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When will the three stooges admit their part in this?

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When will the three stooges admit their part in this? As you now know, this can mostly been avoided. The USA Today did a fact check and yes Joe and Barack got us into this mess.

The Obama administration used and did not replenish the nation’s emergency stockpile of medical supplies, including N95 masks.

Our rating: True

We rate this claim TRUE because it is supported by our research. There is no indication that the Obama administration took significant steps to replenish the supply of N95 masks in the Strategic National Stockpile after it was depleted from repeated crises. Calls for action came from experts at the time concerned for the country’s ability to respond to future serious pandemics. Such recommendations were, for whatever reason, not heeded.

Our fact-check sources:

Nancy openly called for folks to go out and ignore the pandemic, She even encouraged folks to go out in Chinatown. No masks for her.

Pelosi Says Trump Downplayed COVID Threat, but Backed Chinatown Visits Amid Early Virus Fears

And of course we have Harris who along with Joe biden  was telling folks to not take the vaccine if from Trump. She said listen to the fauch who was telling us that the Vaccines weren’t coming till 2021 early 2022.

Harris says she wouldn’t trust Trump on any vaccine released before election.

So when someone asks how we got here, tell them to go ask Biden, Pelosi, and Harris.


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After she passed out the cookies, she should have left. Even CNN said the trip was a disaster.

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After she passed out the cookies, she should have left. Even CNN said the trip was a disaster. First the stupid cookie stunt. Then the bitch slapping by the Guatemalan President. And finally the disastrous Lester Holt interview. Her only redeeming value is her work under the table.

Several times she was asked why not go to the border? Each time she was rude and crude. This from CNN.

Her shaky handling of the politics around the immigration issue drew new questions about her political dexterity both as vice president and as a future aspirant for the White House, because the trip this week was her first test at the highest levels of statecraft



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It’s the Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Show.

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It’s the Joe Biden & Kamala Harris Show. After the embarrassing press conference I thought that maybe I should take it easy on Joe. But the Progressives put him out there so NO. Starting today I’m posting all the news worthy comments by him and Kamala. Some will be funny, but most will be sad.  so let’s get the show on the road.–jsH8

From FactCheck.

In his first press conference since being inaugurated 64 days ago, President Joe Biden got some facts wrong:

  • Biden claimed that former President Donald Trump “eliminated” over $700 million in aid that Biden helped get for Central American countries. That didn’t happen, but the Trump administration did reallocate some money and temporarily suspended other funding.
  • The president used the wrong statistics when saying that “nothing has changed” regarding “children” trying to enter the U.S. at the southern border. There was a significant 63% uptick in unaccompanied children being apprehended from January to February.
  • Biden said, “We’re sending back the vast majority of the families that are coming.” But in February, 41% of those in a family unit apprehended at the southern border were expelled.
  • The president said “over 50%” of Republican voters supported the American Rescue Plan Act. Some polls show that but others show a majority opposed the COVID-19 relief legislation.
  • He repeated two familiar talking points on taxes, including the misleading claim that “83%” of the benefits in the GOP’s Tax Cuts and Jobs Act are “going to the top 1%.” That only becomes the case in 2027 when most of the individual income tax cuts are set to expire but corporate tax cuts remain.
  • Biden got it wrong when he said there were five times as many cloture motions “last year alone” than there were “between 1917 and 1971.” There were twice as many motions filed last year than there were from 1917 through 1970.


Said he was in the Senate 120 years ago also.


Biden admits tax hike could hit people earning $200K


Advice For The People Running Biden

If you have any Joe or Kamala quotes saying stupid things, or outrageous videos, Please Post them.






How sick is this? Make America California Again? That’s Biden’s plan.

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How sick is this? Make America California Again? That’s Biden’s plan. I’ve taken the headlines from a story I read in the LA Times yesterday. According to a fellow writer there ( Evan Helper ), Joe wants to duplicate for the other 49 states what California has.

After four years of being relentlessly targeted by a Republican president who worked overtime to bait, punish and marginalize California and everything it represents, the state is suddenly center stage again in Washington’s policy arena.

California is emerging as the de facto policy think tank of the Biden-Harris administration and of a Congress soon to be under Democratic control. That’s rekindling past cliches about the state — incubator of innovation, premier laboratory of democracy, land of big ideas — even as it struggles with surging COVID-19 infections, a safety net frayed by the pandemic’s toll, crushing housing costs and wildfires, all fueling an exodus of residents.

If this was 10-20 years ago, most folks wouldn’t care. But California went so far left that folks like Pelosi, Sanders or Warren are looked at as Moderates.

California gave us Cash for Clunkers, Undocumented Migrants, Drugs, Open Borders, etc.


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