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SHOCKER: ‘Someone Opened the Doors From the Inside,’ Jan. 6 Defense Attorney Says

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By Joseph M. Hanneman for Epoch Times
January 28, 2022 Updated: January 29, 2022

Kelly Meggs and other Oath Keepers could not do one of the major things federal prosecutors accuse them of – force their way into the U.S. Capitol Rotunda on Jan. 6, 2021, through the famous Columbus Doors.

The two sets of historic doors that lead into the Rotunda were opened by someone on the inside, and not his client, says defense attorney Jonathon Moseley.

Department of Justice video widely circulated on Twitter this week shows a man trying to open the inner doors by leaning against them, before turning around as if listening to someone, then returning to the entrance and opening the left door for protesters.

“The outer doors cast from solid bronze would require a bazooka, an artillery shell or C4 military-grade explosives to breach,” Moseley wrote in a letter to federal prosecutors. “That of course did not happen. You would sooner break into a bank vault than to break the bronze outer Columbus Doors.”

The 20,000-pound Columbus Doors that lead into the Rotunda on the east side of the U.S. Capitol are secured by magnetic locks that can only be opened from the inside using a security code controlled by Capitol Police, Moseley wrote in an eight-page memo.

‘Impossible and Cannot Be Done’

“Imagine how the prosecution will prove at trial what cannot be proven because it is not true,” Moseley wrote to prosecutors Jeffrey S. Nestler and Kathryn Leigh Rakoczy of the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

“Who is going to testify that the defendants entered the Columbus Doors when the U.S. Capitol Police will begrudgingly testify that that is impossible and cannot be done?”

In a superseding indictment on Jan. 12, 2022, Meggs and 10 other members of the Oath Keepers were charged with seditious conspiracy, destruction of government property, obstruction of an official proceeding, civil disorder, tampering with documents, and other counts related to rioting on Jan. 6.

The indictment charges that Meggs led a “stack formation” up the Capitol steps to the entrance at the Columbus Doors. At 2:39 p.m., the doors were breached, and Stack One entered the Capitol with the mob, the indictment said.

Moseley said there’s one big problem with that accusation: it’s impossible to force entry from the outside. Only someone with the security code could release the locks—from the inside.

Video evidence submitted in the case showed the glass panes in the inner doors were cracked but intact, so no one accessed the building through the windows or by reaching for the inside door handles, he said.

“Therefore,” Moseley wrote. “Nobody opened the Rotunda doors from the outside. Someone opened the doors from the inside.”

Video shot by multimedia journalist Michael Nigro shows the outer bronze doors were partially retracted before a large crowd gathered outside the entrance.

The inner doors were closed and U.S. Capitol Police were stationed outside. Protesters sprayed police with pepper spray, threw items at them, and hit them with flagpoles.

A short time later, the inner doors were opened and hundreds of protesters streamed into the Rotunda, the video shows. A protester in the Rotunda is heard shouting, “Don’t vandalize the property!”

Capitol Tour Confirms Door Security

American sculptor Randolph Rogers designed the solid-bronze doors to depict scenes from the life of explorer Christopher Columbus. The doors were first installed in 1863, moved in 1871 to the central east entrance, and moved to the current location in 1961.

The doors are 17 feet high and weigh 20,000 pounds, according to the Architect of the Capitol. Once opened, the giant doors retract into pockets in the walls via built-in tracks.

Epoch Times Photo
First installed in 1863, the historic Columbus Doors depict scenes from the life of explorer Christopher Columbus. (Architect of the Capitol)

Moseley asked federal prosecutors for “any and all specifications, details and operational information about the so-called Columbus Doors.”

Moseley said he and an assistant took a tour of the Capitol on Jan. 22, along with other attorneys and investigators. The U.S. Capitol Police officers on duty were emphatic, he said, that the doors could not be opened from the outside.

“These are facts that in the supposedly largest nationwide investigation in the history of the U.S. since the kidnapping of the Charles Lindbergh baby or the search for Al Capone could easily have been investigated, check(ed), and determined before the U.S. Attorney’s Office presented false information to the grand jury,” Moseley wrote.

“For these purposes, I don’t care who opened the Columbus Doors from the inside, or why, or who they worked for. History will reveal all of that,” Moseley wrote. “History will care very much. But all I care about is that it wasn’t my client or any of these defendants, and the U.S. Attorney’s Office knows that or should have discovered it upon reasonable investigation.”

