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Biden Blinks and Backs Down. White House signals flexibility over Dec. 8 vaccine deadline.

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Old Joey boy gave a deadline to all federal contractors. Fire those who aren’t vaccinated. If not you will no longer do business with the federal government. Well things changed today.

The Biden administration’s COVID-19 vaccination deadline will not require immediate action on the part of employers against non-vaccinated employees when it comes into force on Dec. 8, the White House coronavirus response coordinator said on Wednesday. Maybe this MAY BE WHY.

Southwest Airlines Chief Executive Gary Kelly said last week: “We want our employees to know that nobody is going to lose their job on December 9 if we’re not perfectly in compliance… “We’re not going to fire anybody who doesn’t get vaccinated.” Or this.

Raytheon Technologies’ (RTX.N) Chief Executive Greg Hayes warned in a CNBC interview Tuesday the U.S. aerospace and defense firm will lose ‘several thousand’ employees who refuse to take COVID-19 vaccines, as it prepares to meet the Dec. 8 deadline. And finally this.

A group representing FedEx Corp, United Parcel Service Inc and other cargo carriers told the White House last week it would be virtually impossible to have 100% of their respective work forces vaccinated by Dec. 8.


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When is a Wealth tax not a tax? When the Biden folks say so.

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When is a Wealth tax not a tax? During an interview with CNN on Sunday, Yellen touted the idea of taxing the unrealized capital gains of the wealthiest 1 percent, though she claimed the measure would not count as a “wealth tax.” But that’s not what Pelosi says.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), in contrast to Yellen’s claim, called the kind of tax Democrats are considering a “wealth tax.” “We probably will have a wealth tax,” Pelosi told CNN on Sunday.

Here’s how this works. Capital Gains will be taxed on what the value is at the time. Not when it’s sold. When sold, it’s taxed and that’s it. But under this new plan, You’re taxed every year if you don’t sell the stocks, collectibles, etc.

Now supposedly this would pay for the new social programs. What happens when that wealth goes down? Now your not raising the money you claimed. Now the only way to get that revenue is to go after everyone.

Here’s an example.

The proposal slated to be released would slap annual taxes on the increased value of the assets of the wealthiest Americans, even if they’re not sold, or “realized.” Currently, assets like stocks are taxed only when a person sells them.


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Why does the left want the new green deal? To clean up California that’s why

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So the Progressives want to clean up air pollution. Look at the great job California has done.

California again leads the pack. Yes a state where regulations have regulations. Pretty sad when the Weather Channel calls you out.

The 2019 “State of the Air” report focuses on three different categories of air pollution between 2015 and 2017. Those categories are ozone, year-round particle pollution and short-term particle pollution. A list of rankings was created for each category. Ozone pollution is more commonly known as smog, while particle pollution is soot.

California cities topped all three lists, with Los Angeles ranking worst in ozone pollution, the Fresno metropolitan area worst in year-round particle pollution and Bakersfield worst in short-term particle pollution.


1. Los Angeles-Long Beach, California

2. Visalia, California

3. Bakersfield, California

4. Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California

5. Sacramento-Roseville, California

6. San Diego-Chula Vista-Carlsbad, California

7. Phoenix-Mesa, Arizona

8. San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, California

9. Houston-The Woodlands, Texas

10. New York-Newark, New York–New Jersey-Connecticut-Pennsylvania

Year-Round Particle Pollution

1. Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California

2. Bakersfield, California

3. Fairbanks, Alaska

4. Visalia, California

5. Los Angeles-Long Beach, California

6. San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, California

7. Pittsburgh-New Castle-Weirton, Pennsylvania-Ohio-West Virginia

8. El Centro, California

9. Cleveland-Akron-Canton, Ohio

10. Medford-Grants Pass, Oregon

Short-Term Particle Pollution

1. Bakersfield, California

2. Fresno-Madera-Hanford, California

3. Fairbanks, Alaska

4. San Jose-San Francisco-Oakland, California

5. Missoula, Montana

6. Yakima, Washington

7. Los Angeles-Long Beach, California

8. Salt Lake City-Provo-Orem, Utah

9. Seattle-Tacoma, Washington

10. Pittsburgh-New Castle-Weirton, Pennsylvania-Ohio-West Virginia


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More hate from the left. American hero signs out. Good cop forced out after 22 years.

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Complete article can be found here.

A Washington State Patrol officer who refused to comply with the state’s vaccine mandate signed out for the last time on Friday and issued a strongly worded message to Gov. Jay Inslee, according to a report.

Robert LaMay, the officer, filmed his final sendoff in a video obtained by Jason Rantz, a host on KTTH 770/94.5FM in Seattle. He thanked his fellow officers but said he was asked to leave “because I am dirty.”

He said that he worked sick and buried a lot of friends over the past 22 years of service. He acknowledged that it was the effort of the entire team that got him home safe every night to be with his family.

SEATTLE, WA - MARCH 16: Washington state Governor Jay Inslee provides details on a temporary statewide shutdown of restaurants, bars, and entertainment and recreational facilities to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, on March 16, 2020 in Seattle, Washington. Pool/Getty Images)


“I wish I could say more, but this is it so state 10-34, this is the last time you’ll hear me in a state patrol car. And Jay Inslee can kiss my a–.”

On Monday, Washington will require more than 800,000 workers in the state to either be fully vaccinated or have received an exemption and job accommodation in order to keep their jobs.


The mandate applies to most state workers, long-term care employees, and teachers and staff at the state’s schools, including the state’s colleges and universities. The only opt-out is a medical or religious exemption, though the exemption only ensures continued employment if a job accommodation can be made.

Inslee’s did not immediately respond to a Fox News inquiry.



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Joe and the fake White House.

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The man’s whole political life has been a lie, why would this be any different? Joe just can’t tell or show it how it really is.

This picture says it all. Fake News.


In addition to Biden, Ambassador to the U.N. Linda Thomas-Greenfield, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have been photographed using the set alongside the president for events there.


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Extremist hate group forces Senator to lock herself in the bathroom.

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Extremist hate group forces Senator to lock herself in the bathroom. A noted group of leftists called LUCHA attempted to force a sitting United States Senator to go along with their terrorist views.

In the video posted by LUCHA Arizona, a group of students is seen attempting to stop Sinema outside her classroom at Arizona State University to ask her questions about the Build Back Better Agenda on Sunday morning. The group of students then follows Sinema into the bathroom. One student, Blanca, is seen talking to Sinema about the SB1070 law, which is Arizona’s immigration law. Every state should adopt similar laws.

Your Grandparents got deported cause they broke the law. And if the person who was harassing the Senator is undocumented, she should also be deported.


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More than half of immigrants on welfare.

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More than half of immigrants on welfare. Tell me if this doesn’t turn your stomach? That’s one reason so many of the undocumented are coming here.

More than half of the nation’s non-citizen population — including legal immigrants, foreign visa workers, and illegal aliens — use American taxpayer-funded welfare after arriving in the United States, a new analysis reveals.

Research by Center for Immigration Studies Director of Research Steven Camarota finds that about 55 percent of non-citizen households in the U.S. use at least one form of welfare compared to just 32 percent of households headed by native-born Americans.

The center’s report is based on 2012 data from the Census Bureau’s Survey of Income and Program Participation. It includes immigrants who have become naturalized citizens, legal permanent residents, those on short-term visas and undocumented immigrants.


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