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How sick is this? Dr. Fauci says he expects babies and toddlers will have a COVID-19 vaccine by spring 2022

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I’m sorry but this now has to be considered child abuse. I had to read this article from Business Insider twice. Just to make sure I wasn’t on the Babylon Bee. The fauch now is going after those from six months to two years. But that’s not all. The Business Insider.

At some point, COVID-19 vaccines will likely be recommended for all children, down to six months of age, or even younger. Studies of vaccinated mothers’ umbilical cords and breast milk suggest that newborn babies born to vaccinated moms have some protection against COVID-19 for their first few months of life.

So I guess the next step is at birth. Picture the fauch standing over a and the moment she gives birth, he jabs the infant.




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