The Epoch Times asked the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia for comment on Moseley’s letter but received no reply.

The superseding indictment said Meggs and four other Oath Keepers became part of a mob that “aggressively advanced toward the Rotunda Doors, assaulted the law enforcement officers guarding the doors, threw objects, and sprayed chemicals toward the officers and the doors and pulled violently on the doors.”

The ‘mob’ breached the Rotunda entrance around 2:39 p.m., the indictment alleges.

Nigro’s video from outside the entrance shows a group of Oath Keepers near the Columbus Doors, which are clearly open at the time the men got near the threshold. By the time they entered the Capitol, dozens if not more than 100 people had flowed into the building, the video shows.

‘Baseless Prosecution’

Moseley accused prosecutors of crafting a case against the Oath Keepers that is “false and reprehensible.”

“This baseless prosecution is the greatest threat to the Republic since 1812. This prosecution is not about an attack on our Republic. This prosecution IS the attack on our Republic,” Moseley wrote, “seeking to criminalize political dissent, free speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of political association, and the right to petition the government for the redress of grievances.”

Moseley rapped federal authorities for “dishonestly trying to deceive the public” for eight months by concealing the fact that six demonstration permits had been issued for the Capitol grounds on Jan. 6. Implicit in those permits is the permission for people to have ingress and egress across the grounds to reach each event, he said.

This baseless prosecution is the greatest threat to the Republic since 1812.
— Jonathon Moseley

Moseley proposed a stipulation that both sides in the case agree none of the demonstrators or the defendants opened the Columbus Doors on Jan. 6 and that the government strike three paragraphs of the indictment that refer to defendants entering the Capitol because they are “untrue and withdrawn.”

Prosecutors refused that proposal.

News of the Columbus Doors issue comes as more video was released from the protective court seal. It shows large groups of Jan. 6 protesters peacefully streaming into the U.S. Capitol through wide-open doors. Among them was Rabbi Mike Stepakoff, who spent about five minutes inside the Capitol, doing nothing more than looking around and taking photos.

On his way out, Stepakoff stopped to shake hands with a police officer, and told him “Thank you for your service, we love you, and God bless you,” according to his attorney, Marina Medvin.

Rabbi Stepakoff was charged with entering and remaining in a restricted building, disorderly and disruptive conduct in a restricted building, violent entry and disorderly conduct in a Capitol building, and parading, demonstrating, or picketing in a Capitol building, all misdemeanors.

Stepakoff pleaded guilty to the parading charge and received 12 months of probation. The other charges were dismissed. The government sought to punish him with a jail term “for events he did not partake in, for destruction and violence he did not witness, for severity he did not experience, and for an effect he did not cause nor could foresee,” Medvin said.


There is so much hyperbole in the indictment that the DOJ’s own video refutes it’s not funny –Phoenix.


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George Soros Pours $125 Million Into Dem. Super PAC Ahead of 2022 Midterms

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By Jack Phillips for The Epoch Times

Left-wing billionaire George Soros handed over $125 million to a Democrat-aligned super PAC to boost Democrat groups and candidates ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.

The controversial 91-year-old investor confirmed to Politico on Friday his plans, saying the large donation to Democracy PAC, which he set up in 2019 as his main political action committee to support Democrats, is a “long-term investment” beyond the 2022 elections.

Soros said that the new infusion of funding will back pro-democracy “causes and candidates, regardless of political party” and who are involved in “strengthening the infrastructure of American democracy: voting rights and civic participation, civil rights and liberties, and the rule of law.”

Soros’s son, Alexander Soros, will serve as Democracy PAC’s president. The younger Soros issued a statement to news outlets about the development, immediately making reference to the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol breach.

According to his statement, Soros said he believes there is an existential “threat to our democracy” by alleged attempts to “discredit and undermine our electoral process.”

“It is a generational threat that cannot be addressed in just one or two election cycles,” Alex Soros said. “Democracy PAC is now positioned to pursue its mission of preserving and protecting our democracy well into the future.”

Democracy PAC’s spending will be uploaded on Monday, Jan. 31, after it files with the Federal Elections Commission, according to Politico.

In recent years, Soros has courted controversy for his donations to left-wing candidates, including district attorneys who have promoted and enforced policies that critics say allow criminals and repeat offenders to be allowed back on the streets. Soros in May 2021 gave $1 million to the Color of Change PAC, whose website explicitly calls for “defund[ing] the police,” according to Federal Election Commission records.

