor Newsom has issued 138 permits for wells located offshore,” according to Kyle Ferrar, Western program coordinator for the FracTracker Alliance. “This includes five new drilling permits and 133 permits to perform work on existing offshore wells.

Onshore Newsom has issued over 9,000 permits. Knowing California has enough oil on and off shore, the governor needs to double what he’s already issued.

But California has two loon groups trying to send California back to the stone age.

Consumer Watchdog and FracTracker Alliance are among a coalition of groups calling on Newsom to issue a mandatory 2,500-foot setback between oil drilling operations and communities. Up to one mile would be preferable based on the evidence, they argue.





Biden Pandemic COVID How funny is this?

But, but we got the vaccine, how could this be?  California hits 4 million COVID-19 cases amid delta variant spread.

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But, but we got the vaccine, how could this be?  California hits 4 million COVID-19 cases amid delta variant spread. You were told that the vaccine was the miracle drug. Get the vaccine and you were the new superman, woman, child. So why have four million people got the virus? They locked up, social distanced, and even posted on social media that they were immune. Guess not.

But the coronavirus has since rebounded with ferocity, and California is seeing a level of daily infection higher than at any point during last summer’s surge. How can that be? More folks getting the vaccine and more folks getting the virus. Has the CDC let folks down? did the fauch lie? Again.

So what’s the answer? SMH. According to my link above. Getting more people to roll up their sleeves is especially vital now, officials say, because of the widespread circulation of the delta variant — believed to be the most contagious strain of the coronavirus yet. Double head shake.



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