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Just my two cents. I’m not a medical professional, and neither is Tony the fauch.

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The fauch and I have one thing in common. We both haven’t practiced medicine for decades ( Actually I never have ). I admit it. He does not. He’s been a administrator since 1984. Famous for the finger in the air to see which way the political wind’s blowing.

What’s being ignored by the fauch and his loyalists is that Omicron so far isn’t the deadly one. Testing healthy people makes no sense. Why not test folks to every disease and virus known to man?


Now as we look into the future, ( 2022 ) what other nonsense will he hit us with? Spoke with my family doctor on anti bodies and T cells. Both for me are way up there I have what’s called CD8+ T cells. They directly kill infected cells.  His medical opinion is that the Johnson booster will put me through the roof. He feels that since I started with Johnson, stay with it since my counts are so high. Will test again in March. And yes it’s still free. Thanks Medicare Advantage.





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