Soros also contributed some $300,000 to Chicago District Attorney Kim Foxx for her first campaign in 2016 and another $2 million for her reelection in November 2021, records show, according to the New York Post. He’s also provided funds to controversial Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon, who is facing a recall after critics say his office has taken a soft stance on crime, as well as providing $1 million to newly elected Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, among others.

Earlier in January, Bragg, a Democrat, announced in a memorandum (pdf) that he will not prosecute certain offenses, including marijuana misdemeanor, not paying public transportation fare, trespassing except a fourth degree stalking charge, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration in certain cases, and prostitution.

And in 2020, Soros’ Open Society Foundations poured some $220 million into initiatives that seek to advance left-wing “racial justice” causes.

The Epoch Times has contacted Soros’ Open Society Foundations for comment on the $125 million donation.


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Justin Trudeau Ducks the Great Trucker Revolt

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Supporters of the Freedom Convoy protest against Covid-19 vaccine mandates and restrictions in front of Parliament of Canada, in Ottawa, Canada, on Jan. 28, 2022. A convoy of truckers started off from Vancouver on Jan. 23, 2022 on its way to protest against the mandate in the capital city of Ottawa. (Dave Chan/AFP via Getty Images)

Commentary by Jeffrey A. Tucker

The resistance reveals itself always in unexpected ways. As I type, thousands of truckers (numbers are in flux and are in dispute) are part of a 50-mile-long convoy in Canada, headed to the capital city of Ottawa in protest against an egregious vaccine mandate imposed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They will be joined upon arrival by vast numbers of protestors who are defying the restrictions, closures, and mandates of the last nearly two years.

The triple-vaccinated Trudeau, meanwhile, has decided that he has to go into deep hiding because he was exposed to Covid. A clean, ruling-class, fit, and fashionable lefty like him cannot be expected to face such a pathogen directly. As a member of the vanguard of the lockdown elite, he must never take risks (however small) and must keep himself safe. It is merely a matter of coincidence that he will be locked away in hiding as the truckers arrive together with hundreds of thousands of citizens who are fed up with being treated like lab rats.

Previously, Trudeau had said nearly two years ago that the truckers were heroes. On March 31, 2020, he tweeted: “While many of us are working from home, there are others who aren’t able to do that—like the truck drivers who are working day and night to make sure our shelves are stocked. So when you can, please #ThankATrucker for everything they’re doing and help them however you can.”

It’s true. Like many “essential workers” in the United States, these truckers bravely faced the virus and many already gained natural immunity, which Canadian law does not recognize. Trudeau decided that they needed to be forced to get the vaccine anyway. Keep in mind: these are the people who get food to the stores, packages to homes, and all products that keep life moving. If they don’t drive, the people don’t eat. It’s that simple. Now Trudeau must deal with #FreedomConvoy2020.

Few events in modern times have revealed the vast chasm that exists between the ruled and rulers, especially as it pertains to class. For nearly two years, the professional class has experienced a completely different reality than the working class. In the United States, this only began to change once the highly vaccinated Zoom class got Covid anyway. Only then did we start seeing articles about how there is no shame in getting sick. It appears that in many countries, the working class that was forced into early confrontation with the virus are saying that they aren’t going to take it anymore (and many are playing that song to make the point).

It’s a massive workers’ strike but not the kind of communist dreams. This is a “working class” movement that stands squarely for freedom against all the impositions of the last two years, which were imposed by an overclass with almost no consultation from legislatures. Canada has had some of the worst, much to the shock of its citizens. The convoy is an enormous show of power concerning who really keeps the country running.

The convoy is being joined by truckers from all over the United States too, rising up in solidarity. This is easily the most meaningful and impactful protest to emerge in North America. It is being joined by as many as half a million Canadian citizens, who overwhelmingly support this protest, as one can observe from the cheers on the highway along the way. Indeed, it’s likely to break the record for the largest trucker convoy in history, as well as the most loved.

Trudeau, meanwhile, has dismissed the whole thing as a “small fringe” of extremists and says it means nothing to him and will change nothing. This is because, he says, these truckers hold “unacceptable views.”

This is setting up to be one of the most significant clashes in the world in the great battle between freedom and those governments have set out to crush it.

