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N.H. House Approves Bill for Ivermectin ‘Standing Order’ in Pharmacies

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The New Hampshire’s state House approved a bill making ivermectin available by a medical prescribers’ “standing order,” meaning pharmacists will be able to dispense the medication without individual prescriptions.

Narrowly approved

The Republican dominated House in Concord voted 183-159 to approve the bill.

Republicans had argued that the drug is already over the counter in several countries and had been used specifically for COVID-19.

Supporters of the bill claimed the legislation would allow the medication to be safely dispensed by health care providers rather than patients buying and using the drug in its veterinary formula.

Democrats had criticized the legislation in the past.

“The committee’s endorsement of boosting access to ivermectin came over the criticism of Democrats on the committee. ‘I don’t think the legislature should be practicing medicine, which is basically what this is,’ said Rep. Gary Woods of Bow, a retired doctor and former president of the New Hampshire Medical Society.”

TrialSite has followed ivermectin research and intrigue since April 2020 when an Australian lab found that the drug attacks SARS-CoV-2 in a cell culture.

While a few key studies didn’t show any results many more have which makes the matter just more confusing for many.

According to a website that tracks 81 ivermectin studies worldwide the vast majority show promising results.

Fifty-three of these studies from 48 independent teams in 22 countries show statistically significant improvements in isolation (39 primary outcome and 36 most serious outcome) while meta-analysis using the most serious outcomes reveal 63% and 83% improvements for early treatment and prophylaxis with similar results post exclusion based sensitivity analysis for primary outcomes in peer-reviewed studies and for randomized controlled studies.

Yet the medical establishment in not only the United States but also most other developed places ignore much of this data declaring it afflicted with one problem or another, from design flow to too small a sample size.

The controversial bill made it to the floor of the New Hampshire House on Wednesday with the Republicans majority voting yay. In a 183 to 159 vote the House approved the proposal allowing pharmacists to make ivermectin available via standing order reports Adam Sexton of local WMUR.

State Representative Leah Cushman, a key Republican proponent declared for the local press:

“A standing order is a prescriptive protocol written by a physician or nurse practitioner that allows a pharmacist to dispense medication without an individual prescription.”

Reporting for WMUR Sexton wrote Advocates for the standing order legislation said any benefits of ivermectin might have been obscured by the political debate over the drug.

Cushman followed “Because of this politicization, doctors are afraid to prescribe, and pharmacies are afraid to dispense,” Cushman said.

Dr. Paul Marik has been actively involved with the proposed legislation. An ivermectin and early treatment advocate, Marik is a co-founder of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance or “FLCCC.”

Marik has been recognized in New Hampshire and elsewhere for his commitment to the effort. Marik’s accomplishments, awards and credentials can be found here.



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