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Take THAT Karens: Latest CDC Data Shows Covid-19 Infections Higher in Boosted Americans Compared to Unboosted

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By Jim Hoft  Published June 6, 2022 at 4:00pm

The latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that breakthrough Covid-19 infections in April was worse in boosted Americans compared to the vaccinated but not boosted.

According to the data analyzed by far-left CBS, the week of April 23 showed that boosted Americans are catching COVID-19 at nearly double the rate of those who have not been boosted. But claimed the unvaccinated remain the highest group.

The unvaccinated rate is a bit misleading as CDC includes those with 1 dose and even 2 doses under 14 days. In the UK, they separate those with zero doses from those who received the vaccination. They categorized it as follows: Unvaccinated, within 21 days of first dose, 21 days or more after first dose, within 21 days of second dose, and 21 days or more after second dose.

The reality is the jabs, initial or boosters, do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus. During Omicron and Delta waves, it was the vaccinated population who were severely infected.

This April, an analysis of CDC data by The Epoch Times reveals that the most vaccinated areas of the United States are experiencing the highest numbers of covid cases – and it’s not just by a little bit. The infection rate is significantly higher than in the areas where vaccine compliance is lowest.

In other words – the data indicates that, at best, the vaccines don’t work; and at worst, they are contributing to the spread of the virus.

According to The Epoch Times analysis, the Covid infection rate in US counties that have a vaccination rate of 62-95% is 23% higher than the Counties that have a vaccination rate of just 11-40%.

The data showed that the least vaccinated counties tended to be on the smaller side, with an average population of around 20,000 – much less than the 330,000 average among the most vaccinated counties.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that a recent data from over 5,000 Walgreens stores, the unvaccinated have the lowest incidence of COVID.

The unvaccinated show an 18% COVID rate. This is lower than those with 3 doses of the vaccine who have a 19.2 COVID rate.
Those with three doses, with their last dose taken over five months ago, have the highest COVID rate at 31.3%.


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