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New Study: 436 BILLION Spike Proteins Found in the Blood of Kids 30 Days After The Shot

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A new study finds: the COVID “vaccines” are causing fatal myocarditis in children

There’s a number of anonymous Twitter accounts that are doing the best investigative work on the COVID vaccines — and one of the best is called Jikkyleaks. (I’ve mentioned this researcher’s work previously on Substack.) Back in January, this anonymous researcher discovered some very troubling information hiding out in an obscure medical study.

The article’s title: Circulating Spike Protein Detected in Post–COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine Myocarditis.

This article highlighted by JikkyLeaks should be sent to every parent who gave one of the COVID “vaccines” to their child — it’s a matter of life and death.

Here’s the problem: parents were told that the spike proteins would disappear from the body after a few weeks — only the antibodies would remain.

The medical study proves that these claims were clearly false.

Here’s the main point that you need to understand from this study: there were 436 billion copies of the spike protein found in the plasma of kids one month after they got the jab.

436 billion copies of the spike protein.

That’s much too much.

The study also showed that the experimental COVID “vaccines” were causing myocarditis in children — which is fatal in 50% of all patients over a 5-year period.

This heart damage was revealed in troponin tests.

JikkyLeaks adds:

It’s a problem because the study authors should have raised an alarm after the first two or three cases. You see, that was their duty. It was a duty as medical officers and as research officers. But to our knowledge they said nothing and kept recruiting.
But it didn’t matter that young people were getting myocarditis (with a known 5-year mortality of up to 50%). What mattered is finishing the study so they could publish.

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