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Disgusting! “Lia” Thomas Pretends to Be a Woman; Endorses Domestic Terrorism with 3 Words on Shirt

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University of Pennsylvania swimmer “Lia” Thomas looks on after swimming the 500 freestyle during the 2022 Ivy League Womens Swimming and Diving Championships at Blodgett Pool on Feb. 17, 2022, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. (Kathryn Riley / Getty Images)

A famous transgender athlete and activist is showing his support for domestic terrorism with a T-shirt.

William “Lia” Thomas is the male college swimmer who transitioned to a woman while in college and began dominating the women’s races, taking away titles and opportunities from actual women.

But not content with being an icon for a delusional cultural movement, Thomas has now decided to show his support for a violent fringe political movement as well in his recent social media posts.

Thomas has now decided to endorse the domestic terrorist group Antifa, posting pictures to his social media wearing a t-shirt reading “Antifa Super Soldier.”

Antifa is the very definition of fascism

Antifa, short for “Anti-Fascist,” is a radical leftist group that uses violence and intimidation to try and silence dissenting conservative voices. For years, many conservatives in Congress have tried to pass bills designating Antifa as a domestic terrorist organization.

Now Thomas, an icon of transgenderism, has decided to show his support for this extremist movement.

Naturally, this picture led to a backlash against the transgender athlete, with many seeing it as a disturbing twist in the culture wars.

One Twitter user said that the shirt “it explains so much,” essentially clarifying why violent leftists are so willing to come out and fight for transgenderism.

The first thing to remember is that Thomas is a man, not a woman. He was born a man and no amount of surgery or hormone therapy can change that. He still has a male body and as a result, he had an unfair advantage when competing against actual women in races.

He did not win these races. Rather, he stole them.

Do you think Antifa should be designated as a domestic terrorist organization? Yes: 100% (740 Votes) No: 0% (3 Votes)

Also, despite its name, Antifa is the very definition of fascism, as it uses brute force to quash freedom of speech. By showing his support for Antifa, Thomas is showing that he does not respect the First Amendment.

Political violence of any sort has no place whatsoever in American public discourse.

Antifa is an extremist organization, and Thomas’ embrace of it is disgusting, although not in the least surprising.

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