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Soros-Funded DA Gets a Taste of What She’s Created After Leaving $90K SUV Unattended

Price first ran for Alameda County D.A. as a civil rights attorney who had no experience prosecuting criminal defendants. She lost in 2018, but gained Soros’ backing in 2022 and won.


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Surprise! (Not the county-owned SUV.)

Maybe now she’ll see how her citizens feel.

Pamela Price, the progressive prosecutor in Alameda County, California, got a look at crime, up close and personal, when her office laptop was stolen from an SUV after her bodyguard parked the vehicle Friday afternoon, according to KGO-TV in Oakland.

And police never showed up to take a report.

The incident took place during working hours when Price was at the Alameda County Family Justice Center about 3:30 p.m., KGO reporter Dan Noyes wrote in a social media post.

When she returned to the vehicle, she found a window broken and several items stolen, including the laptop.

Now, no decent human being wishes ill fortune to another, and being the victim of a vehicle burglary definitely comes under the heading of “ill fortune.”

But the Pamela Price case might lead to at least a justifiable feeling of schadenfreude.

According to a San Francisco Chronicle report from May 2018, Price first ran for D.A. as a civil rights attorney who had no experience prosecuting criminal defendants.

But what she did have was the financial backing of billionaire George Soros, a man who has devoted his huge fortune to leftist causes, such as undermining criminal justice in the United States by funding the campaigns of district attorneys who have precious little interest in actually enforcing the law.

Price lost in 2018, but ran again in 2022 and won on a platform of “aggressive steps to restore public trust in our criminal justice system, ensure public safety, end mass incarceration and root out racial, socioeconomic and gender disparities within Alameda County’s criminal justice system.”

To a cynical ear, the idea of a D.A. devoted to ending “mass incarceration” and occupying herself with “racial, socioeconomic and gender disparities” instead of simple law enforcement and protecting victims might sound like a recipe for introducing anarchy into a criminal justice system.

But in staunchly Democratic Alameda County, it got Price elected — and voters have been paying the price since.

According to a July report in National Review about citizen unhappiness with their D.A., violent crime in Oakland was up 15 percent compared to 2022, when Price was not the D.A. Property crime was up by 28 percent.

And on Friday, it went up just a little bit more, thanks to the break-in of a vehicle used by Price herself. Making the situation worse, according to KGO, Price waited for an hour for police to show up.

When they didn’t, she reported the crime online. (That’s just what every victim of crime wants to do.)

And plenty of social media users saw the irony. Or maybe the word is “justice.”

“Priceless,” one wrote.

“She forgot to put a sticker on her car that says ‘I’m the one who keeps you out of jail,’” wrote another.

“She got some of her own medicine,” the user wrote. “Now she knows what regular citizens feel like when they are victims of crime.”

Actually, she doesn’t know exactly how regular citizens feel. Regular citizens aren’t riding around in $90,000 Tahoe SUVs driven by taxpayer-funded bodyguards, for instance.

And the property regular citizens are losing to crime won’t be paid for by the county government.

But Pamela Price might have just gotten a glimpse of what life is really like under the progressive policies of the prosecutors George Soros has funded to destroy criminal justice in the name of what leftists call “social justice.”

Price is currently the target of a recall effort, according to KNTV, a Bay Area NBC affiliate.

Chesa Boudin, the former progressive district attorney across the bay in San Francisco, learned in 2022 that those recall elections can kick out prosecutors who aren’t enforcing the law.

If that happens to Price and she’s a victim of a crime again, she might really see what everyday citizens are dealing with under her watch.



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