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Whites still have the power when it comes to elections. But they didn’t swing largely for Republicans.

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Another reason Republicans red wave was a small one. We saw how the Black and Latino vote increased for Republicans this past election. And we saw how 5 million more people voted for Republicans in the Congressional races but outside the red districts that didn’t help much. Why?

Midterm election turnout among black voters appears to be 25 percent lower than white turnout, marking the lowest share of the black electorate since 2006, a New York Times analysis revealed Wednesday.

Granted the large majority would have voted Democrat but if the Republicans got 10% of that 25, you would have seen some big changes in the house, Arizona, and NY governors races.

But the whites who voted in those blue areas were happy with the status quo. So wnen Republicans get back that white vote and continue to grow the black and brown vote, then you will see more Republican office holders in blue districts


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