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Greetings all. As you know, I’m no longer writing regularly on any of my three disqus channels. Phoenix is now running . Still working on finding an owner for this channel and Koda. But what I did want you to know was that I’ve been writing on a substack website. What is substack?

Substack users range from journalists, to experts, to large media sites. Among the high-profile writers to have used the platform are Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist and author Glenn Greenwald, culture critic Anne Helen Petersen, music essayist Robert Christgau, and food writer Alison Roman.[14] The New York Times columnist Mike Isaac argued in 2019 that some of these companies see newsletters as a more stable means to maintain readers through a more direct connection with writers.

In 2020, The New Republic said there was an absence of local news newsletters, especially in contrast to the large number of national-level political newsletters. As of late 2020, large numbers of journalists and reporters were coming to the platform, driven in part by the long-term decline in traditional media (there were half as many newsroom jobs in 2019 as in 2004). Around that time, The New Yorker said that while “Substack has advertised itself as a friendly home for journalism, […] few of its newsletters publish original reporting; the majority offer personal writing, opinion pieces, research, and analysis.”

It described Substack’s content moderation policy as “lightweight,” with rules against “harassment, threats, spam, pornography, and calls for violence; moderation decisions are made by the founders.”

In 2019, Substack added support for podcasts and discussion threads among newsletter subscribers.[17][18]Major writers on Substack include historian Heather Cox Richardson, journalists Matt Taibbi and Bari Weiss,[19] authors Daniel M. Lavery, George Saunders, and Chuck Palahniuk,[20] novelist Salman Rushdie,[21] tech journalist Casey Newton,[22]and economist Emily Oster.

At this time I’m just writing political articles. You can comment, but you need to give your e-mail to them. Just like disqus.



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