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Yes Virginia, you have a right to Unionize, and a company has a right to close down. Winning.

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Yes Virginia, you have a right to Unionize, and a company has a right to close down. Winning.

Let me see if I got this straight. Company pays between $20- $25.00 an hour, offers hospitalization and dental, and the employees vote to unionize.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports:

Feibush, who met with available staff in person Monday afternoon, called the shutdown a difficult decision, citing rising costs, reduced sales, and the expiration of leases for a business that he said was never profitable during its 13 years.

”But we pushed forward because we understood the positive impact we were making in our communities and the importance to maintain a level of compensation and benefits … that you each deserved,” he wrote in an email announcing the decision to staff who did not attend Monday’s meetings.

Combined with financial and logistical headwinds, however, “the administrative and legal costs associated with your desire to organize has regrettably moved us beyond any cost that we could sustain,” he wrote.

Employees at a Philadelphia coffee chain may now be regretting their decision to form a union.

Just one week after staff at the OCF Coffee House informed him of their intention to unionize, owner and real estate developer Ori Feibush confirmed that he would be closing all three locations down.


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Just my two cents. Why the UAW has no choice but to try and Unionize other auto and battery plants.

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Just my two cents. Why the UAW has no choice but to try and Unionize other auto and battery plants. What choice does the union management have?

We all have seen the numbers. The auto plants when they switch over to all electric, will be half the size of what they are now. Management knows that but they don’t care because they will keep their jobs.

If non union auto workers ask the tough questions, there’s no way that they will vote to unionize. So how will this be done?

The UAW says it will spend $40 million in new funds to support the organizing of workers in nonunion auto plants and battery facilities, “particularly in the South,” through 2026.


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If I had one bill, one page. Prevailing wage. Page 2.

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If I had one bill, one page. Prevailing wage. Page 2. I would propose a bill that would do away with prevailing wage. Prevailing wage is a law that pays workers the region’s standards for hourly wages, benefits, and overtime, as calculated by the U.S. Department of Labor and Ohio Department of Commerce.

The overtime would stay, but companies would not be forced to pay a set high standard and would not be forced to be union. Example if a Union company is  paying on average say $35.00 an hour, and a non Union company is paying $ 20.00 an hour, you go with the non union company.

The law would read. Any local or state that uses prevailing wage, undocumented workers or states the job needs to be done by union workers would be denied federal funds for that project.


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Union Management supports Biden. Workers support Trump.

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Union Management supports Biden. Workers support Trump. In a strange interview, the UAW President admitted that the Joe Bag a Donut worker was not supporting the Union upper management pick.

United Auto Workers (UAW) President Shawn Fain said “a great majority” of American union workers in the auto industry “will not vote for” President Joe Biden against presumptive Republican presidential nominee former President Donald Trump.

“Look, let me be clear about this. A great majority of our members will not vote for President Biden. Yes, some will. But that’s the reality of this,” Fain told Neil Cavuto.


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How funny is this? NEA staff workers threaten strike.

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How funny is this? NEA staff workers threaten strike.

Field service employees at the National Education Association, which represents teachers, voted Monday to authorize a strike.

The NEA, the nation’s largest union, usually stokes strikes across the country, but Axios noted that the NEA is dealing with its own internal troubles among its 48 employees.

Despite the small staff, the union represents around 3 million education professionals from preschool to graduate school. It has been without a contract since May.

LaToya Johnson, the staff union’s bargaining chair, told Axios that NEA staffers are asking for the same kinds of benefits that they are fighting to get for teachers.

“The NEA is going to have to step up and honor the values of the organization,” Johnson said.

The union is asking for a raise in line with inflation. Unless both sides reach a deal this week, a two-day strike will begin Friday with a picket line at an NEA conference in Atlanta.

The staff rebellion comes amid a year of labor-movement resurgence, typified by the United Auto Workers strikes that have shut down dozens of plants as workers seek higher wages, better benefits, and new protections.

Even within those strikes, divisions have begun to surface. UAW members at some Ford and General Motors plants in Kentucky and Michigan rejected a tentative agreement between the car unions and companies.

Teachers’ strikes also are heating up, notably in Portland, Oregon, where the public school district just offered a significant salary increase. However, local unions rejected the proposal.

“When it comes to class sizes and caseloads, there was no improvement,” said Portland Association of Teachers President Angela Bonilla.

“For planning time, it’s the status quo for a majority of our members and less planning time for a portion of our educators. When it comes to a cost-of-living increase, there was no movement beyond a small one-time cash bonus.”

Luca Cacciatore |

Luca Cacciatore, a Newsmax general assignment writer, is based in Arlington, Virginia, reporting on news and politics. 


Workers at Influential Labor Union Authorize Strike |


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How funny is this? Congressman Ryan’s staff forms Union.

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How funny is this? Congressman Ryan’s staff forms Union. Ryan is running in he state of Ohio for the Senate seat of Senator Portman who’s not running. So how does the senate staff reward Ryan? They form a union. I call that poetic justice. How about his congressional staff? Oh well.

His Senate campaign staff announced it was unionizing on Tuesday, making history as the first unionized Senate campaign in the Buckeye State’s history.

The staff union said it organized with IBEW Local 1466 and that Ohio AFL-CIO President Tim Burga certified the election.



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