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Reprint: How Masking Did Us Wrong

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By Susan Dunham

The Dark Side of an Easy Ask
The mask experiment showed us just how well we would take to a Lord-of-the-Flies level rewrite of social norms overnight.

As an example of this, I was volunteering at a St. Vincent De Paul thrift store. While bringing in a bag of donated clothing, and not wearing a mask since I had been eating a snack, I was confronted by a retired nurse (who should have known better) who — among other things  — said “Don’t you respect us?!?”

Fortunately for her, I didn’t reply.  But after a couple more incidents with other people (although I’m sure she instigated a confrontation with another person,too). I told one of the supervisors that I was going home and wouldn’t be volunteering there anymore because of the harassment. He sadly agreed about the atmosphere. That was the summer of 2021 –18 MONTHS after the CCP virus has shown up in the states.

Mask up or else!


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