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Pelosi: ‘We Have To Convict Trump On The Charges To Find Out What Is In Them’

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This is from the Babylon Bee but is too close to reality for comfort.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Democrat Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi is calling for a quick conviction of Trump so that we can all see what he’s being charged with.

“Just like we do with our spending bills, we should convict Donald Trump of these charges right away so that we can see what’s in them,” said Pelosi. “Trump has many pages of charges that are probably horrible and we just don’t have time to read them all. Doing it this way is much more efficient!” Pelosi’s statement was then interrupted by her teeth getting stuck in an ice cream bar she was eating.

Sources speculate the list of charges against Trump includes paying hush money to a stripper, colluding with Russia to overthrow the United States government and usher in 1000 years of darkness, and being really yucky and Trump-like. “We don’t need a list of charges to know that Trump is guilty of being Trump,” said Pelosi. “Let’s get this over with already.”

At publishing time Manhattan’s DA had announced 3,000 additional pages of charges were brought in at 1 AM in the morning.

Look, anyone with more than two functioning brain cells can see this for what it is. Although I suppose that the Severe Trump Derangement Syndrome case hotspots in liberal cities like NYC may render even that generous definition moot.




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An Ivermectin Success Story. Rapid recovery from severe symptoms

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Thanks to Christopher Cook (former executive editor of The Western Free Press) from The Freedom Scale.

If you’ve been paying attention—and if you’re reading this, then chances are you have been!—you know that ivermectin is effective against covid. You know that ivermectin has been maligned, lied about, and mocked by the mainstream narrative-creation machine. You know that orders came down from the top, and then spread down through the entire medical-pharmaceutical establishment, to make ivermectin nearly impossible to get. The government has even gone so far as to confiscate shipments that people have ordered from overseas.

You may have also read some of the many studies and data that demonstrate ivermectin’s effectiveness. You know about Uttar Pradesh and other states in India. You know about the lower severe-covid rates in Africa—where they eat ivermectin like candy because of the parasites there.

You also likely know that it is extremely safe, with few side effects; that it garnered a Nobel Prize; and that it has been administered several billion times worldwide since its advent.

That said, you may or may not have seen ivermectin work with your own eyes. Facts tell, but stories sell, and seeing it save someone is powerful stuff. So I am going to share one such story about which I have direct personal knowledge, and whose details I can confirm are 100% accurate.

First, some background…

For an as-yet-unknown reason, this patient appears to be more susceptible to severe covid symptoms. Patient had a strong reaction to Alpha in 2020 and severe symptoms, hospitalization, and multi-month recovery from Delta in the second half of 2021. (One hypothesis for this heightened susceptibility involves overactive immune response, but no dispositive determinations have been made.) Fever in 2021 was over 103˚ for 7 days; patient’s history thus gave strong reason for concern as soon as high fever began to manifest with this most recent infection.

And yet, read the details below and observe the rapid recovery as soon as ivermectin was administered:


Patient complained of upper respiratory symptoms culminating in high fever.


Fever reached 102.6 before administering fever-reducing medication (ibuprofen, acetaminophen). Fatigue, upper-respiratory symptoms strong. Covid test negative.


Covid test in AM positive. Ivermectin administered mid-morning (0.6mg/kg). Fever reached 102.8 before administering fever-reducing medication. Fatigue, cough, fog, sputum production all severe. Heart rate elevated. Daytime SpO2 low-mid 90s. Covid test repeated to confirm; still positive. Fever-reducing medication taken before sleep (10PM).


7 AM wakeup, no fever. Ivermectin administered (same dosage). Daytime SpO2 low-mid 90s. Took until 2pm for fever to slowly climb to 100.8. Fever-reducing medication administered. Fatigue, cough, fog, sputum production, heart rate all improved.


7 AM wakeup, temperature normal. Ivermectin administered (same dosage). Temperature remained normal all day. Daytime SpO2 low-mid 90s. Fatigue, cough, fog, sputum production, heart rate all significantly improved.


Temperature normal. Ivermectin administered (same dosage).  All symptoms further improved. Entering pulmonary-inflammatory phase. Daytime SpO2 variable (91–95) Nighttime SpO2 average 91.


Temperature normal.  Ivermectin administered (same dosage; final dose). All symptoms significantly improved. Daytime SpO2 variable (93–97) Nighttime SpO2 average 93.


Temperature normal. Covid test negative. All symptoms dramatically improved. Daytime SpO2 variable (94–97) Nighttime SpO2 average 94 (which is low-average for patient).


Temperature normal. Covid test negative result confirmed. All symptoms continue to improve. Daytime SpO2 is between low-normal and normal.

Subsequent days:

SpO2 normal. Minor cough and fatigue linger but improve, and no indication of increase in inflammatory risk.


This began as a stronger-than-expected reaction to the current strain, based on reports of mild symptoms for most others. Fever ~103 for two days, with no indication of any pending improvement. Given patient’s previous history, there was strong concern and expectation of severe symptoms and continued high fever. After ivermectin administered, fever went from ~103 to ~101 to normal in under 48 hours, and remained normal thereafter. Symptoms showed significant improvement each day.

