Special Assistant to Sen. Fetterman Says the Senator ‘Okay with Overturning the 2nd Amendment” (Video)

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Thanks to James O’Keefe and the OMG

The underlying theme of this story is, once again, elected officials obtaining and sustaining their power through the devices of deceit and withholding their true intentions from the public and, even worse, the ones they should represent. How would we ever know what they have planned? Will they continue to conceal their ploys and attempts to revoke our freedoms? Without citizen journalists willing to take on corruption around us and expose it for the world to see, they WILL succeed in this goal.

The story features Special Assistant Luke Borwegan, who is not only the primary aid to the Senator, but is also tasked with holding the iPad for his reading abilities and, according to Borwegan, is the one who has to follow him around at all times.

Luke tells the journalist that Fetterman would “be okay with overturning the second amendment.”

Yes, that’s a direct quote from Borwegan.

I have said for some time that Fetterman was not elected but was installed.  Seriously, what other idiot would show up at a Senate presser in his campaign attire of hoodie and shorts? If he had started dressing this way after his stroke, we could pass it off as an after-effect, but he dressed like a walking advertisement for the Hell’s Angels before then.

And like FJB, he has to have handlers aides follow him around.



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