Opinion. Elephants never forget. Impeachment 2022.

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Elephants never forget. Impeachment 2022. So let’s fast forward to 2022. The Republicans finally retake the house. Glory days will be here again. Now no one cares about the Senate if Republicans control the house. Joe Biden will be impeached. Not for butt hurt feelings like the Trump Impeachments. Impeachment for crimes involving his son and and back door crimes of payments under the table.

We all know about Biden’s claim of shutting down aid to the Ukraine and his son’s involvement with the Ukraine and China. That is well documented and we still have a Federal Investigation. Remember this?

During the election campaign, the New York Post reported on an alleged email in which an adviser from a Ukrainian energy company, Burisma, apparently thanked Hunter for inviting him to meet his father, Joe Biden.

Asked about the allegations, Joe Biden told a reporter it was a “smear campaign”. No criminal activity has been proven, and no evidence has emerged that Mr Biden did anything to intentionally benefit his son.



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