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SSDD Part Two: Disqus channels are selectively censoring again.

Disqus is up to it’s old tricks, even under new ownership.


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I expect to be kicked off of ‘Breaking News’ soon.

Pud is supposed to be a mod there, but his name doesn’t appear as a mod there. I asked Finn, a gold star with a closed profile, about it. That will probably get me kicked off. Anyone still displaying a gold star in their screen name is likely not to be trusted. Several of our lurkers still display their gold star and brag about their “All Star” status.

Disqus is the AI bot. Fate is a gold star with a closed profile, and then there’s Finn:

So, where is Pud’s name in that list????

He’s already stated although he was made a moderator on Breaking News and Chit Chat, he can’t override the Disqus Bot  “decisions.” Numerous users have complained about innocuous posts getting deleted over there. (I can attest to that!)

But Leftists have free reign to insult every other poster on a thread. Why is that? Disqus is up to its old tricks.

Finally, they are also auto-censoring OP’s with no REAL reason given. Seriously? (You may need to enlarge the screencap below, even though it is full-size and easily readable IRL.)

Auto refused—no way to appeal.

The only POSSIBLE “rule” I am breaking there is #1: “Targeted Harassment”….hmm.

So, who am I targeting? Mod bots? Or maybe it’s the trolls showing up who call those who disagree with them MAGAts, Trumpers, commies, and assorted personal insults? As I say in the screencap, they are following the same tactics Media Mattress-trained trolls did eight years ago.

It’s strange how all those OP’s and comments attacking Trump (and conservatives in general) are fine and dandy with the Gods of Disqus.

Pud, aka The Coconut Whisperer, seems to be window-dressing to fool conservatives. He doesn’t seem to have any real power that Disqus can’t override without reason or explanation.

Remember when the original (and promoted by Disqus) NEWS VIEWS was the #1  channel — despite banning hundreds of unwary newbies who posted the wrong opinion there?

I do. I was one of them. This raises the specter of the same censorship starting all over again.




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