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The Rainbow Jihad Comes For The Christians.

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Thanks to Emerald Robinson for this great article.
The Nashville school shooting is another front in the great theological war of our time

A number of things have become clear in the aftermath of the Nashville school shooting. The killer was a mentally ill woman who targeted a Christian school and killed Christian children because she was a member of the LBGT community and she considered Christians to be her enemies. Audrey Hale was engaged, in other words, in the great theological battle of our time between Christianity and the Rainbow Jihad — that coalition of pagans, perverts, pedophiles, atheists, and abortion fanatics which marches under the “Pride” flag in their unholy war to supplant the dominant religion of the West.

There can be no confusion on that score anymore — least of all from the complacent Christians whose moral cowardice has led to this societal crisis.

Audrey Hale was not confused — she knew which side she was fighting for. That’s why she left behind a manifesto rather than a suicide note. It’s a manifesto that the LBGT “community” doesn’t want anyone to read for obvious reasons. Why would a tiny minority of transvestites announce a hot war with the well-armed Christian majority in America?

They’re crazy — not stupid.

But it’s time for that complacent Christian majority to face facts: the LBGT’ers definitely want to dominate and supplant you if you won’t affirm them. Not “affirming them” is a crime in their eyes —and that crime justifies your murder.

A former Christian explained this to you explicitly on TV last week.




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