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Yes, Virginia House Boy did lie about Congressman Donalds.

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Yes, Virginia House Boy did lie about Congressman Donalds.

The white man’s choice for House minority leader decided to get off the porch where the puppies sit and run with the big boys. What an ass he made of himself.

The boy outright lied about what Congressman Donalds said about life for blacks under the progressive Jim Crow laws. REP. HAKEEM JEFFRIES: “It has come to my attention that a so-called leader has made the factually inaccurate statement that black folks were better off during Jim Crow.”

That statement was a bold face lie. Donalds was talking about how the family was more together. Back then the thought of abortion was unheard of. Children had a mother and a father.

Donalds also responded in a video posted on X Wednesday, saying that Biden’s campaign and Jeffries should “check your sources and stop lying to the American people.”

“They’re trying to say that I said Black people were doing better under Jim Crow. I never said that. They are lying,” Donalds said.

“What I said was is that you had more Black families under Jim Crow, and it was the Democrat polices under H.E.W., under the welfare state, that did help to destroy the Black family. That’s what I said,” he said. “I also said that you’re seeing a reinvigoration of Black families today in America, and that is a good thing.”


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Loser. Former Capitol Police officer who lied to lawmakers about Jan. 6, 2021, defeated in primary.

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Loser. Former Capitol Police officer who lied to lawmakers about Jan. 6, 2021, defeated in primary. Let this be a lesson to others who try to capitalize off their lies about January 6.

Dunn resigned as a Capitol Police officer in December after serving for more than 15 years. He told the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021, Capitol riot, that he was the target of racial slurs and joined support groups after the attack to deal with the trauma of what had unfolded. His claims were not verified by the government investigation.

Dunn said on X, formerly Twitter, that he ran for Congress to “protect our democracy from MAGA Republicans & greedy corporations while also fighting for abortion rights & economic opportunity for every Marylander.”



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Newly Discovered Letter by Thompson Potential Cause of TSA Placing Innocent Americans on Terror Watchlist.

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Newly Discovered Letter by Thompson Potential Cause of TSA Placing Innocent Americans on Terror Watchlist.

On January 6th, 2021, “insurrectionists attacked the United States Capitol intent on preventing the certification of a democratic election and, apparently, inflicting violence upon elected officials… Several lives were lost, including at least one Capitol Police officer…” wrote Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-MS), then-Chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security to Transportation Security Administration Administrator David Pekoske on January 11th, 2021, in a previously unrevealed letter. This committee “focuses on legislation and oversight related to the security of the United States” with the goal of “[ensuring] that the American people were protected from terrorist attacks.”

Chairman Thompson started his letter with unproven charges and false information in this salacious statement of fiction as he requested an Executive Branch agency ignore due process and deprive thousands of Americans of their Constitutionally protected rights to travel freely within the United States (a right recognized since at least 1870.) Rep. Thompson’s account of the events on January 6th, 2021, could have been lifted directly from a far-left opinion website like HuffPost or ProPublica. While Thompson does not source his wild allegations, he could have easily credited a ProPublica article that made identical claims: law enforcement agencies were “unprepared,” and “the attack was planned largely in open internet forums.” A subsequent article by the same author falsely claimed that “Officer Brian Sicknick died defending the Capitol.”

But Congressman Thompson’s concern was not about how to better protect the U.S. Capitol. His immediate concern, less than a week after the events of January 6th, was punishing those who came to Washington, DC, without trial or investigation. He said the “perpetrators have continued to enjoy freedom of movement throughout the country. Only a fraction of the insurrectionists have been arrested, and many of those arrested have been released pending a future court date. To our knowledge, the Federal government has not prevented a single insurrectionist from boarding an aircraft.” Perhaps the Chairman is less than familiar with the U.S. Constitution to which he was required to swear allegiance in his 15 terms as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, but the 5th Amendment is quite clear on the following: “No person shall be… deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

Chairman Thompson continued with a statement he attributed to “growing online chatter,” which informed his belief that “many of the same groups that planned and carried out Wednesday’s attack intend to return to Washington, D.C., to cause further disruption and violence in the coming days, including at the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden.” Those of us who were working in law enforcement during the inauguration of Joe Biden marveled at the speed and efficiency of locking down Washington DC into a Police State scene out of the Cold War. The anti-scale fencing, which was nowhere to be found during the summer riots of 2020, was installed with an efficiency that shocked the government sensibilities in a place like Washington, DC. But at the bottom of his third paragraph, Rep. Bennie Thompson says the so-called quiet part out loud: “It appears little is being done to disrupt the travel of terrorists who just attacked the seat of the U.S. Government and wish to do so again.” Furthermore:

Please provide a briefing not later than the end of this week on the following topics:

