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Italian Gov’t Bans LGBT Surrogacy, Begins Removing names From Same-Sex Birth Certificates

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Kudos to this WOMAN for taking a stand.

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is saying “no” to today’s progressive ideology in Italy. No doubt, she has recognized just how toxic this thinking has become, and she is not looking to mimic the outcome.

One might say that she is giving the boot to save the boot from societal unraveling. Meloni sees no progress in moving the needle in a direction that will ultimately hurt the health and welfare of Italy. Thus, she is turning it back through clear, concise action.

At the center of her concerns are safeguarding the family as well as the traditional practices and values fundamental to Italian life. These were the principles she was elected to uphold in October 2022, and she is carrying through.

According to BBC News, Meloni reacted to her win by declaring, “Italians have sent a clear message in favor of a right-wing government led by Brothers of Italy.” They see how detrimental certain changes have been in countries polarized by LGBT lobbyists, gender ideology, mass migration, lost Christianity, and Islamic extremists, and they want none of it.

Of course, this doesn’t make everyone happy. Some see the changes Meloni is making as being archaic and cruel. Included in this group are lesbian couples who consider Italy’s ban on same-sex surrogacy as truly vile.

Italy is now doubling-down on this stance by removing the names of non-biological mothers from the birth certificates of children being raised in LGBT homes. Cries of injustice can be heard loud and clear, with some stating that such decisions place these children in harm’s way, especially in the instance that the biological mother dies. These children may become wards of the state. Then what?

It does give one pause to think, especially when you put yourself in the place of those like Michela Leidi, who learned that her own name would be removed from the birth certificate of her shared daughter with partner Viola. Born to the latter woman, Leidi was not biologically linked to the child, and so she was instructed that her name would be removed, according to the U.K.’s Daily Mail. “It was if I didn’t exist,” she said.

No doubt, we can all feel for this woman and the few like her. At the same time, you can’t ponder the particular dilemma without looking at the entire picture.

As we live at a time when the desires of some seem to overshadow the well-being of the whole, the outcomes that follow are proving exceedingly interruptive and destructive. As Meloni’s job is to lead her country, doesn’t she inherit the difficult position of doing what is right for all of it while keeping it intact in the process?

She doesn’t have the luxury of pacifying the few. Nor does she see it as a pathway to a brighter tomorrow for Italians.

It is the same rational thinking that resulted in Patrizia Mirigliani, the official patron of the Miss Italy pageant, reaffirming the requirement that “you must be a woman from birth to be a contestant,” according to TrendingPolitics. This rule follows the recent crowning of Miss Netherlands, who happens to be transgender.

Italy isn’t closing its eyes to the big problems becoming “woke” is inviting onto countries who are choosing to follow the crowd. Seeing the results of them clearly, Italy is choosing to emphasize efforts to strengthen Italy, placing it in the best of all positions for the future. The current leadership feels this is a much better strategy.

Basic values need to be reinstituted to bolster the foundation of Italian life. This is especially true when facing the decreasing population crisis Italy is currently dealing with.

“In Italy, marriage is only between a man and a woman, and therefore only the biological parent is the parent whose surname can be registered,” Italy’s minister for parliamentary relations, Luca Ciriani, told RTL radio, per the Advocate.

Biden should take note.

Understanding this, when it leads to the conception of biological children, both the father and mother earn the right of being cited on their children’s birth certificates as parents through the process of procreation. LGBT civil unions, despite being recognized by Italian law, do not lead to biological children. So why should they receive the same right as those that do?

It is fine to change the rules. At certain times, it is called for. The difference to Meloni and other leaders like her is that they don’t see any good in how the rules are presently being changed by those who are succumbing to the pressure to do so. That, alone, is why they are taking a stand. The line needs to be drawn somewhere.

There is nothing more important than a stable existence, whether it be for a nation or in a family. Meloni sees her actions as doing both. And her tenacity, fortitude, and correctness will speak volumes to other countries facing the same dilemma.

She, alone, will make it harder for woke ideology to expand further and progressives to claim more ground. A nemesis of their own construct turning the world upright again. The irony or should I say L’ironia.

True leaders make “protecting their country” their highest priority. This includes “from themselves” when need be. Those that don’t ultimately fail their people. Biden should take a note. Then again, by all recent reports, he already has…that and a few million others to boot..

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This is notable. While nominally Italy is a religious country — the Vatican is located in Rome, after all — Europeans have a much more ‘relaxed’ view of things than the morally uptight Americans.
Or, as Marlene Dietrich pointed out, “in America, sex is an obsession; in other parts of the world, it’s a fact.” –TPR


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