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Deadliest U.S. cities. And you can guess what political color 18 out of 20 are. Not red.

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20. Columbus, Georgia

Hospital shootings
Shannon Szwarc/Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/Tribune News Service/Getty Images

The murder rate in Columbus is 20.94 per 100,000.

19. Cincinnati, Ohio

Nightclub Shooting Cincinnati

The murder rate in Cincinnati is 21.1 per 100,000. The murder rate increased in the city by 2.2 per 100,000 from 2018 to 2019.

18. San Bernardino, California

Murder Suicide Shooting At Elementary School In San Bernardino Kills Three And Injures Others

The murder rate in San Bernardino is 21.23 per 100,000.

17. Columbia, South Carolina

USC shooting
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The murder rate in Columbia is 21.68 per 100,000.

16. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

National Guard Patrols In Philadelphia After Police Killing Of Walter Wallace, Jr. Sparks Nightly Protests
Mark Makela/Getty Images

The murder rate in Philadelphia is 22.47 per 100,000.

15. Peoria, Illinois

Federal jury finds man guilty of kidnapping, slaying Chinese scholar
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The murder rate in Peoria is 22.53 per 100,000.

14. North Charleston, South Carolina

CBS affiliate WLTX-TV

The murder rate in North Charleston is 22.55 per 100,000.

13. Washington, D.C.

Police Set Up Vehicle Checkpoints After Surge In Violence
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The murder rate in Washington, D.C., is 23.52 per 100,000.

12. Miami Gardens, Florida

Worshippers Attend Church Services in Miami After Zimmerman Verdict
Angel Valentin/Getty Images

In Miami Gardens, the murder rate is 23.64 per 100,000.

11. Richmond, Virginia

Shooting At Richmond Bus Station
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The murder rate in Richmond is 23.84 per 100,000.

10. Cleveland, Ohio

A police car is parked before the reside
Stefan Hlabse/AFP/Getty Images

The murder rate in Cleveland is 24.09 per 100,000.

9. Memphis, Tennessee


The murder rate in Memphis is 29.21 per 100,000.

8. Kansas City, Missouri

Missouri attorney shot dead on his porch as man he recently defeated in court is tied to case
Kansas City Star/Getty

The murder rate in Kansas City is 29.88 per 100,000.

7. New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans Violent Crime Claims Three Young Brothers
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The murder rate in New Orleans is 30.67 per 100,000.

6. Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Sadie Roberts-Joseph murder - Baton Rouge, LA
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The murder rate in Baton Rouge is 31.72 per 100,000.

5. Dayton, Ohio

Funerals Held For Victims Of Dayton, Ohio Mass Shooting
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The murder rate in Dayton is 34.18 per 100,000. That number spiked nearly 7.8 per 100,000 residents from 2018 to 2019.

4. Detroit, Michigan

Three Killed, Multiple Wounded In Shooting In Detroit
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The murder rate in Detroit is 41.45 per 100,000 residents.

In 2019, 275 people were murdered in that city.

3. Birmingham, Alabama

Eric Rudolph Pleads Not Guilty To 1998 Birmingham Bombing
Brian Schoenhals/Getty Images

In 2019, the murder rate in Birmingham was 50.62 per 100,000.

2. Baltimore, Maryland

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The murder rate in Baltimore is 58.27 per 100,000.

1. St. Louis, Missouri

Victor Whittier Sentancing Hearing
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With 64.54 murders per 100,000 residents, St. Louis had the highest murder rate for any major American city in 2019.



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