  •       Current efforts to disrupt the travel of white supremacist and other domestic terrorist groups who may be planning further attacks against the U.S. Government and may be targeting the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden;
  •       Options available for quickly denying air carrier service to individuals identified as posing a potential threat, including TSA’s authorities to prevent individuals from flying on a temporary or flight-by-flight basis;”

After this letter was received by the top official at the TSA, many Americans who had simply traveled to the National Capitol Region on or around January 6th, 2021, were welcomed to the “Quiet Skies.” These unsuspecting (and unconvicted) American citizens were added to a secretive program known as Quiet Skies—which the TSA claims identifies “international travelers who may require enhanced screening” by a “set of risk-based, intelligence-driven scenario rules.” It further claims that “these rules have strict oversight by the Department of Homeland Security, including the privacy, civil rights and liberties, and general counsel offices.” However, several Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) whistleblowers and retired supervisory FAM Sonya Labosco have blown the lid off some of the abuses of this program in numerous national interviews and a previous article published by UncoverDC. Additional coverage by UnCoverDC’s Wendi Mahoney introduced those unfamiliar with Quiet Skies to the “Quad S” designation.

The simple fact is—thousands of Americans are now subjected to invasive “security” screenings for several years as a form of extrajudicial punishment that was called for by a powerful Congress member and implemented by a feckless administrative agency. The saddest part for those of us who have engaged in surveillance activities of alleged but unindicted terrorists is—legitimate investigations of sworn aspiring members of ISIS or Al-Qaeda are not nearly as destructive to those members’ lives. The entire point of covert surveillance in a law enforcement setting is to document the subject’s behavior without them altering it from the heavy-handed or visible presence of police. The “SSSS” designation on the boarding passes of many attendees of a 1st Amendment-protected activity or even those who coincidentally flew into the region during that timeframe leads to an experience that is the opposite of productive for any “domestic terrorism” investigation. We only know this information because of the tireless work of the AMNC and former FAMs like Sonya Labosco.

Labosco is the Director of a private advocacy group called the Air Marshal National Council (AMNC). Historically, the FAMS have spent the majority of their time traveling internationally. Armed federal agents with specialized training to stop a terrorist hijack attempt or reclaim a seized aircraft, the FAMS are unique in their skillsets and focus on a post 9/11 airborne jurisdiction. But since January 2021, this highly specialized counterterrorism force has been aimed at surveilling Americans who have not been identified under any other federal law enforcement agency watch list.

The AMNC has been quietly working to unravel the chain of events that has led to the weaponization of this agency. This letter from Chairman Thompson appears to be one of the first movements by the eventual “Chairman of the Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol” (J6 Unselect Committee) to craft the Democratic Party fantasy that “white supremacists and domestic terrorists groups” were the cause of the riot that day. It also appears to be an underhanded request to the TSA, an agency Congressman Thompson’s Committee had “special oversight functions” over, to “disrupt the travel” and “[deny] air carrier service” to Americans who simply found themselves on the wrong side of the Congressman’s politics. Of note, this letter was co-signed by the Committee’s Ranking Member, John Katko, a 3-term New York Congressman who declined to seek re-election in 2022. Former Rep. Katko is currently a senior advisor to Hill East Group—a Washington, DC-based consulting and lobbying firm.

What Americans should know after reading this letter is that the Democrat narrative regarding what they would set out to show in their highly curated, nominally bipartisan Committee on January 6th was already sent out as marching orders to one of the federal government’s most inefficient and theatrical entities: the TSA.

You can read the full letter here.

Kyle Seraphin is a former FBI Agent assigned to the Washington Field Office on January 6th, 2021. After a transfer to Las Cruces, NM, he “blew the whistle” on the FBI’s partisan investigations into parents at school board meetings. He was suspended for a year without pay before “resigning,” but not before continuing to blow the whistle on numerous issues, including breaking the story the FBI was targeting Catholics with UnCoverDC. His work has spawned multiple Congressional and Attorney General investigations. 


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Winning. MSNBC loses 33% of their audience first week of Hamas attack on Israel.

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Winning. MSNBC loses 33% of their audience first week of Hamas attack on Israel. Some on MSNBC decided to take Hamas’s side on the attack of Israel. Well the first weeks numbers are in and it wasn’t pretty.

They lost 33% of their prime time viewers. FOX grew 42% and even CNN gained 17%.


Woke MSNBC DESTROYED! Loses 33% of viewers for WOKE coverage of Israel Hamas war! – YouTube

MSNBC Down, Fox News and CNN Up in Ratings Since Start of Israel-Hamas War (


NewsNation host and Mediaite owner Dan Abrams slammed the network for its coverage, accusing hosts Ayman MohyeldinMehdi Hasan, and Ali Velshi of turning the blame on the political decisions of Israel and the United States and shifting the focus on to Palestinians, away from the Israelis victimized by Hamas.

