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One Law, One Page, Part 4. Pro Abortion Laws. No federal money for you.

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One Law, One Page, Part 4. Pro Abortion Laws. No federal money for you. If I was in Congress and could pass one law, this would be it. When you use federal money for Abortions or groups like Planned Parenthood, an equal amount would be deducted from you.

If a state or even a local community want to support abortions, use your own money. Federal funds should be used for supporting communities, not killing it’s members.

States like California who have Liberal Abortion laws now, aren’t happy with abortion up to 24 weeks. They now want to pass a ballot iniiative where abortion would be up to and including birth.



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Winning. Independent abortion clinics are ‘disappearing from communities’ after the end of Roe v. Wade

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When I saw the USA Today about independent baby killing clinics closing, I reacted with joy. But more needs to be done. Planned Parenthood are by far the largest killers of babies. But this is still a win. Part of the USA article is below.

Twice as many independent abortion clinics have closed so far in 2022 compared to the year before as facilities shuttered in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision this year to overturn Roe v. Wade, according to an association for independent abortion care providers.

As of November, 42 independent abortion clinics closed or were forced to stop providing abortion care in 2022 — more than double the 20 closures in 2021, according to a Tuesday report by the Abortion Care Network.

Independent abortion care providers, also called “indies,” are community-based reproductive health clinics not affiliated with a national organization like Planned Parenthood, said ACN Deputy Director Erin Grant.

While indies represent about 24% of all facilities offering abortion care nationwide, they provide 55% of all abortion procedures, according to the report.


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