Meanwhile, I’m looking now for information on this in the mainstream media. It is almost nonexistent outside social media. Fox is covering some of it but that’s about it. The Epoch Times is a wonderful exception, as we’ve come to expect in recent months. It’s not being covered in any depth in Canadian papers and TV. All the usual subjects in the United States have completely ignored this mighty movement. It’s almost like these venues have created an alternate version of reality, one that denies the astonishing reality that anyone can see outside the window.

Yes, I know that we have all come to expect that the corporate media will not cover what actually matters, and much of what it does cover it does only with a strong bias toward narratives crafted by ruling elites. Even so, it seems to stretch credulity beyond any plausible extent for the major media to pretend that this isn’t happening. It is and it has massive implications for the present and the future.

This is not really or just about vaccine mandates. It’s about what they represent: government taking possession of our lives. If they can force you to get an injection in your arm over which you have doubts, all bets for freedom are off. There must be evidence that you complied. The phone app is next, which gets tied to your bank account and your job and your access to communications and your ability to pay your rent or mortgage. It means eventually 100 percent government control over the whole of life. The technology already exists. Everything going on now with these passports is driving to this point.

This is why the truckers are striking this way. It is an act of bravery but also of desperation. Once the tyranny of health passports arrives, there will be no escape. The window of opportunity to do something about this will have closed. So this is the moment. There might not be another one. Something needs to be done to fight for human rights and freedom, and put in place systems that make lockdowns and mandates impossible in the future.

This is the largest and latest example of the revolt and one that could make the biggest difference yet. But it is only one sign among many that the ruling elites in most countries have overplayed their hand. They have arrogantly imposed their plans for everyone else based on the opinions of only a few and without real consultation with experts with differences of opinion or with the people whose lives have been profoundly affected by the pandemic response.

In the US the revolt is taking many forms. There was the rally in D.C. this past weekend. It was impressive. Also the latest polls on political alliances show that the Democrats have lost a major part of their base. Virginia right now points to where this is headed. The party lost vast amounts of its political power in elections last year and now Republicans rule the state with great popularity.

Meanwhile, I’m looking at Biden’s latest poll numbers. I almost cannot believe my eyes. We are talking about an overall 14-point split between approve and disapprove. If this is an indication of what happens to the pro-lockdown political elite, it stands to reason that Trudeau should be worried.

In the Vietnam War, many Americans fled the draft by going to the safe haven on the northern border. That’s one way that Canada had earned its long reputation for being delightfully normal, peaceful, and mercifully boring. Pandemic policies in Canada changed that, with some of the longest-lasting stringencies in the world.

No one asked the workers. Now they are rising up. Nor does it matter that 90 percent of the Canadian public is vaccinated. Possessing that status alone does not mean that people no longer feel resentment for being forced to accept what they do not believe they needed and did not want in the first place. The vaccinated do not automatically give up their longing to be free and to have their human rights recognized.

The resistance to tyranny in our times is taking many unexpected forms. There will be many confrontations on the way, and there is still a very long way to go. At some point, and no one knows when or how, something has to give.

From the Brownstone Institute

Views expressed in this article are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.


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A new place to find my political articles.

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Greetings all. As you know, I’m no longer writing regularly on any of my three disqus channels. Phoenix is now running . Still working on finding an owner for this channel and Koda. But what I did want you to know was that I’ve been writing on a substack website. What is substack?

Substack users range from journalists, to experts, to large media sites. Among the high-profile writers to have used the platform are Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist and author Glenn Greenwald, culture critic Anne Helen Petersen, music essayist Robert Christgau, and food writer Alison Roman.[14] The New York Times columnist Mike Isaac argued in 2019 that some of these companies see newsletters as a more stable means to maintain readers through a more direct connection with writers.

In 2020, The New Republic said there was an absence of local news newsletters, especially in contrast to the large number of national-level political newsletters. As of late 2020, large numbers of journalists and reporters were coming to the platform, driven in part by the long-term decline in traditional media (there were half as many newsroom jobs in 2019 as in 2004). Around that time, The New Yorker said that while “Substack has advertised itself as a friendly home for journalism, […] few of its newsletters publish original reporting; the majority offer personal writing, opinion pieces, research, and analysis.”

It described Substack’s content moderation policy as “lightweight,” with rules against “harassment, threats, spam, pornography, and calls for violence; moderation decisions are made by the founders.”

