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Dem-Backed Bill Would Force Judges to Consider Race in Sentencing

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Dem-Backed Bill Would Force Judges to Consider Race in Sentencing

California lawmakers consider a bill that would require judges to consider a person’s race when deciding how long to sentence them to prison.

The bill, which was introduced in February by Democratic Assembly taxpaying citMember Reggie Jones-Sawyer, was approved by the state Assembly in May and is currently being debated in the state Senate, according to Fox News.

If the Dems didn’t have double standards, they would have none at all.

Assembly Bill 852 would add a section to the California Penal Code requiring courts, when they have the power to decide a prison sentence, to take into account how racial minorities have been affected differently than others in order to “rectify racial bias.”

“It is the intent of the Legislature to rectify the racial bias that has historically permeated our criminal justice system as documented by the California Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans,” the proposed section reads.

“Whenever the court has discretion to determine the appropriate sentence according to relevant statutes and the sentencing rules of the Judicial Council, the court presiding over a criminal matter shall consider the disparate impact on historically disenfranchised and system-impacted populations.”

The task force, which was created from legislation signed by Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020, published its recommendations in June, Fox News reported. The state legislature will debate whether to implement them.

Jones-Sawyer is a member of the reparations task force, according to NBC News.

Eligible black California residents could receive more than $115,000, or roughly $2,352 per year of residency from 1971 to 2020, in compensation for excessive policing and felony drug arrests, as well as disproportionate incarceration during the alleged war on drugs, Fox News reported.

Jones-Sawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Wow. Give criminals money for being caught. What a novel concept!

Isn’t giving someone preferential treatment because of their skin color RACIST????

Answer: YES! (Unless the parties enjoying the preference are non-White, of course.)


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Mother accuses LA teacher’s union of ‘racial profiling’ after speaking out on closures Fox News.

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Mother accuses LA teacher’s union of ‘racial profiling’ after speaking out on closures Fox News.

The racially charged fight over Los Angeles school closings took an ugly turn when an outspoken pro-opening mom said she got an email from the teachers union asking what her ethnicity is — after the union head claimed reopening pleas are largely driven by “white and Middle Eastern parents.”

  • Cecily Myart-Cruz, head of UTLA, this week slammed a reopening plan proposed Monday and argued that it was being driven largely by ‘white wealthy parents’

  • In January she posted to Facebook that union members have been ‘stalked on social media by wealthy white and Middle Eastern parents’ about reopenings

  • Qudrat, whose son is in seventh grade, said: ‘I felt very targeted…they’re trying to say that if you are in favor the kids coming back to school, you’re racist’ 

  • The UTLA said it ‘understands this type of email could be taken out of context’

    Qudrat, whose son is in seventh grade, told Fox11: ‘Their conclusion is if you want schools to reopen right now, then that means you are racist against African Americans and Latinos.’

    She was emailed by the union, who said they were conducting a survey on people who have spoken to the media about the reopenings. Qudrat added: ‘I felt very targeted.

    So a mother wants her child back in school and she’s accused of being white and racist. WOW! I saw this and I thought I was on one of those Progressive hate channels.


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