Vitamins and other supports were administered, but ivermectin was the main player.

There is always the risk of confusing correlation with causation, and obviously this is a single case study and not a broad scientific study. But given the fact that close to 100 studies have been done…and given the patient’s rapid recovery in spite of apparent susceptibility to severe covid reaction, this does appear to be one more data point in ivermectin’s favor.

Given all we know about ivermectin’s effectiveness, we can rightly say that its vilification, and especially its removal as a medical option for millions of people in America and elsewhere, constitute literal

crimes against humanity.

I wonder if anyone will ever be held to account.



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Another Biden Lie. He was the first one who lowered the cost of Insulin for seniors.

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Another Biden Lie. He was the first one who lowered the cost of Insulin for seniors. Back in February Biden started the lie that it was he not  Trump who lowered the cost of Insulin for seniors

Sure Democrats’ Inflation Reduction Act, which went into effect on January 1 year after being passed by Congress and signed into law had that provision. But President Trump had negotiated  with insulin manufacturers and healthcare providers to drastically reduce the cost of insulin for American seniors who relied on Medicare during his presidency — and before Biden took office.

The deal Trump’s administration made limited the co-pay for a month’s supply of the drug to $35, as Breitbart News reported at the time.


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The Rainbow Jihad Comes For The Christians.

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Thanks to Emerald Robinson for this great article.
The Nashville school shooting is another front in the great theological war of our time

A number of things have become clear in the aftermath of the Nashville school shooting. The killer was a mentally ill woman who targeted a Christian school and killed Christian children because she was a member of the LBGT community and she considered Christians to be her enemies. Audrey Hale was engaged, in other words, in the great theological battle of our time between Christianity and the Rainbow Jihad — that coalition of pagans, perverts, pedophiles, atheists, and abortion fanatics which marches under the “Pride” flag in their unholy war to supplant the dominant religion of the West.

There can be no confusion on that score anymore — least of all from the complacent Christians whose moral cowardice has led to this societal crisis.

Audrey Hale was not confused — she knew which side she was fighting for. That’s why she left behind a manifesto rather than a suicide note. It’s a manifesto that the LBGT “community” doesn’t want anyone to read for obvious reasons. Why would a tiny minority of transvestites announce a hot war with the well-armed Christian majority in America?

They’re crazy — not stupid.

But it’s time for that complacent Christian majority to face facts: the LBGT’ers definitely want to dominate and supplant you if you won’t affirm them. Not “affirming them” is a crime in their eyes —and that crime justifies your murder.

A former Christian explained this to you explicitly on TV last week.


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Why this must be investigated as a hate crime. The Nashville killings.

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Why this must be investigated as a hate crime. The Nashville killings. Recently a California loon was carrying on about Senator Hawley. Claimed he wanted to try a dead person for a hate crime. As usual the Progressives ignore facts. Here’s  what he said.

“I urge you to immediately open an investigation into this shooting as a federal hate crime,” Hawley added. “The full resources of the federal government must be brought to bear to determine how this crime occurred, and who may have influenced the deranged shooter to carry out these horrific crimes. Hate that leads to violence must be condemned. And hate crimes must be prosecuted.”

Open an investigation, not try a dead person. So why are progressives against this? If the DOJ would do this, then it would put all Transgenders on notice that your hatred is being watched and you can be charged with a federal crime.




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I couldn’t have said it any better. This has to be stopped.

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I couldn’t have said it any better. This has to be stopped. Finally a parent has decided to send shock waves across the country. A father of one of the children who was killed has decided to take this war against children public.

I have no issues with males or females over 18 who wish to mutilate themselves. But this war on children is a moneymaker. This is a form of mental illness. And with several states wishing to pass laws where the children can be taken away from their parents must be stopped.

The California legislature passed Senate Bill 107, allowing courts to take away parents’ rights if their child comes to the state for what is dishonestly called “gender-affirming health care.”

The bill now goes to the governor’s desk, where it must be signed or vetoed by September 30.

SB 107 allows adults to bring children and teens from other states to California for experimental and damaging transgender medical interventions, without the knowledge or consent of their parents.




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Why Progressives way of doing Green Energy makes no sense.

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Why Progressives way of doing Green Energy makes no sense. China uses coal to puts more toxic gasses in the atmosphere than the US and all the European nations combined. So what does the US and European nations do? Buys Solar Panels from China.

China doesn’t only benefit from not having to pay so-called climate reparations. But they benefit from the entire UN Green New Deal [and] net-zero agenda because the world is going to be looking to China. The U.S. buys over 80 percent of our solar panels currently from China. We rely on China for all the rare earth mining for lithium and cobalt. China is expanding mining operations in Africa — places like the Congo with allegations of underage labor of children of 8, 9 years old by international human rights groups.


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Rand Paul Staff Member Was Brutally Attacked in Broad Daylight – Details Are Horrifying

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Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol Building on Jan. 25 in Washington, D.C. (Anna Moneymaker / Getty Images)

A staff member for Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky was stabbed Saturday, and police said a suspect is in custody.