In 2019, Substack added support for podcasts and discussion threads among newsletter subscribers.[17][18]Major writers on Substack include historian Heather Cox Richardson, journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss,[19] authors Daniel M. Lavery, George Saunders, and Chuck Palahniuk,[20] novelist Salman Rushdie,[21] tech journalist Casey Newton,[22]and economist Emily Oster.

At this time I’m just writing political articles. You can comment, but you need to give your e-mail to them. Just like disqus.



Opinion Politics Reprints from others.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Uses MLK Day to Announce ‘A New Segregation’ for the Unvaccinated.

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This is a reprint from Newsweek.

By Andrew Stanton


Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene used MLK Day to claim there is a “new segregation” for people who are unvaccinated against the coronavirus. Politicians across the United States honored the work of Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday. But Greene, a Georgia Republican, appeared to equate the segregation faced by Black Americans to vaccine requirements in a Gettr post.


“Thanks to the hard work of Rev MLK Jr. and others, growing up in Georgia, I’ve seen the beautiful fruit that blossomed from the Civil Rights Era, where segregation ended & equality began,” she wrote. “Today, I believe we are seeing a new segregation and discrimination beginning, wrongfully forced upon unvaccinated Americans by the tyrants of the Democrat Party.” She added: “Our freedoms come from our Almighty God, and we must not let any man take them away.”

Some cities across the United States have implemented vaccine requirements to enter some public places, including restaurants and gyms, in an attempt to convince people to take the vaccine, which has proven to prevent serious illness from the virus. The Biden administration also implemented a vaccine mandate for healthcare workers. But the Supreme Court last week blocked a further-reaching federal requirement for large companies to mandate vaccines.






Reprints from others. Science

Decoding what Biden health officials told Congress about Omicron.

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In contrast to previous oversight hearings on the administration’s Covid-19 response, Dems raised sharp questions and complaints on the state of the resurging pandemic.

Senators on Tuesday demanded clear answers from the Biden administration health officials on the state of the resurging pandemic and the government’s short- and long-term plans for combating it. They mostly got jargon.

In contrast to previous oversight hearings on the Biden administration’s Covid-19 response, Democrats on the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee raised sharp questions and complaints about widespread “confusion and frustration” around who should isolate and for how long after a Covid exposure or diagnosis, or where and when to get tested.

“We want the Biden team to take advantage of the opportunity to speak directly to those frustrations and anxieties,” a senior Democratic aide told POLITICO heading into the hearing.

The answers may not assuage their fears. Here’s what was said, and the takeaways:

The question: What is current CDC guidance on quarantine and isolation?

What they said: Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky spent several minutes walking lawmakers through her agency’s recently-amended guidelines for Covid infections, which critics have called confusing and contradictory,

“If they are exposed and completely boosted, they do not need to stay home, but they should get a test at day five,” Walensky said. “So by five days after your symptoms — if you’re feeling better, if your fever is better, if your cough and sore throat are better, then on day six you can go out, but you have to wear a mask and you have to wear a mask reliably.”

When HELP Committee Chair Patty Murray (D-Wash.) interrupted to ask for more clarity on what to do between days five and 10, Walensky replied: “You shouldn’t go visit grandma. You shouldn’t get on an airplane.”


Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah) later told the officials that many Americans — himself included — don’t even understand what it means to be “exposed.” Biden Chief Medical Adviser Anthony Fauci explained it means 15 or more minutes in close contact with someone known to be infected.

The takeaway: Confusion still reigns. People five days into a Covid infection shouldn’t “go visit grandma,” but if they’re a health care worker, they are cleared to treat grandmas in a hospital. The lack of a testing component to reenter society also reflects the administration’s current scramble to address a severe shortage of reliable tests, leaving the CDC asking individuals to make decisions based on a subjective evaluation of their own symptoms.

The question: How did CDC arrive at those guidelines? Was it a public health or an economic decision?

What they said: Walensky acknowledged that the CDC changed its quarantine and isolation guidance based both on new research about when Covid-positive people are most infectious as well as “the real-world circumstances we currently face” with a decimated workforce.

In particular, she said she has heard from hospitals around the country that “they had plenty of beds, but they didn’t have staff to staff them” and that preventing closures of schools and pharmacies were other top priorities.

The takeaway: Walensky is arguing that even the economic imperative to get more people back to work faster has a health component. If hospitals don’t have enough workers, for example, they could be forced to turn patients away or delay elective procedures.

