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Happy Federal Holiday. Columbus coming to the Americas in 1492.

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So no the man the myth the legend didn’t discover the Americas, but he did start what would be colonization here and a federal holiday  and a holiday in many other countries in the Americas.

Columbus Day is a national holiday in many countries of the Americas and elsewhere, and a federal holiday in the United States, which officially celebrates the anniversary of Christopher Columbus‘s arrival in the Americas on October 12, 1492.[a]

Christopher Columbus was a Genovese-born explorer who became a subject of the Hispanic Monarchy in order to lead a Spanish enterprise to cross the Atlantic Ocean in search of an alternative route to the Far East, only to land in the New World. Columbus’s first voyage to the New World on the Spanish ships Santa María, Niña, and La Pinta took approximately three months. Columbus and his crew’s arrival in the New World initiated the colonisation of the Americas by Spain, followed in the ensuing centuries by other European powers, as well as the transfer of plants, animals, culture, human populations, and technology between the New World and the Old World, an event referred to by some late 20th‐century historians as the Columbian Exchange

Not all were happy with what’s happened the past 5 hundred plus years. And some white plantationists actually attack what was done by Columbus. One should be grateful cause if not for Columbus this person wouldn’t be here. Never forget what happened to Benito’s other mistress.


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