“This past weekend a member of my staff was brutally attacked in broad daylight in Washington, D.C.,” Paul said in a statement, according to the Daily Wire. The name of the staff member was not released.

“I ask you to join Kelley and me in praying for a speedy and complete recovery, and thanking the first responders, hospital staff, and police for their diligent actions,” Paul said, referring to his wife.

“We are relieved to hear the suspect has been arrested. At this time we would ask for privacy so everyone can focus on healing and recovery,” Paul continued.

The incident took place Saturday in the 1300 block of H Street, Northeast, the Metropolitan Police Department posted on its website.

The police statement said the victim suffered “life-threatening injuries.”

Glynn Neal, 42, of Washington, D.C., was arrested and charged with assault with Intent to Kill (Knife), police said. It was not known Monday night if this was the same person detained.

A social media report said an individual with the same name and age had recently been released from federal prison.

Also, in February, Democratic Rep. Angie Craig of Minnesota suffered bruises in an attack at her apartment building.

The Metropolitan Police Department posted on its website that Kendrick Hamlin, 26, was arrested and charged with simple assault.

According to WUSA-TV, Craig spotted Hamlin in the lobby of the building where she has an apartment. He entered an elevator after she did. At some point, Craig was punched in the chin and grabbed by the neck. Craig threw her hot coffee at her attacker, giving her the opportunity to escape from the elevator.

It might be a good idea to stay out of DC for a while IMO — TPR.


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NBC News reporting that a transgender has shot and killed six people. Including three nine year olds.

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NBC News reporting that a transgender has shot and killed six people. Including three nine year olds. Audrey Hale, 28, who police said was a transgender woman, had conducted surveillance and prepared for the attack with detailed maps, officials said. Police said the shooter had a manifesto, the contents of which were not released.

So this is what we get when what may have once been a normalman turned into a transgender killer. Will be interesting to see what else comes out.

The shooter was armed with two semi-automatic AR-15-style rifles, as well as a handgun. At least two of the three guns had been purchased lawfully, Drake said.


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Tony the Fauch Video Deposition Released Publicly

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Does my heart good to see the Fauch lies exposed so all can see. Thanks Newsmax for this great article.


Fauci Emails and Covid Lab Leak Theory

By Nick Koutsobinas    


The New Civil Liberties Alliance (NCLA) has released six video depositions taken in a federal lawsuit that sheds light on what role government actors, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, played in censoring or, as revealed in the Twitter Files, the offshoring of government requests to private social media companies or foreign actors to censor speech around COVID-19.

In his deposition for State of Missouri v. Joseph R. Biden Jr., as NCLA outlines, Fauci “testified ‘I do not recall’ 174 times, and ‘I don’t remember,’ at least 212 times.” According to NCLA, evidence from “his own emails and past statements” indicate the former head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID) “cast substantial doubt” on his claim to a “failing memory.”

According to U.S. Right to Know, Fauci requested Wellcome Trust Director Jeremy Farrar organize a secret teleconference on Feb. 1, 2020, onstensibly to shift concerns from a lab leak to one of natural origin.

Furthermore, NCLA says, “his deposition testimony — that he genuinely believed COVID had natural origins — conflicts with emails he exchanged with scientists in early 2020, indicating that he believed the lab leak hypothesis could be accurate.”

The recent ruling by Judge Terry A. Doughty of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana denying the government defendants’ motion to dismiss has paved the way for the case to continue. The judge was unpersuaded by the defendants’ arguments.

Elvis Chan, who has been named in the Twitter Files, said in his deposition that the FBI played a prominent role in working with Big Tech to sway public opinion. In regard to the wider scope of what’s been termed the “censorship industrial complex,” Chan, on the eve of the New York Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story, sent Twitter’s then-head of site integrity, Yoel Roth, 10 documents. “Within hours,” journalist Michael Shellenberger writes, “Twitter and other social media companies” began censoring the story.

Nonetheless, the recently filed Supplemental Preliminary Injunction Brief as well as the Proposed Findings of Fact reveal a damning effort by the Biden administration and federal officials’ in employing “illicit tactics” to silence voices on social media that presented views on COVID-19 that were otherwise deemed inconvenient or disfavored.

Jenin Younes, litigation counsel for NCLA, said, “These depositions further confirm what other discovery in the case has already demonstrated: Dozens of members of the federal government, including unelected bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci, orchestrated a campaign to shut down debate about COVID-19 related subjects; and they deceived the American public on issues ranging from the lab leak theory to efficacy of masks to the protection offered by naturally acquired immunity to whether the vaccines could prevent disease transmission.”

The six video depositions from NCLA are included here: “Chan, FBI supervisory special agentCarol Crawford, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention chief of the digital media branch; Fauci, NIAID director and White House chief medical adviserDaniel Kimmage, acting coordinator of the State Department’s Global Engagement CenterBrian Scully, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency; and Eric Waldo, senior adviser to the surgeon general of the United States.”

Newsmax reached out for comment to the defendants named in the case, including the Department of Justice and the National Institutes of Health.


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