Yet the acknowledgment that the guidance change wasn’t based purely on science leaves a perception that the government is willing to put workers’ health behind economic interests.

The question: Why are there still test shortages? When will they be resolved?

What they said: Assistant Health Secretary Dawn O’Connell testified that when the Omicron varient began sweeping across South Africa and Europe in the fall and early winter, the Biden administration “immediately reached out to our manufacturers to understand any supply constraints they had and to evaluate their surge capacity.”

Beyond daily follow-up meetings, she said the administration has used the Defense Production Act a dozen times to help free up testing supplies, expand manufacturing capacity and make sure the U.S. gets first priority. And she said it’s working to fulfill Biden’s recent promise to provide free rapid at-home tests to those that want them, but added the $3 billion invested in the work so far is “not enough.” Just 10 percent of the 500 million promised tests have been purchased so far.

The takeaway: They’re on the case.

The administration is dealing with supply chain hiccups and a testing workforce that is itself sidelined by Covid and other challenges. But lawmakers faulted the administration Tuesday for failing to prepare for the current surge months ago, when demand for testing was lower.

And while the health officials stressed Tuesday that keeping schools open is a priority this winter, the testing shortage has left schools scrambling to obtain enough to track infections and decide who goes to the classroom and who stays home.

The question: Why is CDC data on vaccination rates still spotty and inaccurate? When will the agency get it right?

What they said: Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-N.H.) pressed Walensky on why the CDC can’t distinguish between booster shots and first vaccine doses, which has led to incorrect data on vaccination rates in her state and elsewhere.

Walensky responded that “CDC is the compiler of the data and we rely on state immunization services to provide CDC the data at the state level.” She added that when people don’t bring their vaccine card to their booster shot appointment, the shot is marked down as their first dose instead of their third.

Walensky couldn’t say when the issue will be resolved, but she noted the agency is working with every state to “reconcile” data gaps.

The takeaway: CDC says the blame really rests with states and Americans who don’t accurately keep records.

Yet vaccination rates are far from the only area where the federal government has struggled to pull together and make available accurate data on the state of the pandemic. As Walensky noted, data trickles up from underfunded state and local health departments — many of which still operate on manual data entry, fax machines and other outdated technologies.

The problem extends beyond vaccination rates to challenges tracking new variants, collecting information on racial disparities in Covid-19 infections and more — forcing the government to turn to international data to make domestic policy decisions as the pandemic drags on.

The question: Why does the CDC find it “really encouraging” that people with underlying health conditions are dying of Covid?

What they said: Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa.) expressed concern about remarks Walensky made on Good Morning America on Friday that the CDC found it “really encouraging” that the majority of deaths from people infected with Omicron are happening to people with other medical conditions.

Walensky said the comment was “taken out of context” and that she was referencing a recent study that demonstrated the currently available vaccines are doing a great job protecting most people from Omicron.

“The study was a cohort of 1.2 million people who were vaccinated, and 36 people passed — demonstrating the remarkable effectiveness of our vaccines. But no less tragic are those 36 people who passed because of Covid-19, and many of them had comorbidities.”

She added that the agency is taking additional steps to help people with disabilities.

The takeaway: Walensky still has a messaging problem. While vaccines are holding strong against the new variants and preventing millions of hospitalizations and deaths, people with disabilities, parents of children too young to be vaccinated and other vulnerable groups still feel that the government is not doing enough, or taking their needs into account when crafting policy and guidance.


Biden Pandemic COVID Just my own thoughts Life

Just my two cents. I’m not a medical professional, and neither is Tony the fauch.

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The fauch and I have one thing in common. We both haven’t practiced medicine for decades ( Actually I never have ). I admit it. He does not. He’s been a administrator since 1984. Famous for the finger in the air to see which way the political wind’s blowing.

What’s being ignored by the fauch and his loyalists is that Omicron so far isn’t the deadly one. Testing healthy people makes no sense. Why not test folks to every disease and virus known to man?


Now as we look into the future, ( 2022 ) what other nonsense will he hit us with? Spoke with my family doctor on anti bodies and T cells. Both for me are way up there I have what’s called CD8+ T cells. They directly kill infected cells.  His medical opinion is that the Johnson booster will put me through the roof. He feels that since I started with Johnson, stay with it since my counts are so high. Will test again in March. And yes it’s still free. Thanks Medicare Advantage.



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