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Protecting Yourself from a Bully with a Badge (When You’ve Done Nothing Wrong.) Part 2

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Protecting Yourself from a Bully with a Badge (When You’ve Done Nothing Wrong.) Part 2

Cop Gets FIRED After Troopers Call Out His INSANE Behavior

The  main focus of this episode happened in my home state, on a road that I regularly traveled: US Route 23, on Independence Day 2023



While the main idiot here is the cop, we see at the 1:02 mark an OHP (Ohio Highway Patrol – aka State police) officer exiting his vehicle WITH AN “ASSAULT RIFLE” TRAINED ON THE TRUCK — over a mud flap! I would also pull away if I saw an ASSAULT RIFLE aimed at me for no apparent reason! Note this officer copsplained his reason for doing that the truck driver had made “direct eye contact” with the officer signaling him to pull over — something that is physically impossible given the Patrolman was in his car while the Driver was in the cab of his truck. PRIMA FACIE, there is physically NO WAY this could occur given the difference in heights of the car and the cab of the truck, So this right off was a bad call.

Getting to the meat of this video:
From about 4:16 OHP radio:”Circleville PD has a dog” 4:19(OHP):“That’s a dog. Come to me!” “You don’t want bit!”
4:25 Circleville COP:“Get on the ground, or you’re gonna get bit!”
Here, we can see two conflicting orders: Come to me (OHP) and Get on the ground, or you’re going to get bit! (Circleville cop)

My personal opinion is that this cop was NOT in charge and should have kept his mouth shut and kept that dog in the cruiser. But what do I know, right?

From this point on OHP repeatedly tells the cop not to release the dog, which the cop ignores. The cop runs towards the trucker who is clearly seen to have his hands in the air. At about the 4:43 mark the cop RELEASED the dog, who runs away from the trucker towards the OHP officers.

Trucker was already on his knees when the cop ordered his dog — which had veered off — to ATTACK!
Dog hasn’t been pulled off the trucker who was on his knees with his hands in the air when the Circleville cop ordered the dog to attack him. The cop is just standing there instead of calling the dog off.


At 4:45 the Cop ORDERS THE DOG TO ATTACK! Against a man ON HIS KNEES ALREADY!! The dog attacks for at least 10-12 seconds before he is finally made to stop.

This cop was eventually fired, but not for siccing his dog on the helpless trucker, but for lying during the investigation!!

What is truly unbelievable is that THE COURTS said he was wrongfully terminated, turned his firing into a ‘resignation,’ fixed his record so he could go work for another police department, and allowed him to “adopt” the dog he used as a deadly weapon for $1!

Comments on the video:

Even the dog knew he wasn’t a threat, he ran right past him.

Exactly. The dog is trained to detect the person that is the threat and deal with them. The dog does not have to be told any history. That dog determined that the dude was not a threat and so went looking elsewhere for the actual threat.

“Come to me!” “Get on the ground”
Good lord, I swear they create situations like this on purpose so they can escalate force

Update: Rose got a $225,000 settlement from the city with a lawsuit. The shitty cop got $40,000 for the “termination without cause” lawsuit, his firing removed from his record in favor of a forced “resignation”, a “neutral” letter detailing the time he worked for the county (essentially a letter of recommendation for another county to hire him after his “resignation”), and a deal to purchase the dog he used as a weapon from the city for $1. Gotta love our “justice” system.

They just proved this man’s fear of police very right

Sounds like this mans fear of stopping was COMPLETLY justified.

“I told him if he doesn’t get on the ground he’s going to get the dog.”

Says the officer who ordered his dog to attack the suspect WHILE HE WAS ON THE GROUND SURRENDERING! The fact this cop didn’t get prison time for an actual literal war crime is deeply upsetting.

The fact that the highway patrol were telling them to not release the dog and that one trooper was walking away covering her face tells you everything you need to know about how bad this situation is.

Here, it isn’t merely an ego-tripping corrupt cop, but a corrupt judge, a trooper lying about the initial contact, and the other State troopers doing the bare minimum for the Trucker. 

And all over a missing mud flap!

From the open road to a person’s house:

This one shows the victim was killed in her own house by a cop that went lurking around her house without identifying himself and fired off his gun less than 2 seconds after the victim looked out her window to see what/who was making the noise in her back yard:


The red flags were there, but the PD ignored them and ignored their own psychologist’s warning that the man was a narcissist and lacked the temperament needed for the job.

And police wonder why they aren’t trusted?

Next, Good cops.


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