Meanwhile, NewsNation saw its ratings increase by 48 percent.

On Monday, Jonathan Greenblatt, the director of the Anti-Defamation League, appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe and lambasted the network on camera, unloading on anchor Jonathan Lemire over the coverage and asking “[W]ho’s writing the scripts? Hamas?”


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CNN reports that Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley Insists ‘the Border is Secure’.

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CNN reports that Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley Insists ‘the Border is Secure’. Massachusetts Rep. and ‘squad’ member Ayanna Pressley, appeared on CNN this week and insisted that the border is secure.

How can that possibly be true? Has she not watched what even the MSM is showing us? Millions under Joe Biden have arrived. Ask the people who live along the border if it’s secure. Ask the politicians, Democrat and Republicans who are complaining. Finally ask the big city Democrat mayors if the border is secure.

CNN’s Jake Tapper had squad member Pressley on his show yesterday to talk about the looming government shutdown. That discussion then transitioned into one about border security because, as Tapper noted, the Senate compromise bill doesn’t contain funding for border security. Tapper noted that there definitely was a crisis at the border saying, “More than 7.7 million people have fled Venezuela; there’s no sign this is slowing down. Do you agree that something needs to be done about our border?” Tapper then pointed to the busloads of migrants being sent to blue cities.


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Walensky’s hypocritical exit from the CDC.

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Walensky’s hypocritical exit from the CDC.

This week, The Wall Street Journal reports that Rochelle Walensky steps down as CDC director and warns the public to be on guard against misinformation and the politicisation of science.

Ironically, this comes after two and a half years of Walensky misinforming the public and politicising the science.

I have documented how Walensky misled Congress on various issues, including covid vaccine effectiveness against viral transmission and on Cochrane’s review of face masks.

Walensky testified that her public statement on MSNBC in March 2021 about how “vaccinated people do not carry the virus, they do not get sick” was accurate. But even today, the FDA states that efficacy against transmission is unproven.

Walensky also said that the summary of Cochrane’s review of face masks had been “retracted.” But it was neither retracted, nor had the authors of the review changed the language in the summary.

A recent, damning study by Krohnert et al, solidifies criticism of the agency.  The researchers compiled instances of numerical and statistical errors made by the CDC during the COVID-19 pandemic.

After reviewing CDC publications, press releases, interviews, meetings, and Twitter accounts, they found a total of 25 instances where Walensky’s agency promoted demonstrably false numbers and statistical errors.

The majority (80%) of these instances exaggerated the severity of the COVID-19 situation. For example, on Oct 27, 2021, Walensky said “there have been 745 deaths in children less than 18,” but the National Center for Health Statistics showed it was 558 deaths.

At a White House COVID-19 briefing on Jun 23, 2022, Walensky claimed that COVID-19 was a “top 5 cause of death” in children, which was also untrue.

And in Feb this year, Walensky testified before Congress that there had been “2000 paediatric deaths from COVID-19”, when in fact, it was 1400-1500.

In some cases, the errors were not corrected, or the errors were repeated. Notably, the vast majority of errors (94%) made by the CDC pertained to exaggerated COVID-19 risks to children, which the authors say would have influenced the discussion of pandemic policies.

“The CDC’s errors have likely led the public to believe children’s risks are higher than they truly are,” wrote the authors.

“CDC’s guidance repeatedly called for restrictions being placed on children, including school closures, mask mandates, and strong recommendations for vaccinations and multiple boosters even among children who have recovered from the virus,” they added.

Consequently, the authors suggested that the agency responsible for reporting health statistics should be firewalled from the agency setting health policy – something that would avoid biased statistics or the politicisation of the science.

CDC delusion


At the commencement of her tenure at the CDC, Walensky wrote an opinion piece in the New York Times saying she found it “extremely disturbing” hearing reports that White House officials in the Trump administration interfered with official guidance of the CDC.

“I believe in the agency’s mission and commitment to knowledge, statistics and guidance. I will do so by leading with facts, science and integrity and being accountable for them,” wrote Walensky.

But the public has not witnessed any accountability – the opposite in fact. Now that her tenure is over, Walensky remains defiant as she reflects on her time as director.

“We made this world a safer place. I have never been prouder of anything I have done in my professional career,” said Walensky after announcing her resignation.

The Biden administration has since nominated Dr Mandy Cohen, an internal medicine physician and former state health secretary in North Carolina, as the new CDC director to replace Walensky.

But many fear that Cohen will implement more of the same unevidenced, misguided health policies as her predecessor.

Mandy Cohen, CDC director seen wearing a “Dr Fauci” face mask.

Cohen supported forcibly masking children in schools, and promoted cloth masks despite no evidence for their effectiveness at stopping viral spread, which many say, should have been immediately disqualifying for the position.


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